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This episode (#4) of The Missing actually aired a few weeks back, but this is our first look at it.

Anamaria Marinca

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today: season two, episode six

Gaia Weiss

Jessalyn Gilsig

Virgin Alexander


Johnny's comments:

Virgin Alexander is about Alexander (Rick Faugno), a scrap hauler who has just been given ownership of his uncle's house by his uncle. But, it turns out he's been scammed and left with a $125,000 debt to pay in 9 days or he will get evicted. Ruby (Paige Howard) is a prostitute working out of the local bar run by the dodgy Bim Norse (Bronson Pinchot) who promises her a loan that she is using to pay to go to college, but he reneges when he finds out he's in financial trouble. Alexander has a thing for Ruby, but he is a virgin and has trouble talking to her. When their paths cross, they realise they want the same thing, so in a desperate bid to make quick money, Alexander and Ruby formulate a plan to start a brothel in Alexander's house. They start by snatching Bim Norse's girls Brooke (Mika Boorem) and Lo (Elizabeth Masucci), which leaves Bim in the lurch as he has a bachelor party booked. So, as Alexander's and Ruby's plan comes into fruition, Bim is left performing desperate acts. Can they make the money with their long shot plan? Will they fall in love?

Charming, quirky comedy movie that is fairly amusing if a bit tame for a sex comedy. It's not a ground breaking movie by any stretch, but it gets the job done and has a lot of likeable characters to boot.

Elizabeth Masucci film clip (collage below)

Kate Dylan film clip (sample below)

More from the UK:


Lots of nudity in Cashback (2006) by:

Bianca Drakes

Christine Fuller

Emilia Fox

Hayley Marie Coppin

Irene Bagach

Janine May Tinsley

Several not identified

What's Up Superdoc!

What's Up Superdoc! (1978) is a classic ’70s British sex comedy so there are lots of naked and sexy women, some of whom you may recognise:

Alison Begg

Angela Grant

Anna Bergman - Nicola Austin

Beth Porter

Fay Hillier

Julia Goodman

Lisa Taylor

Maria Harper

Mary Millington

Nova Llewellyn

Sue Upton

The Blue Angels (and we’re not talking a US navy flying troupe here)

Vicki Scott

TV and Film Clips

Lucy Lawless pokies while protesting deep sea drilling in 1080p

Lyudmila Shiryaeva in Sappho (2008) in 1440x788 res


Vittoria Puccini film festival:

Colpo D'Occhio (2008)

The Crown Prince (2006)

All The Love There Is (2000)


Cheryl Paris in Sweet Bird Of Youth (1989) (sorry, crap quality, but all there is)

Kaki Hunter and others in the legendary Porky's shower scene, now in 1080p (1982)

TV and Film Clips

Serena Williams in short-shorts