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The Girl


Part 3

Sandra Nkake film clip

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More from "Show Me Yours": Catherine Black.

More from "Show Me Yours": Wendii Fulford

More from "Show Me Yours": Rebecca Nicholson

Cameron Diaz. Her bikini top turned almost completely transparent.


Film Clips

In Partir, Kristin Scott-Thomas provides a last-minute entry into the "nude scene of the year" competition. OK, I know she's almost 50, but the key point is that the younger women look up to her and respect her artistic judgment. She is showing them that nudity is a good thing. That's an important contribution! By the way, there is no indication of whether this film will get a North American release, although it was screened at Toronto in September.

Here's the latest HD episode of Pigalle, la nuit. (s1,e7) This time the nudity is provided by Pom Klementieff

More of Rosie Jones, behind the scenes This time it's push-ups!

Amy Adams - brief, but titillating nudity in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. HD!

Lynn Collins in season 1 of "True Blood" - hot stuff in HD.

Gabrielle Anwar in Body Snatchers, superior quality

Mary LeGault VERY naked in a recent episode of "Life on Top"

Marie Josee-Croze in an episode of "The Hunger"