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The Girl


Part 2

Helene Juren film clips

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Machined Reborn


Reborn, AKA Machined Reborn, is the sequel to the Machined (2006). Like the original, it's a B-movie slasher flick all the way, however, what does stand out is David C. Hayes as the evil Motorman Dan. He is hilarious in the part and adds a lot to what is otherwise a very mediocre horror movie.

A newlywed couple buys a junkyard near what is soon to be an interstate, hoping to cash in big in years to come. What they don't know is the place was the site of gruesome murders by engineering genius and serial killer Motorman Dan, who turned his victims into half-men, half-machine, and then made them kill for him. And guess what? He's still there.

All in all, pretty dumb, but Hayes' performance is worth seeing.


Davina Joy


(s3, e2)


Renai Caruso film clips




Modest topless from Rihanna

Bethenny Frankel's PETA poster (left) and a photo of her photoshoot (right)

Stefania D'Amario in the cinema classic Deported Women of the SS Special Section

Felicita Fanny in Deported Women of the SS Special Section

Shannon Seyffert in an episode of Show Me Yours


Film Clips

Arguably the nude scene of the year: Paz de la Huerta in The Limits of Control, seen here in spectacular 1920x1080 resolution, with samples below


Carolina Lapausa in La Senora

Charlotte Rampling in The Night Porter, in the role that made her an international star

Sandra Hueller and Hilde van Mieghem in Der Architekt

Isabelle Adjani, young and spectacularly beautiful in L'ete Meurtrier (sample right)

Rosie Jones, behind the scenes video for a magazine spread. Lots of bouncing!  (sample right)