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Eine Liebe in Afrika (2003):

I don't know jack about this, other than that it was a 2-part mini series on German TV.  These Julia Stemberger collages were made from ICMS's .avis (see his section below), and came out pretty good considering the compression/recompression issues.


Welcome to Arrow Beach (1974):

Here's a significantly upgraded (but still not spectacular) film clip of Meg Foster's outdoor skinny-dipping scene from Laurence Harvey's unheralded cannibal masterpiece, Welcome to Arrow Beach. I forgot to mention last time that this DVD pays such fine attention to detail that Meg Foster's name is misspelled on the front cover! (as "Forster")

 The Movie House Review is here. Below are some sample captures from the scene.


Other Crap:

Rumor: Google to buy Opera, according to former Yahoo Europe president

"Wikipedia is about as accurate on science as the Encyclopedia Britannica, a study shows."

"Let's see some ID, please. The end of anonymity on the Internet?"

King Kong Island Home Is Pure Fantasy, Ecology Experts Say

  • 'The notion that dinosaurs could survive on a tiny mid-oceanic island is preposterous,'

Vikings Charged In Bawdy Boat Case

  • "Four Minnesota Vikings players were charged today with lewd conduct for their roles in a ribald October party boat excursion on Lake Minnetonka"

Carrey has 'Fun' with new movie disguises

The Underrated Top 28 Songs of 2005 (with mp3s)

"Kong" Opens with $9.8 million on Wednesday

  • "It's too early to tell whether Kong is a success or not,"'s Brandon Gray said.

Three clips from The Ringer

  • Farrelly Brothers film. Johnny Knoxville pretends to be handicapped in order to win the Special Olympics.
  • You know, because the prize money is big bucks, and his mom would be so proud.
  • Wait - Knoxville was pretending?

Paris Hilton named worst-dressed celebrity (by PETA)

  • Paris Hilton vs Peta - boy, there's a match Vince McMahon would never book. Where's the good guy?

Tussaud's turn Bush and Blair into pantomime cow. Although, to be truthful, it looks like Tony Blair and Tom Brokaw.


Colbert Report's Word of the Day: Travolta

Colbert talks to Dermot Mulroney about why his movies are destroying America.

Jon Stewart talks to Tom Brokaw

The Daily Show takes a look at Xbox 360

The new trailer for V for Vendetta is now online. (Stunning visuals, but even so it doesn't spur much desire to see the film.)

The Producers has picked up some very harsh reviews. There were also some good notices, but the negatives were VERY negative:

  • "The Producers might work okay on stage but it collapses the second the same material and songs get in front of a camera."
  • "... as stale as last year's croissants"
  • "The movie is so poorly conceived, directed, choreographed, and executed by Susan Stroman that it makes its lead actors, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, utterly charmless and the whole musical witless and unappealing."
  • "It's hard to envision a worse big-budget film version of Mel Brooks's Tony Award-winning musical The Producers than this dreadfully lifeless affair."
  • "As creaky as the traditional musicals it once poked fun at, The Producers has been entombed -- lox, shtick and two smoking bagels -- as a theatrical fossil, and reinforces the danger in returning to the same material one time too many."

March Madness on Demand - FREE!

  • The first round (64 teams, 32 games), the second round (32 teams, 16 games), and the third round (16 teams, 8 games) will all be webcast for free. Once it gets down to eight teams, you'll have to switch to TV for the free stuff - but still!!!

This is NOT from a satire site. It really happened ... The body of a female jogger was found Tuesday on property belonging to Big Bird

Trailer Online for El Capitan Alatriste, starring Viggo Mortensen.

  • This film is in Spanish. Mortensen is not dubbed. Viggo speaks completely fluent Spanish. He grew up in Argentina, and also lived in Venezuela.

Need your recommended daily dose of total manure? Check out two clips from Uwe Boll's next masterpiece, Bloodrayne

The Zarkman Live!

  • Zarqawi is blogging live from the Iraqi elections, courtesy of Iowahawk.
  • Take a tip from me - if you're at work, you better not click on the donkey-fuckin' video. Well, unless you work for Larry Flynt. Just sayin'

ESPN has some more pics from Rocky VI

"The thong-filled 2006 Reef Calendar "

Outrageous Firsts in Television History (Interesting stuff)

Your dog's panting noise is laughter

GALLUP: Americans overwhelmingly consider "Happy Holidays" a turn for the worse

Holiday shopping? Please consider the Barry Manilow Official 2005 Calendar.

  • Yes, I said 2005, not 2006! The value is down, and he's passing the savings on to you!
  • Dave Barry points out that it's not too late to get the official Barry Manilow 2005 Christmas socks.

Remember Major Gunns (Tylene Buck)?

  • She has signed with Lighthouse Talent Agency. They provide management for ... um ... adult entertainers.
  • Here's a quote from their site: "We're trying to be different and we believe there is somewhat of a void, not necessarily in the agency field, but in the career management field," Glasser said. "We're also going to have scheduling parameters for each of our models, especially the females. None of our girls will be doing four double-penetration scenes consecutively."
  • Now THAT'S class!

"A Straight Guys Guide To Brokeback Mountain (You know - the Gay Cowboy Movie)"

  • The key point here: Anne Hathaway takes off her top - Photo Gallery - NFL Cheerleaders -Carolina Panthers

Eva Longoria is hanging out with Slater?

Here is Prince's new video. It was directed by Salma Hayek

Here is that Pam Anderson video which got cut from Elton's TV special

Listen to Ryan Adams's new album (29), in full, online

"BUSH TO WORLD: MY BAD" ... Vows Never to Make Decision Based On Intelligence Again

"Daily Show: Headlines - First Responder"

  • George Bush is taking questions from an unscreened audience? The administration's gone to Plan F!

Ali G goes to the Cannes Porn Festival (Funny, lots of nudity)

VIDEO: The Best and Worst of 2005 from People

"Ghost Rider Bumped to 2007 "

  • The film cost them $120 million, and now SONY has taken it out of the summer releases and bumped it to February of 2007. They are trying and will continue to try to spin the move positively.

Letterman's "Top Ten Signs Your Wife Is In Love With A Giant Monkey"

  • "Your American Express bill shows 2,000 dollar charge from Chiquita"
  • "You notice a hair on her sweater and it's eight feet long"

VIDEO: This on-the-scene reporter gets a very unpleasant surprise ...

Hi-res face shots from X-Men 3, including Frazier as The Beast.

Film Jerk has three reviews of King Kong - and two of them are quite negative!

The Aussie trailer for Chaos, a new cop thriller with Jason Stratham and Ryan Philippe

Princeton loses the lowest-scoring Division-I game since the introduction of the 3-point line.

  • "The Tigers went 9-for-41 from the field, including 2-for-20 on 3-pointers, and turned the ball over 19 times."



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Girl Boss Guerilla (1973)

Girl Boss Guerilla stars Miki Sugimoto as the leader of the "Red Helmets," a Tokoyo gang of four motorcycle girls who decide to visit Kyoto. They immediately run afoul of the local girl mob, leading to the first cat fight. Then Reiko Ike, the former leader of the Kyoto bunch arrives. Seems her brother is a bigshot in the local Yakuza, and she left to escape him, but has returned. Miki wins the cat fight, and takes over control of the local girl gangs, but is a little too greedy and independent for the Yauza, and is constantly being tortured by them. She also meets a young boxer, and starts a torrid affair with him.

Most of the girls schemes involve sex and blackmail, and they even corrupt a nun into joining them, and blackmail a priest, who ends up giving them the clap, and also a Buddhist priest. For anyone who has seen more than one of these films, it is clear that there will be a final bloody showdown between the girl gang and the Yakuza.

Nude scenes provide breasts from Miki Sugimoto, Reiko Ike, and a host of unknowns, and include bondage, and whipping. There is also an homage to From Here to Eternity with Sugimoto. Reiko Ike leapt to stardom with Toei studios, then was advised by her managers that all the nude work was hurting her singing career. She left acting, and Sugimoto became the genre superstar. When Ike, regretting her choice, returned to the studio, the studio made much of the rivalry between Ike and Sugimoto, casting them as opposing characters, and alternating the lead role between them. They have a cat fight in most of these films. This film had more comic relief than most of the other Pinky Violence films, although they were a staple of the genre.

Again, this Japanese exploitation is of interest to more than just the B exploitation crowd. B-.


Miki Sugimoto
Reiko Ike






Molinee Green in "Hollywood Sexcapades"



Today we have a movie with two "Babes in Bondage" as we take a look at "The Hillside Strangler".  Babe in peril # 1 is a topless Natasha Melnick.

Then we have Kylie Rachel with boobs & butt, as she pleases first one man and then the 2 killers.

Brandin Rackley who has one helluva rack is bound and gagged topless, and then done in with a plastic bag over the head.







Today we wrap up with the last set of clips from Radetzkymarsch (1995). The atmosphere really doesn't get more cheerful in this mini-series when Italian Elena Sofia Ricci bares her nicely shaped breasts in 3 clips. (1, 2, 3)

Ditto for Austrian Julia Stemberger in 1 clip. I haven't seen the series, thank goodness, I just extracted the naughty bits, because even watching these clips makes me sad.

We stay with Julia Stemberger for our following 3 clips from Eine Liebe in Afrika (2003). (1, 2, 3) Everything looks much sunnier here for Julia, first in bed with a lover, then coming out of the bath tub because the bishop wants her. And gets her... We get mainly breasts and buns from this prolific Austrian actress, who oddly enough doesn't have an entry of her own in the Encyclopedia despite many collages there and in the back issues. Wink, wink...:-)
Scoop's Note: I created a volume for her. The most interesting thing is that her body looked about the same at 33 as at 19.





Vejiita went totally nuts on the Hotline series, and even added some popular non-nude material!

Aleksandra Kaniak in Hotline: Hannah's Surprise

Bari Buckner in Hotline: Where Were We?

Catherine Bell in Hotline: Brunch Club

Jennifer Behr in Hotline: Hannah's Surprise

Karen Byers in Hotline: Brunch Club

Kehli O'Byrne in Hotline: Double Exposure

Kimber Monroe in Hotline: Mistaken Identity

Landon Hall in Hotline: Shutterbugs

Leslie Redden in Hotline: E-Mail

Lesli Kay Sterling in Hotline: The Gardener

Maria Ford in Hotline: Visions of Love

Melinda Songer in Hotline: Sexual Chemistry

Michelle Clunie in Hotline: The Homecoming

Michelle McFall in Hotline: The Sitter

Mimi Cochran in Hotline: Brunch Club

Monique Parent in Hotline: Shutterbugs

Nia James in Hotline: Mistaken Identity

Peggy Trentini in Hotline: Shutterbugs

Susan Featherly in Hotline: Sleepless Nights

Vanessa Dorian in Hotline: The Sitter

Victoria Morsell in Hotline: Sleepless Nights

Courteney Cox in The Longest Yard (2005) (no nudity)

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber (2005) (no nudity)

Cerina Vincent in It Waits (2005) (no visible nudity, but you might spot a tiny portion of an areola here and there)

Stefanie von Pfetten in Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber






Pretty Rachel McAdams proves blessedly inept when it comes to choosing dresses - she gets one that's a bit too small, and passes the savings on to us!  
LC is back again from the future with his latest batch of new material, and he provides the rest of the Catch o' the Day. First Melissa Sagemiller in Sleeper Cell  
More from Sleeper Cell: Axelle Grelet  
Helena Noguerra in La Boite Noire  
More from La Boite Noire: Marion Cotillard  
Karen Elkin in Horloge Biologique  
Cinthia Moura in  Masters Of Horror