Balls Out


Set to be released in mid-January, this is a straight-to-DVD film starring Stifler.

At its heart it is a conventional sports underdog story. A new coach (Stifler) takes over the tennis program at a football-crazy high school. Nobody in the area cares about tennis, so the team has been neglected for years, but the unorthodox new coach inspires the kids to win, and motivates the other students to support the tennis team. (Spoiler.) They win the state championship. (end Spoiler.) Are you surprised by that daring plot twist I just spoiled?

The only thing which gives the film a little cutting edge is that the new tennis coach has no concept of how to behave in polite society. He grew up in a redneck American family and drifted into Mexico, where he spent as much time at donkey shows as he did playing tennis. In the context of a polite suburban high school, every element of his behavior is offensive and gauche, albeit well-intentioned. Remember Travis Bickle out on a movie date? That's the coach trying to fit into suburbia.

I'd like to say that the film might be worth your time because the author and director did cross the line a few times to offer material that was genuinely offensive, so I tried hard to applaud the film's fightin' spirit. Unfortunately, the offensive material isn't really very funny, and the heart of the film is just the same old sappy "loser makes good" story, except times two: loser coach learns to adapt, loser kids learn how to win.


Sadly, Leonor Varela's career has descended to the point where she has to take a minor role in crap like this. Even more sadly, she stays dressed.

Two other women did manage to get nekkid:




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Clips and caps from the quintessence of strip and wiggle disks, Aria & Friends.  Aria's friends turn out to be Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet and pornstars Goldie McHorn, Nikita Denise and Mariah Milano.  As you would expect their wiggling reveals more than a modicum of pink and a wink of the ol' brown eye.  Julie Andrade comes along for the ride. Hers is a more demure performance, if you can call dancing starkers demure.  Also included is a clip of Pantera, who also appears to be a pornstar of some sort.  BTW, the caps were done by Master Tuna a long, long time ago - I stitched together two or more of them to make a single collage for each gal (except Pantera).

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