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"Sleeper Cell"

season 1 (2005)


episode 7

Marika Taylor film clip (sample below)



Ghost Machine


Rachael Taylor 1080p film clips

Collages below:




Rosemary Alexander in Sordid Lives (2000)

Natalie Imbruglia nip-slip


Film Clips


Noomi Rapace in Daisy Diamond (2006; Denmark; samples below)


Trine Dyrholm in Daisy Diamond (2006; Denmark; samples below)

Annika Amour in Daisy Diamond (2006; Denmark; samples below)

Andrea Stefancikova in Kill Switch (2008; 1920x1080; sample below)

Apollonia Vanova in Kill Switch (2008, 1920x1080, sample below)

Annika Murjahn in Wilder Kaiser, s1e3 (Germany; April 2001; sample below)

Kaila Yu in Dark Blue (2002; sample below)

Simona Cavallari in Die Kaltenbach Papiere (1990; samples below)

Tara Woodward in Cold Lazarus, e4 (1996 UK TV; samples below)

Terryn Westbrook in Four Boxes (2009; filmed in Minneapolis; sample below)