Down to the Bone (2004):

Here's a film clip of the L.A. Film Critics long-shot Best Actress winner. She is topless in the role for which she won her award.

For the record, here is her previous nudity, in Iron-Jawed Angels. (Link goes to Movie House review)

Other Crap:

Red planet Buffy?

Chimps reason better than human children.

  • They should immediately be tested to see if they can do things better than adult humans, especially things like foreign policy and movie ratings, where they couldn't really do much worse.

USA TODAY opens up the voting for the best of the year in entertainment.

The day Christmas stole the Grinch

Three people tried to sell stolen paintings worth tens of thousands of dollars back to the gallery that owned the artwork.

Nostalgia: Wacky Packages: A complete online reference guide to the greatest non-sport trading cards in history

A cryptic "secret" promo site for The DaVinci Code

Farrellys accuse Parker and Stone of stealing a totally obvious idea that has undoubtedly occurred to every comedy writer on the planet.

Colbert Report's word of the day: Lombardi

  • Quitters should pay more attention to America's coach -- George W. Bush.

Colbert Special Report: The De-ballification of American Sports.

A new look for Scarlett Johansson - apparently created by Pia Zadora's team of make-up and hair specialists.

VIDEO: My Robot Humps

"WAR COST TOPS ONE ZILLION" ... Pentagon Renames Iraq Conflict "Operation Infinite Expense"

The Daily Show reports from the front lines of the war on Christmas

  • What has happened to us when Victoria's Secret drops the naughty XXXMas Special

"A Daily Show Feature: Gaywatch."

Daily Show Headlines - The war on Christmas.

  • Legend has it that every time you say 'Happy Holidays,' an angel gets AIDS."

Jon Stewart interviews Howard Stern.

Will Lane and Broderick team up with Mel Brooks again - to remake Young Frankenstein as a musical?

From the Homos on the Range Department: David Letterman's Top Ten Signs You're A Gay Cowboy

Christopher Robin gets sacked. Winnie the Pooh gets a new friend: a girl.

This week's edition of Unnecessary Censorship from Jimmy Kimmel

Another Shatner alert! Captain Kirk might be returning to the bridge of the Enterprise for the next 'Star Trek' film.

Where are they now ... ? The cast of Debbie Does Dallas

"Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly finally admitted she is pregnant" (again)

The first full trailer for The Da Vinci Code (It comes out next May)

"Singer Bob Dylan will host a weekly radio music show on XM Satellite Radio beginning in March."

  • I don't know if Bob Dylan's show will be good or bad, but I'll predict this - it will be the most confusing show in the history of radio. That lad makes Antonioni seem as coldly logical as Pascal.

X-rays of Gerald Ford's head revealed nothing.

Stephen Colbert and Harry Smith discuss the difference between a journalist and a "TV guy."

"Tonight's Phrase on Colbert Report: Belly Achin'"

  • "By not giving you health insurance, your company is fighting off the infection that is you."


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




No Names, Please (2000)

No Names, Please is the twelfth and final episode of the Skinemax series Bedtime Stories. This time, Kim Dawson has a sex scene. Michelle Hall is a career girl who just wants a man for sex, and all of her dates seem to want a relationship. Dawson provides just what she asked for, a man who walks in, has great sex with her, and is out the door before the heavy breathing stops. Hall discovers she wants a relationship after all.

Michelle Hall and Kim Dawson both show everything. Seems the entire series uses the same formula for each sex scene, and the long trolly shots and candles are sometimes mixed in with a few cross fades. Again, the scenes are dark. This is a C. Exactly what you expect for couples erotica.


Michelle Hall
Kim Dawson


Strangers (2000)

Strangers is the seventh episode of the same Skinemax series, Bedroom Stories.

Susan Featherly complains that her attorney husband does not make their sex life exciting enough, and wants to be carried away with passion with a total stranger. Kim Dawson sets it up. Kim has a date, and there is one for Featherly. All wear masks except Featherly. Dawson has sex, but Featherly chickens out. All ends well, when she discovers that the passionate stranger in the mask was actually her husband.

Featherly shows everything. Dawson shows breasts. Evidently the entire series used the same formula for the sex scenes, similar sets, and the same DP and director, so one isn't much different from another except in the minimal plot. I am not surprised it only lasted one season. On the other hand, it seems to have had the cream of the B softcore stars. C-, for not showing more of Dawson.

Kim Dawson
Susan Featherly






April Blossom in an episode of "Best Sex Ever."



Today we return to "The Sensuous Nurse" for the rest of the nudity. 

First we have Luciana Paluzzi topless.


Then it's the luscious Carla Romanelli showing off all three B's as she romps thru this silly but enjoyable flick.


We end the day with a quick "News Babe" from TV Land:  Juliet Huddy of "Fox News".







Charlotte Rampling certainly is a Fun House regular for this British actress can't seem to keep her clothes on for a long time. In the German mini-series Radetzkymarsch (1995) she displays her still good-looking 50 years old body. You can check out her breasts and buns in the following 5 clips (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) with an overall depressing and sad tone.

There's more nudity in this series by other actresses which will be (un)covered in an upcoming submission.

As for my weekly update on Rome, I have to report with great sadness that episode 7 "Pharsalus" had nothing to offer in the nudity department. Plotwise the following takes place: Caesar defeats Pompey once and for all against all odds, Vorenus and Pullo survive a shipwreck and escape off a tiny island on a morbid raft. Furthermore Atia's daughter Octavia and Caesar's ex-mistress Servilia become more than just good friends...





 * Agents Secrets: Monica Bellucci

 * Lila Says: Vahina Giocante

 * Lila Says: Barbara Chossis

 * Stealing Candy: Jenya Lano

 * The Wisher: Melissa Repka

 * The Wisher: Andrea Runge (no nudity)







Remember Dayle Haddon staying maddeningly dressed in Dallas Forty? Here she is without her drawers in La Cugina.   
This is Caren Kaye in My Tutor, a favorite of many baby boomers. The unusual thing about this particular frame is that it is not in the movie, but is in the R-rated trailer. Given that the trailer has never appeared on DVD, this is quite good quality.  
Taimie Hannum strips down for Penn and Teller on Bullshit!  
Today's entry from the vault of obscurity is Nathalie Delon in 1972's Barbe-Bleue (Bluebeard)  


Pat's comments in yellow...


Viewers of Monday's NBC special, "The Red Piano," starring Elton John live in Las Vegas, got to see less than the creators intended.  Critics received an advance copy, and many raved about Elton's rendition of "The Bitch Is Back" in front of a giant-screen video of a scantily-clad Pamela Anderson doing a sexy pole dance.   But at the last minute, NBC censors decided it was inappropriate for early evening viewing and yanked it.

*  They yanked it to prevent viewers from yanking it.

*  Funny, Elton never even noticed it was there.



With so many celebrity marriages breaking up, attorneys told the AP that stars' pre-nuptial agreements now contain more than monetary arrangements.  Some recent celebrity pre-nups included such clauses as: No mother-in-law sleepovers ... Only one football game per Sunday ... The spouse can demand a drug test, with a monetary penalty for failing it ... A husband has to pay $100,000 each time he's rude to his wife's parents ... The wife gives up $100,000 of her separate property if her weight goes over 120 pounds ... And providing sex in certain positions is mandatory. 

*  It included the Kama Sutra as an addendum.

*  I'm betting that last one is from Donald Trump's pre-nup.

*  They should put all this stuff in the wedding vows...It would make them so much more personal.