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Lost Things


Lost Things is a low-budget horror offering that was created for Australian Showtime.

As the film begins, four teenagers, two boys and two girls, set out to a secluded beach for the weekend. The boys are planning a little surfing, a little sex, and a few stubbies. The girls are planning a lot of sunbathing, and no sex.

The teens have some trouble finding the location, then meet a rather creepy older surfer dude who advises them to leave. It becomes clear that everything is not alright. The very observant will figure out what lies behind the veils, and the rest will have to think about it, but eventually realize that the film does make sense. There are many ominous clues leading to the truth, but the film frustrates until one catches on to what is really happening.

This is not a bad little film which succeeds remarkably in making a sunny, inviting beach in broad daylight seem frightening.

IMDb: 5.1



Lenka Kripac and Alexandra Vaughan, as the two girls, show breasts.


Lenka Kripac



Alexandra Vaughn










Scoop's notes: I coerced Hank into doing these caps from film clips because we still don't have anything worthwhile from these two movies with good nudity. The quality of the source material was not good (way too dark except for the scene with Costanza's dad, who is really Stiller's dad - and I know how much you wanted to see that guy naked!), but he did what he could.

Maybe we'll have better luck when these two films come to Blu-Ray

By the way, it appears that we have lost Malin Akerman's bare butt scene forever. The scene where she is walking to the bathroom has been cropped at her waist, and no "unrated" version is planned.

The Heartbreak Kid

Malin Akerman

Kayla Kleevage


Feast of Love

Radha Mitchell


Selma Blair

Alexa Davalos






Notes and collages


Joanne Whalley









Girls In Prison

Aggie O'Hanlon (Missy Crider), a songwriter framed for murder by a scheming, bisexual femme fatale, Jennifer (Anne Heche), is sent to prison, where she quickly learns to adapt to the brutality of prison life. Even though Aggie's in prison, she remains the target of the evil Jennifer.

Well this movie is known for Ione's and Anne's shower scenes and besides that there is nothing else worth about it really.


Anne Heche



Ione Skye










"Married with Children"

Starting with some TV series we have Married with Children. These caps are from the first series, which was not as risque as the later series. The longer the show went on the sluttier the actresses got, especially Christina Applegate. Some of the women went on to bigger and better things, such as Pamela Anderson, Milla Jovovich and Debbe Dunning, others have faded into obscurity, for example Kate Morrison and Helena Apothaker. I also noticed that there are disagreements with episode numbers between the IMDB and the DVD. No nudity in these caps, just some sexy, slutty-looking women with cleavage, occasional pokies and upskirts.

Episode 7 - Al loses his cherry

Jerry Hall

 and Pamela Bowman


Episode 12 - Nightmare on Al's Street

Amanda Bearse


Episode 13 - Johnny B Gone

Christina Applegate



"Ned and Stacey"

The best part about this series was Debra Messing in her prime. From the first series we have:


Episode 5 - Model Husband

Paulina Porizkova upskirt

Episode 8 - Halloween Story

Debra Messing in a nice outfit

Episode 18 - Friends and Lovers

Debra Messing upskirt

Episode 23 - You Bet Your Wife

Debra Messing upskirt

Episode 24 - The End

Debra Messing, she's supposed to be naked but she's obviously not



"The Starter Wife"

Debra Messing also stars in the TV series The Starter Wife (2007) and she looks good. Some nice cleavage shots of her in the first episode.




Again, no visible nudity in this episode of Fastlane called Strap On (2003). Tiffani Thiessen

and Jaime Pressly are in a hot tub together, supposedly naked.

Colleen Porch is also there.



The Funhouse

The Funhouse (1981) is a horror film with a bit of nudity, particularly by Elizabeth Berridge.

Film clip

There is the briefest of nipple exposure by Sylvia Miles

and some exotic dancers are wearing very little.




Barbarians at the Gate

The nudity in Barbarians at the Gate (1993) comes from some topless fashion models backstage at a fashion show.

Film clip

Leilani Sarelle looks very sexy, goes topless but we only see her from the back.

Film clip




My Super Ex-Girlfriend

No nudity in My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) but Uma Thurman

and Anna Faris are seen in their underwear.





Goldie Hawn was very sexy in Protocol (1984)

and Gail Strickland flashed her knickers.




Happy Endings

Some nice nipples poking out in Happy Endings (2005) by Tamara Davies

Film clip.

and Lisa Kudrow's body double.

Film clip.

Maggie Gyllenhaal comes close.

Film clip.




Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Stephanie March is down to her underwear in the telemovie called Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006).




A Way of Life

Stephanie James is topless taking a bath in the British movie A Way  of Life (2004).




She's Gone

Another British movie is She's Gone (2004). There's brief breast exposure by Mercedes Grower

and some unidentified strippers.





4 (2005) is a Russian movie. Plenty of nudity by Marina Vovchenko

and some others I couldn't identify. (My Cyrillic is not what it used to be!)




Body Confusion

From Spain we have Body Confusion aka Fuera del cuerpo (2004).

Rocio Munoz shows her breasts.

Film clip

Maria Valverde

and Goy Toledo look good.




Manitou's Shoe

From Germany, we have Manitou's Shoe aka Der Schuh des Manitu (2001). No visible nudity, just cleavage by Marie Baumer.








Film Clips


Christina Applegate in the HD DVD of Anchorman