TV Round-Up

Two new episodes of Mafiosa aired Monday in France. Here's Helena Noguerra in s3e7.

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"Las Vegas"

season 3 (2005-6)


episode 10

Marisa Petroro film clip (sample below)



The Hard Word


Johnny's comments:

The Hard Word is 2002 crime thriller about three brothers (Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton, Damien Richardson), the Twentymen brothers, who are locked up in Long Bay Prison together for robbery. They are used by various lowlifes to perform robberies in return for a bit of money and certain prison privileges. When a bunch of corrupt cops have a proposition for them, a multi-million dollar robbery in Melbourne, they accept but hatch their own plan to stay out of jail. Things go wrong from the beginning. It turns out they are robbing bookies on Melbourne Cup Day, the biggest betting day of the year. Also the bent cops have sent along two nasty pieces of work to help out, with the intention of offing the Twentymen brothers afterwards. Then there's the older brother's girl (Rachel Griffiths) and her new lover, a shonky lawyer who want their share of the robbery. Pretty well made film with solid performances from a pretty decent cast, with an interesting vibe (including butcher's talk) which makes the film an enjoyable watch.

Rhondda Findleton film clip. Collage below

Leanne McCulloch film clip


The Actress


The Actress is a Perth-based ultra low budget drama about three housemates, a supermarket worker, an office worker and a lesbian, who are looking for a fourth housemate and find one in Emma, an actress who immediately makes her presence felt. Emma seduces the the supermarket worker and they become a couple, then she seduces the lesbian and (you can guess the next bit) she seduces the office worker. She uses her wiles to disguise the fact that all she does all day is smoke pot and watch TV. Of course, something's gotta give and the supermarket worker starts to take it out on the other two, but more pointedly, the office worker who has become a bum too now that he got sacked for masturbating in the office. Not content with watching the house descend into madness, Emma takes it further culminating in a party where all hell breaks loose. Decent little unknown gem with an excellent performance from Caitlin Higgins (who doesn't seem to have done any other film acting, shame) who plays the trouble making minx with a hint of aloofness which makes the character even more devastating (and cheeky).

Caitlin Higgins film clip. Collages below





Jessica Brozowski in Calendar Girl (2011)

Katie Kiefel in Sigma Die

Alicia Kramer in Sigma Die

Nikie Zimbo in Sigma Die

Heather Zagone in Sigma Die

Aly Hartman in Sigma Die

Pheline Roggan in Soul Kitchen




Film Clips

Priscilla Barnes in Trailer Park of Terror (sample below)

Nichole Hilz in Trailer Park of Terror (sample below)

Betty Berr, Jane Birkin and Christine Boisson in Le Mouton Enrage (samples below)

Betty Berr

Jane Birkin

Christine Boisson

Bulle Ogier, Helene Vincent, and Claire Lecroutz in Le Petits Ruisseaux (samples below)




Julie-Marie Parmentier and Amandine Chauveau in Les Petits Ruisseaux (samples below)


Parmentier and Chauveau

Corynne Heads and Lydia Ruth Lopez in Slave (samples below)

Nastassia Malthe in Slave (sample below)

Leopoldine Serre in Je Vous Aime Tres Beaucoup (samples below)

Lisa Joliffe Andoh in The Return of Superfly (sample below)

The women of Bikini Squad: Donna Baltron, Julie Strain, and Maureen Flaherty

Emma Suarez and Silke Klein in Tierra

Emma Suarez again, in La Ardilla Roja