TV Round-Up

Tricia Helfer in episode 2 of the Ascension mini-series in 720p. She's joined by Jessica Sipos in a thong

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"United States of Tara"


today: season one, episode one

Toni Collette

More from the UK:

Blood Tide

Irini Tripkou

and Lydia Cornell are topless in Blood Tide (1982),

Deborah Shelton is wearing a see-through top

and Mary Louise Weller is wearing a bikini.

By the Sea

By the Sea (1982) is a comedy by the famed two Ronnies. Rikki Howard bares her butt

and Debbi Blythe is in her swimwear.

TV and Film Clips

Anna Camp in Goodbye to All That (2014) in 1080hd

Chrissy Pavlov in Faust 2.0 (2014) in 720p

Sara Tommasi in Crimini (s2e5)

Fiorella Rubino in I Am The Way You Want Me (1999)

Loredana Cannata in A Magic Mirror (1999)


No film clip yet, but here are the first Reese Witherspoon stills from Wild

A great wardrobe malfunction from Olivia Wilde