Naked News

Natasha Olenski delivered the Hollywood XPress segment on Friday

Four Seasons in Havana

Juana Acosta in episode one

Miriam Hernandez in episode one

Claudia Monteagudo in episode four

Yudith Castillo in episode two, three, and four

The OA

Paz Vega in episode five

and, looking back, Shannon Walsh in episode one

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The Age of Ignorance

2007, 1920x800

Diane Kruger

The Foursome

Nicole Oliver gets down to her heavy-duty underwear in The Foursome (2006).

The Good Student

The brief nudity in The Good Student aka Mr. Gibb (2006) is by Lisa Lynds.

Paula Devicq shows some lovely pokies

and Hayden Panettiere looks good.

Raising Helen

No nudity in Raising Helen (2004) but there are some women very easy on the eye:

Hayden Panettiere

Kate Hudson

Paris Hilton

Shakara Ledard

Some underwear models who weren’t identified


Ultraviolet (2006) has no real visible nudity, just a brief, dark bum shot of Milla Jovovich.


Monet Mazur shows a brief nipple in Whirlygirl (2006).

The Wrong Man

Jennifer Miller gets naked in The Wrong Man (2006)

and Janet Lane is in her underwear.

Emily Ratajkowski at the beach - excellent quality