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Another one of 2006's also-rans, Kirsten Dunst's brief nude scene in Marie Antoinette   (Zipped .avi)  There is some discussion that it could be a body double, but if so the woman moves exactly like Kiki.

Yet another 2006 near-miss, Samantha McLoed in Snakes on a  Plane. (Zipped .avi)

Here is a sample cap from the video

The WWE's Victoria (real name Lisa Marie Varon) getting her bum completely exposed in a match. (Zipped .mpg)

Model/actress Anna Mateeva being prepped for a photoshoot. I'm not sure what this guy is doing, but I want to fill out an application for his job. On the other hand, I doubt if anyone would ever leave that job. "Hey, Jim, we're offering you CEO at a million per." "No thanks, the tit-prepping job is more than enough for me. I can live on eight bucks an hour." (Zipped .avi)

Here is a sample cap from the video

Here are Flautista's captures of Anna's only screen credit.




Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





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The Rules of Attraction (2002)

The actual attraction rules, as near as I could make out from this film, are as follows:

1) College students all have large muscle motor control problems, primarily with their genitals (they have no control over them).

2) Attraction is never mutual.

3) Most college students at some point attempt suicide. The real losers succeed.

4) Being a pusher is a sure path to popularity.

5) To be thought of as a slut, one must screw an entire football team.

6) Women are free to loose their virginity to a "townie," but men aren't allowed to screw a slut (for slut definition, see rule 5).

7) College students never study.

8) College students seldom go to classes.

9) Teachers screw undergraduates unless they are still married, in which case they just settle for blow jobs.

10) There are no morals that apply to Saturday night parties, except the one about not screwing a slut.

11) Date rape is the most popular intramural campus sport.

12) Running the same film forward and backward makes it easy to pad running time.

By now you have some idea that this film is about sexual success and excess, emotional and relationship failure, and heavy drinking and drug use. The story takes place among a group of completely unsympathetic liberal arts college students, both straight and gay, and focuses on two men and a woman. One of the guys is now in his gay phase after having a non-sexual relationship with the woman. He is now attracted to guy two. The girl really wants her boyfriend, but, since he is off screwing his way through Europe, she has her sights set on guy two, more or less. Guy two begins to think he wants her, but violates the prime directive and screws a slut, who also happens to be her roommate.

This was from Roger Avery, writer of Pulp Fiction, which I enjoyed, but I hated this movie start to finish. Some agree with me, others say it is brilliantly made with cutting edge camera tricks that mostly work. So who is right? Everyone. Since it is skillfully assembled but not very pleasant, the key to this film is whether or not you want to spend 110 minutes with nothing but unlikable characters. I don't.



Theresa Wayman















Today we wrap up our little mini-tour of Uschi Digard flicks with caps and a zipped .wmv clip from "The Godson." Here we have Uschi having her hooters felt up, naked in the tub and - look close -  she just  might really be doing it in the final scene.

Also from "The Godson" we have a delicious "Babe in Bondage" as  Jayne Allyson is tied up topless in a short skirt and boots in an outdoor scene. Caps and 2 .wmv clips zipped together of the delicious Jayne who meets a not so good ending. Jayne has only one other screen credit at IMDB, what a shame.









Notes and collages

The Celebrity Showers continue


Betsy Russell in Private School

..fret not you Betsy Russell fans, I'll be doing collages of her in the future without this frosted glass treatment....









Dann reports on 4:

A strange tale of modern-day Russia and its people comes from....Russia, naturally, in this 2005 drama which is an in-depth character study of the country, the people, and the frailties of both.

Two men and a woman, strangers, meet in a bar. Like most people who meet in bars, they tell one another their tall tales as time passes. Once they leave, the story splits in three directions as it follows the people into the true drab and dreary existence of their lives. Of the three, perhaps the most interesting storyline is of Marina (Marina Vovchenko), who is summoned home to attend a funeral for a childhood friend. The funeral, bizarre by Western standards, offers more interesting insights into life in Russia, and some of the customs.

Although this movie portrays the people of Russia consuming far too much alcohol being oppressed by poverty and living conditions which are very hard and bleak, director Ilya Khrjanovsky, who lives in Russia, claims that conditions are far worse, and the people drink far more than the levels he portrayed in the movie. Hard to believe. In any case, it's an interesting portrait of the country and its people.

Incidentally, I have no idea why the title is "4", given that there were three central characters. Maybe they lost one during production.

Marina Vovchenko







I guess it is Isild Le Besco week over at Le Palace de Skin. Here's even more of her, this time in a new film, Wild Camp


Anadela Reguera is the lead actress in Nacho Libre. Here she shows a hint of forbidden flesh in Por la Libre

Here are some more from Tripping Over, that OZ/UK series. First, the nudity ... Alexandra Moen ...

and then a bit of tease from Rebecca Gibney

Candice Bergen in her younger days, in Soldier Blue. If you want to be charitable, you could say that her ability as a serious actress presented no competition to Meryl Streep. If you want to be honest, you might add that it didn't even provide competition to Ali McGraw.

Naomie Harris in Miami Vice

Eva Amurri is Susan Sarandon's daughter, and she certainly seems to have inherited the family ... er ... hope chest.