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  • Today's tale sure to offend everyone. Another Christmas Carol.
  • Yesterday's tale sure to offend everyone. How the Starr stole Christmas.
  • This parody is a little dated, but OK. Fake/Off. Clinton and Gingrich change faces and bodies, ala Travolta and Cage.
  • Time magazine chose the 20 most influential men of the century. This guy chose his alternatives. Very funny and creative and thought-provoking. Some of my favorite choices:
    1. King Olav of Norway, who reigned from 1957, and whose funeral I attended in 1991. He did nothing interesting. The biggest scandal of his administration was when one of the princesses got caught smoking in public! He rode the public transportation and ate hot dogs in the street kitchens. He was decent and humane and approachable. Sadly, his low keyed life did not influence other leaders
    2. Kalashnikov, the guy who invented the AK-47. Sadly, he was pretty influential.
    3. Nixon. Nixon was kind of the political equivalent of a double all-American, like those old-timers who made the all-offensive and the all-defensive teams. His positive feats alone could get him on the list legitimately. His negative feats alone could also get him on the list legitimately. He loomed larger than life for more decades than now seem possible.
    4. Dan Quayle. Quayle is probably the real-life equivalent of Gladstone Gander, Donald Duck's obnoxiously lucky cousin. Somehow, defying all logic that might apply to the selection process, he got himself a heartbeat away from the most important job in the world. There's no way it could happen. He didn't have the brains, the oratorical skills, the charisma, the experience ... nothing, really. He was just there when it happened. Amazingly, with the optimism that only the clueless can muster, he is unaware of the fact that he beat a zillion-to-one shot in becoming vice-president, and he now thinks if he got that close maybe he can go all the way. This is the equivalent of Bucky Dent strutting in after his famous homer and setting his sights on Ruth.
    5. How about Imelda Marcos, Jack Ruby, Naama Latasi and others? Click here
  • From Flight 19
  • Three great, fully nude scans from Flight 19. This guy has had his scanner working overtime lately! First up, supermodel Carla Bruni. All of these images originally photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.
  • Next up, Kristy Hume.
  • One more from Flight 19... the starlet from several Tim Burton movies, Lisa Marie.
  • From Jenz Scan
  • From Donbun
  • Bimbos galore from Don! First up, star of over 90 low budget wonders such as "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers", "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama", and "Bimbo Penitentiary". Here's Michelle Bauer.
  • Next from Don...Julia Hayes.
  • Star of the all too famous "Live Nude Shakespeare", plus other greats like "Killer Sex Queens from Cyberspace", and "Chickboxin Underground"...Here's Lorissa McComas doing things with mustard that are illegal in Iowa, Tanzania, and several of the Swiss cantons.
  • You may have seen our next bimbo in some straight-to-vid mega-hits like "Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold", "Nude Bowling Party", and "Droid Gunner". Here's Tammy Parks.
  • Our final bim in Don's gallery...Debbie Rochon. Naturally you've seen her do some of her best work in movies like "Head Cheerleader, Dead Cheerleader", "Cybervengeance", and the traditional holiday favorite, "Scream Queens: Naked Christmas", which just beats the heck out of "It's a Wonderful Life".
  • Fun House Variety
  • From Master Bagger, here are two DVD 'caps of Melissa George from "Dark City".
  • DVD 'caps of Melissa George in "Dark City" by Master Bagger #2.
  • "Girls in Prison"! What a great name for a flick! Anyway, it's one of those little known movies that's resurfaced on video now that Anne Heche is a big name. If you missed it, it was directed by the same guy that did "Wild Things", so of course there are plenty nudes scenes. From Graphic Response, here is an excellent collage of topless 'caps of Anne.
  • Anne Heche #2. This time by Cougar. Here's Anne in the movie "Six Days, Seven Nights". No nudity, but if you haven't seen this one, I recommend it. In every single scene with Anne, you see her nipples through her clothing.
  • From Sing, Gwyneth Paltrow 'caps from the movie "Hush".
  • Another scan by Cougar, here's Jessica Lange in "The Postman Always Rings Twice".