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"Sleeper Cell"

season 1 (2005)


episode 2

Axelle Cummings film clip (sample below)





New Aussie TV series

Vanessa Bristow film clip





Charisma Carpenter in Flirting With Danger: Uncut (2006)

Henela Bonham Carter in Women Talking Dirty (1999)

Julia Bradbury: nipple-tape-slip

Rinko Kikuchi in A Map of Tokyo (2009)

Kendra strip-dancing

Christa Sauls in Ghost Rock (2003)


The Latest Film Clips

Larisa Damaskina, Olga Dobrina, and Yuliya Aug in Ovsyanki (2010)

Isabel Soto in Que fue de Jorge Sanz (2010; sample below)

Martina Gusman in Carancho (2010; sample below)


Vintage Film Clips

Christina Applegate in Streets (1990, samples below)

Ok, the nudity is a cheat, but hey, it's Kelly Bundy, dudes. This film was made during season three or four of Married With Children.

Camilla Stroem Henriksen in En Haandfull Tid (1989; Norway; sample below)

Serena Bennato in Pierino medico della Saub (1981; samples below)

Lyne Renee and Thekla Reuten in Ober (2006)

The women of Babewatch (1994):

Kelli Hoffman

Raelyn Saalman

Tane McClure

Ashley Rhey