Rasslin supplants opera this week for DB. DB caught the ring action at "Armageddon". Some yesterday. Here's the rest of the story. There is a runaway nipple in #3, and Miss Kitty's flash in #8

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One Fish, Two Fish
Tuna has day 2 of Kathleen Turner. You voted this picture one, "Body Heat", one of the sexiest ever. I suppose Turner should also place high when Lawdog polls the sexiest voice.

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Remember the mystery angel from the other day. Turns out her name is Nanna Gibson. Blinky has some more of her as well as some runway variety.
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    This movie is infamous. The DVD cut is a full-fledged porn movie with John Gielgud, Malcolm McDowell, Peter O'Toole, and Helen Mirren! Of course they aren't engaged in any hard core. Tinto Brass shot the movie as a kind of realistic r-rated portrayal of Roman decadence, and Bob Guccione later added hardcore footage. The script was originally written by Gore Vidal, but Vidal and Tinto Brass both asked to be excused from the credits later on, when they saw the finished product. Who could blame them? It's a disaster as a movie, and the image quality is about the poorest I've seen on DVD, but we have to see Helen Mirren naked, don't we? Even some pubes! I'll have some of the hardcore footage and other various caps in the members' area in the next few days.

    One Night Stand

    Now here's a movie that just went haywire because it couldn't focus. One-Night Stand has some decent elements. The basic plot, guy finds that his best friend is dying. His nearness to death and the words of his dying friend cause him to re-evaluate what is real and important in life. OK, that's not a bad premise, but listen to some of the other stuff. The lead (Wesley Snipes), in New York to visit his dying friend, is forced to alter his travel plans because of some unforeseen circumstances. He finds himself without a hotel room. He finds himself in a complete stranger's hotel room, and ... well, you know. It's a one-night stand.

    Fast forward a year. He comes back to New York, with his wife this time, because his friend is very close to death. His friend's brother is also there, and they agree to have dinner with the wives. Now take a guess who the brother's wife is? Have you figured it out? Of the 5 million women in New York City, ol' Snipes managed to sleep with the only one whose life intersects with that of his dying friend. There's a story ripped from the pages of real life, eh? If you believe that plot, you were probably on the OJ jury. Although it may actually be more likely that OJ is innocent, based on the odds. I'd have to look it up.

    The Nastassia Kinski role (the stranger who turns out to be the brother's wife) is underwritten. Kinski has quite a bit of screen time, but she can't have much more than 10 lines. She's the strong silent type. She's also a rocket scientist. I didn't make that up. She is a rocket scientist, literally.

    Oh, yeah. And Wesley Snipes spends a good deal of time talking to the camera, as if he were in the remake of Ferris Beuller's Day Off or something. 'Nuff said.

    Anyway, the movie does get a really excellent performance from Robert Downey Junior as the dying guy, and most of the scenes with him were good scenes, but just as depressing as all get-out.

    Nastassia Kinski

    Ming-Na Wen

    I'm Losing You.

    I don't know if this movie is good or not. I was pressed for time so I watched it at 8x speed. The DVD quality is not very good - almost as poor as "Caligula", but Elizabeth Perkins has a bonafide topless scene, so I capped it. It includes some actors who have not worked very regularly, like Andrew McCarthy and Salome Jens (anybody but me remember what a babe she once was?) Elizabeth Perkins

    Rosanna Arquette's character. Is it her flesh? Who knows?

    Members' bonuses

    Snowblind is a successful vidcapper and researcher. His new work debuts here. He also has his own site (listed on the imaging artists page) On top of all that, he is the lord and master of the request board at www.johnny-web.com. He fills a lot of the requests himself, and quite quickly as well.

    More rasslin. From Monday's RAW this time. No flesh, but fun. This is Miss Kitty vs Tori in The traditional Pudding Bowl match.

    What do I mean by "traditional"? Washington and Burgoyne actually settled a revolutionary war battle by letting their armies furlough while they went one-on-one in a bowl of hasty pudding. (Burgoyne in three falls).

    Scrooge and Marley used to wrestle on Christmas in Plum Pudding while the sentimental fools trimmed their trees.

    And, of course, Max Schmelling would have been world heavyweight champion if he had only been able to train in his native Germany for a pudding match, but the pudding kept congealing in the harsh German winter, leaving him unprepared for the softer American pudding. Bill Cosby once defeated several other comedians in a famous Battle Royal Pudding, but it was later revealed that he used pudding pops, and he was disqualified because the little sticks gave him an unfair advantage.

    This year, I believe Rice will play Northwestern in the Pudding Bowl on January First. The game isn't that good, but the traditional Parade of Pudding before the game is always a memorable if somewhat messy holiday tradition. They really need to move that parade from Miami to someplace cold where the pudding floats won't melt so fast. Northern Germany would be good.

    Yesterday: Rebekah. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4) + Ever wonder what Playboy and Page Three models do when not modeling for Playboy? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. His comments: "Two Playboy NSS models, Samantha Jessop and Diana Van Laar. Samantha has been around awhile ( a personal favorite ) so I don't have a record of her being on Page 3. If she wasn't, it's a serious oversight on someone's part. Affectionados of US Men's Magazines might recognize Sammi as Patsy. Both ladies are rumored to have done porn, Sammi in "Naughty Neighbors" and "Candy's Little Sister", and Dianna in "Sex Off the Runway". I haven't seen any of the videos though, so hold judgment until some vidcaps turn up. I suppose I should mention that Dianna Van Laar was also a Penthouse Pet, December 1990

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    GR Graphic Response took a brief break from imaging lately, but he seesm to be back in the groove.
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  • Joely Richardson in "Drowning by Numbers". A Peter Greenaway movie. If you are a regular, you know that Greenaway is sometimes my favorite and sometimes my least favorite filmmaker. At least he's always out there taking chances. This one I like a lot. Completely goofy movie, but wonderful if you like inventive personal filmmaking. Incredibly boring first five minutes, then odd, engaging, lots of nudity, splendid imagery. Joely alone gets her clothes off in several different scenes. If this one makes it to DVD, I'm buying it.
  • Joely fom the cover art. No nudity in this one.
  • This isn't from GR, but here's one more new one of Joely in this movie, from Hellvig, who did a helluva job. (The existing prints of this movie are not that good)

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  • Karina Lombard in "Wide Sargasso Sea". This one is also on my must-have list for DVD. (Rookie)
  • A re-edit of one of the large Page Three pics of "Jodie" (Pixel)
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