Ray Donovan

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Lulu Brud

2018, 1080hd
Experimental film from Finnish singer Anna Eriksson. It's kind of fun to read the reviews of this film and see the reviewers struggle to find euphemisms for "total gibberish." In theory, it is a film about Marilyn Monroe, but it approaches the subject through surrealism. Particularly distracting is the fact that all of the "Hollywood" characters can't really speak English, although they try with hilarious effect. It sounds like Borat did all the voices. One reviewer commented: "As the oddities keep on mounting, the only thing missing is another Red Room and a dwarf talking backwards."

There is supposed to be a monumental amount of nudity in the film, but this is all we have seen so far because there is no Blu-Ray and the film has not been released commercially after its festival screenings. (IMDb says it was released in Finland.) The scene below is from the trailer (on Vimeo)!

Anna Eriksson

December 15

Miley Cyrus performed in a daring outfit. (Animated .gif below)


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Tamzin Merchant and Azure Parsons


"Cougar Town"

Cougar Town is a sitcom set in a fictional Florida town of Gulfhaven. It is focussed on Jules Cobb, played by Courteney Cox, her family and friends. From a FH point of view, there’s no nudity but lots of cleavage, and partially-dressed and sexy women. These caps are from the first season and were made in 2009.

Episode 7 Don't Come Around Here No More

Busy Philipps

Courteney Cox



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Sophie Kennedy Clark film clip (collage below)

Bad Influence


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Charisse Glenn and Adrienne Leigh film clip (sample below)

Palmer Lee Todd film clip (sample below)

Anastasia Phillips in Incident In A Ghostland (2018) in 1080hd

Anca Dumitra in Doing Money (2018) in 720p

Charlotte LeBon in Realive (2018) in 1080hd

Miley Cyrus

Katie Holmes