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Lizzy Caplan did have a topless sex scene on last night's Masters of Sex (s1e12), but it's dark, it's far from the camera, and it is shot from oblique angles.
See the latest from 2 Flics Sur Le Dock, Zak and La Famille Katz in the French nudity area below.

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Sarah B Lund



Razorback is a 1984 creature feature where Carl Winters (Gregory Harrison) goes looking for his American documentary maker wife Beth (Judy Morris) who has gone missing, but we know she's been ravaged by a mutated razorback pig, not long after the same razorback save her from being ravaged by a couple of hillbilly kangaroo hunting brothers (David Argue and Chris Haywood). Carl blindly enlists the brother's help in finding her, but they leave him for dead in the middle of the desert. Eventually, he comes across a house owned by Jake (Bill Kerr), a razorback hunter haunted by the killer razorback who took his two year old granddaughter. With a scientist Sarah (Arkie Whiteley) who is staying at the house, they come face to face with the killer razorback, who's not finished yet.

An OK monster movie that is very much style over substance thanks to prominent music director Russell Mulcahy, well known for making visually outlandish music videos (Total Eclipse of the Heart and Video Killed the Radio Star come to mind). The Australian desert has never looked more colourful or desolate. The biggest problem is the razorback kills which aren't that great, you barely see anything and they are over very quickly. There is one good moment when a house is ripped in two, but you don't see the razorback in that scene. It's a shame because the plot ain't half bad.

Arkie Whiteley film clip (sample below)

"The L Word"

collages, series 2, episodes 10-13

Sarah Shahi

Erin Daniels

Leisha Hailey

Katherine Moennig

Mia Kirshner


Defoe's picks o' the week:

Emeline Fremont in 2 Flics sur le Dock (s3e2) in 1080p

Natacha Lindinger in La Famille Katz (s1e5) in 1080p

Olivia Cote in Zak (s4e10) in 1080hd

Celine Sallette and Hande Kodja in Meurtrieres (2006) in 1080hd

Isabelle Carre in Les Sentiments (2003)


TV/Film Clips

Julie Hays in All Is Bright (2013) in 720p

Jay Anstey in Sleepers Wake (2012) in 720p

Alexandra Schalaudek in Zweier Ohne (2008)

Sophie Rogall in Zweier Ohne (2008)

Carice Van Houten in AmnesiA (2001)

Jenny Agutter in Walkabout (1971) in 1080p