Gotham (1988):

For mainstream moviegoers, 2004's Sideways seemed to launch Virginia Madsen from total obscurity to stardom, or at least near to stardom. She has always been an A-list star in our world. I, for one, could never figure out why she never crossed over to the Big Show before Sideways. For nearly 20 years she has been gorgeous, stylish, memorable, curvy, a good actress, and willing to do what it takes - including nudity, of course. 

One of the coolest and nudest roles of her voluptuous youth was Gotham. Here is a film clip with a few of her most memorable moments from that film.


Mercy (2000):

Peta Wilson, the TV version of La Femme Nikita, is a major babe. Here is the apex of her career nudity.

Eight-Legged Freaks (2002):

I'm sure you know who Scarlett Johansson is. She's not only one of the better young actresses, but she probably has the best rack in Hollywood. Next year she will be in a Woody Allen movie called ... (wait for it)  ... "Scoop." I presume it is my life story. Unfortunately, they did not cast me as myself, but hired Wolverine to do my love scenes with Scarlett. Damn you, Woodman! There is no nudity in this little clip. It's just Scarlett, age 17,  showing off her already massive chest.


Other Crap:

Tim Berners-Lee (who significantly assisted Al Gore in inventing the internet) now has a blog!

"A computerized analysis of 800 films demonstrated a significant level of accuracy in gauging their financial success."

Popular toys of the last 100 years ... Must-have items from decades past

The Worst Films of 2005

  • I took a look at all the films rated below 10 at RT, all the films below 32/100 (one and a quarter stars out of four) at Metacritic, and all the films with IMDb scores below 3.8 (150 or more votes).
  • The three different sources produce three different selections:
    • IMDb: In the Mix, 1.5
    • RT: Kings' Ransom, 0%
    • Metacritic: Chaos, 3/100 (Impressive! Sage Stallone continues the family tradition.)
  • Twelve films made all three lists, and they form the linked chart. The consensus choice for worst picture did not finish on the bottom of any of the three lists, but finished close to the bottom on every criterion. That would be Ewe Boll's timeless masterpiece, Alone in the Dark.
  • Ewe made a good run at having the worst TWO films of the year. BloodRayne is rated 2.6 at IMDb, but opens four days too late to make it into 2005.

"Rachel McAdams Won't Go Nude For Tom Ford"

The Ultimate IQ test link site

MET ART Fine Photography

  • Yes, it's porn, and yes, it's completely guilt-free because they call it art. Genius!
  • Seriously - beautiful girls stark naked.

Rolling Stone's Mavericks, Renegades, and Troublemakers of 2005

The Pats finally start to look good, just in time for the playoffs.

  • They held the Bucs to a mere 138 yards of offense, and left Cadillac Williams stalled in the garage. This marks the third straight game in which the Pats have held the opposition below 200 yards.
  • And this wasn't against some pussies. The Bucs were 9-4 coming into the game! This is the first time all year that the Pats have managed to dominate a team with a winning record.
  • They even used a little razzle-dazzle, with a touchdown pass to a lineman on a tackle-eligible play.

    Flight from Moscow to New York to take less than an hour ... "Moscow to Sydney in one hour and six minutes."

    • You know it must be true because it is from Pravda - and that means truth. If it were not true, you could sue them for false advertising.

    This guy says "Sorry, dudes. Kirk ain't comin' back."

    Spiked Humor presents their all-time best.

    TIME: The Best Photos of the Year 2005

    VIDEO: This year's Duncan Yo-Yo Champion

    This is a complete 53-minute Bill Hicks performance.

    • There is a tremendous amount of audience interaction, and Bill is particularly raunchy and angry.
    • This is not a professionally recorded performance, but the sound is comprehensible, and it's a rare experience.

    A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation

    • This is not a quickie web page, but a complete scholarly book online, filled with photographs and films. It's a tremendous resource if the topic interests you.

    High concept of the day: "Masked Mexican Midget Wrestlers"

    • They great thing about "Masked Mexican Midget Wrestling" is that it's really open to all nationalities. Let's face it - with masks on, they could be little Swedish guys.
    • In fact, you don't even have to be a "midget." They could be full-sized Japanese guys.
    • As a matter of fact, I think the one on the left is Judi Dench!

    VIDEO:Honda's Impossible Dream commercial

    Dave Barry's Blog offers us: A REASON TO GO ON LIVING

    Daily Box Office - Friday, December 16, 2005

    • In four words: Kong continues to underperform.

    The trailers for Tristram Shandy, a new film from the ever-experimenting Michael Winterbottom. It stars Gillian Anderson as Gillian Anderson!

    The last men to walk on the moon. I had not realized that this happened 33 years ago. Weren't we supposed to go forward from there?

  • Movie Reviews:

    Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




    "The Degenerate"

    The Degenerate (1969) is a B & W grind house effort with the sort of open plot premise that allows any and all nudity and sex. A bored lesbian (Uta Erikson) answers an ad in a sex paper classified for exhibitionist women, and takes the job at a remote house. The house is full of women, also all volunteers, who seem to be there to satisfy the fantasies of the owner, Michael Findlay, who also wrote and directed.

    Scenes include bondage, nude dancing, shoving corn cobs inside a woman (we don't actually see the insertion), and mild lesbian touching. It turns out that Findlay's assistant (Leo Heinz) has a personal agenda, which was no surprise by the time they tired of getting women naked.

    I was only able to identify Uta Erikson, who showed everything in several scenes, and Jane Banzet, who only showed breasts. Most of the women did full frontal and rear nudity, and there were very few seconds of running time that didn't include at least one naked woman.

    IMDb readers have this at 6.9, but based on only 9 votes. It will be of interest to movie historians, and the fetish content will have a small audience as well. Otherwise, it was made from the raincoat crowd, and has little of substance. The image quality is not very good, but some of the scenes are imaginative, and somewhat interesting. This is a C-, largely do to the huge amount of flesh displayed.

    Janet Banzet


    Uta Erickson


    Today from the Ghost...scenes from the late night cable series "Sex Games Vegas".

    First up, adult babe Chloe (aka Chloe Nicole) gettin' it on.

    Skinemax new-comer Nikita Lea gettin' it on in a scene that looks a bit more tame.

    We have a variety pack today.

    First we have Kari Wuhrer in "King of the Ants". Kari is topless and even seems to have sprung a dick.

    Kari Wuhrer

    Yesterday we did "Evil Toons" and in Fred Olen Ray's introduction to the movie he has a couple of unknown "Babes in Bondage".


    We wrap up today with a visit to TV Land and the now in syndication "Grounded for Life". Megyn Price nice cleavage and legs.

    Megyn Price

    Allison Mackie looking lovely while baring breasts and bum in scenes from the early 90's late night cable series "Eden".

    Also from "Eden" and looking even better while showing the same two B's is Barbara Alyn Woods.

    How about one more beautiful babe from "Eden" is Darcy DeMoss

    Cécile Pallas topless in a love scene from "Arthur Et Théa".

    Here is Italian babe Vittoria Belvedere topless in scenes from the French TV series "Les "Nouveaux exploits d'Arsène Lupin".

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "Caged Fear"
    "Caged Fear" (1992) aka "Hotel Oklahoma" is a dreadful women-in-prison movie with all the cliches but none of the nudity. Kristen Cloke is the falsely imprisoned girlfriend who shows various amounts of nudity with some of the other inmates but it's Chuckie Spradling who steals the movie as the sexy warden's assistant.

    Kristen Cloke Charlie Spradling Various

    "Timecop" (1994) is a sci-fi flick starring Van Damme. Mia Sara has the obligatory nude sex scene with the Ass Muscles from Brussels while Gloria Reuben looks great in a wet t-shirt. Laura Murdoch is full frontal while spread eagled as a virtual reality hooker.

    Mia Sara Gloria Reuben Laura Murdoch

    "Teenage Space Vampires"(1998)
    Very hokey sci-fi almost as bad as the title sounds. Only dug out of obscurity because it stars Lindy Booth in her very first movie. No nudity but Lindy and German actress Bianca Brad are very sexy.

    Lindy Booth Bianca Brad

    "L'Homme à tout faire"
    "L'Homme à tout faire" (1980) aka "The Handyman" is a French Canadian romance but with none of the nudity a British sex comedy of a similar theme would have had. Andree Pelletier takes off her blouse but keeps on her brassiere.

    Andree Pelletier

    "Palmer's Bones"
    "Palmer's Bones" (1998) aka "Bone Daddy"...a graphic serial killer thriller with Barbara Williams in a tight sweater and some nudity by a couple of morgue corpses.

    Barbara Williams unknowns

    "Degrassi The Next Generation"
    From the episode 'The Lexicon of Love part 2'. Deanna Casaluce shows some cleavage after a non-lesbian sleepover with Lauren Collins. They then kiss and make up.

    Deanna Casaluce

    From the episode 'Spare Parts'...Kristin Booth shows a near full boob while breastfeeding.

    Kristin Booth

    "Da Vinci's City Hall"
    Not any nudity so far in the first season but Venus Terzo is showing more cleavage while being partnered with the bartender dude from Sideways.

    Venus Terzo