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Robin Weigert as Calamity Jane

Eliza Fraser


Eliza Fraser is a 1976 bawdy period farce set in the early years of Australia where the incompetent captain of the brigantine ship, Captain Fraser (Noel Ferrier) sails his ship to Moreton Bay prison where his 2nd in command Captain Rory McBride (English actor John Castle) disembarks wanting to captain his own ship. McBride is also carrying on an affair with Captain Fraser's wife Eliza (English actress Susannah York). At Moreton Bay prison, now under the command of the sadistic Captain Foster Fyans (the legendary Trevor Howard), always enlists a snitch and a bedboy at every prison he run and the job of bedboy goes to David Bracefell (John Waters), who decides to run off naked instead of sharing the bed with Fyans. He ends up the bed of Eliza, who at first mistakes him for McBride, but instead of turning him, she takes pity on him and helps him escape. The next day, the Frasers leave Moreton Bay and wouldn't you know it, get shipwrecked in the same spot the Captain did 4 years previous. A group of Aborigines take in the Frasers and for a while, they live like Aborigines until an Aboriginal elder decides to marry Eliza and she and the Captain escape, with the help of Bracefell who turns up in the nick of time. Eliza takes a shine to Bracefell and want to escape to New Zealand with him, away from her husband, but there one more thing they hadn't counted on. The return of McBride. From the people behind Alvin Purple and Petersen, Eliza Fraser is a fun romp, although not really a funny romp, that would have been one of the first movie to have an extensive look into the lives of Aborigines. Eliza Fraser was a real life person who was notorious for spinning tall tales and this is definitely one tall tale. And there's a requisite nude cameo from Abigail, an oft-used selling point for movies in the 70s.

Susannah York film clip (collages below)

Abigail film clip (sample below).

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The women of Sex Farm (1973)

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Susan Glanville

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Naomi Campbell in a September magazine pictorial, lookin' mighty good at 43.

Nicole Fox in the Redlands trailer