Best Nude Scenes of 2006:

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The story goes something like this.

The female lead rejected a rich suitor back in her village and ran away with her true love. To punish her for shaming them, her family cursed her with the dreaded Mayan Snake Curse which, as near as I can tell, means she will hatch snakes inside of her and they will devour her from within.  Except when they get out.  Her only hope is to find a shaman who lives where all Mayan shamans eventually go, Los Angeles. In fact, L.A. has an entire mini-city filled with them, kinda like a Mayan Shaman version of Chinatown. That's were Mel Gibson went to recruit the cast of Apocalypto. So the accursed one and her companion sneak across the border, and stowaway on a westbound passenger train. Reptilarity ensues.

It's hard to supply any more detail because in order to do so I would have to pretend that this held my attention for long enough periods to make an impression. It didn't. In the early 1970s this would have been a third feature at a drive-in. The concept had the potential to create a high camp romp, a sort of lower budgeted knock-off of its inspiration, Snakes on a Plane. But it isn't that. Not only is it altogether too serious, but long stretches of it are just plain boring ... just one-shots and two-shots of people sitting and talking on a train. One of the more interesting facets is that the film's main characters are illegal Mexicans in the United States who start out unable to understand English. They stow away with some gringos on the titular train for a few hours, and are soon speaking with a sophistication Norman Mailer would envy.

The filmmakers managed to come up with about ten snakes, probably from their gardens. In order to make the harmless little snakes seem scary, the sound guy added rattlesnake sounds for all of them. When the film finally does get moving, with about three minutes left in the film, the little snakes morph into one gigantic snake big enough to swallow the entire passenger train.  That would probably be dumb in a movie with a James Cameron budget, so you can't even imagine how silly it looks in this no-budgeter.

Special effects by Lionel. Check out the bright green bushes on the hill.

After the train-eating scene, the final scene seems to show the giant snake ascending into heaven or something - featuring the snake's body double, which looks like a regular ol' fishing worm. Suddenly darkness becomes daylight and all the surviving humans just shrug their shoulders and walk away from the tracks while the credits roll.

Entertainment at its best.

I guess you won't be surprised to hear that  it's rated 2.3 at IMDb, but that score actually gives an unfair picture.

Too high.

The top voters score it in the ones.

If the rest of the film had been as downright silly as the last three minutes, it might have been an entertainingly bad movie,  but those few minutes are all it has. The firm before that point, if marketed properly, could put Sominex out of business.


Amelia Jackson-Gray






* Here are all of LC's caps from Pledge This,  the latest film from National Lampoon's. His companion collages can be found in yesterday's edition.

Angela Dodson, Shamron Moore, Brooke Newton, Camille Langfield, and unknowns.  (Five .avis zipped together.)

* Fernanda Torres in House of Sand (Zipped .avi)





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Little Odessa (1994)

Little Odessa (1994) is a crime/drama about a dysfunctional Russian Jewish family in Little Odessa. Tim Roth is a cold blooded hit man estranged from his family, which includes his little brother, Edward Furlong, his abusive philandering father, Maximillian Schell, and his dying mother, Vanessa Redgrave. When he is ordered to perform a hit in Little Odessa, he protests for two reasons. First, he has enemies there, second, his father had disowned him. The ending of the film is fitting to the brooding mood.

The film features strong performances, but the pace was entirely too deliberate for my taste, and I didn't much care about any of the characters. The brightest spot in this dark, deliberate film is Moira Kelly, who decides for some reason to have a sexual relationship with the hit man. Moira shows breasts in a sex scene with Tim Roth that is more aggression on his part than love or even hot sex.

This is a C.

  • IMDb readers say 6.5.
  • Ebert was unimpressed at two stars. Berardinelli liked it at 3.5 stars.
  • It was buried by the studio, and only earned $1.1M against a $2.3M budget.

Moira Kelly












Today it's off to B-Movie Land as we check into "Vice Girls," a completely forgettable flick, but starring one of my favorite B-Movie chicks, the late Lana Clarkson, who will always be best remembered for her pair of "Barbarian Queen" epics.

Here we have caps and 3 zipped .wmv clips of Lana getting topless in a rest room lovemaking moment, which for me was the only highlight of this turkey.










Notes and collages

The Celebrity Showers continue


Rosanna Arquette in Nowhere to Run

....I didn't realize until now what a cute bum she had...



Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female


...whenever I see Ms. Leigh I think of a quirky Coen film named "The Hudsucker Proxy" in which she did an (obvious to me) over-the-top mimicry of Katherine Hepburn...




Drew Barrymore in Doppleganger


...a blood shower....lick...lick...lick...too salty....






It's Italian Week

From "Le Impiegate Stradali," a chauvinistic Italian farce about prostitutes fighting for their rights ...


Daniela Giordano nude




Femi Benussi sexy




Mariangela Giordano sexy




Unknowns nude



From "Tony Arzenta," an Italian revenge thriller starring Alain Delon. He's a professional killer, wants out, they kill his family, he destroys them.


Erika Blanc revealing but bloody



Carla Gravina wet see-thru



+ Unknown topless nude









"En La Cama" (2005)

After having gone some time without presenting a Spanish-language film, I am featuring "En La Cama" (2005).


Unas horas después de conocerse en un café, Bruno y Daniela alquilan una habitación en un hotel barato para tener un encuentro sexual y pasar la noche juntos. No saben nada del otro, ni siquiera sus respectivos nombres, y después de esa cita jamás se volverán a ver. Tras el sexo, estos dos extraños perciben que entre ambos se ha creado cierta química. Espontáneamente, los dos comienzan a hablar, abriendo las puertas de su pasado y su intimidad. En sus relatos se mezclan recuerdos y sueños, verdades y mentiras, deseos y miedos, honestidad y traición, amor y odio. Todo se confunde a lo largo de la noche. El ambiente entre los dos es cada vez más cercano y hacen el amor de nuevo, pero esta vez de una forma diferente, más sentimental y frágil, antes de que la luz del amanecer convierta esa experiencia en parte del pasado. (

Es una película en la se destaca el magistral trabajo de los actores Blanca Lewin y Gonzalo Valenzuela porque lo importante de la película son los dialogos en los que muetran la realidad de la sociedad. Ademas ha ganado el premio en 2005 de la Espiga de Oro, Valladolid, España por la mejor película.


SYNOPSIS: Just hours after meeting in a café, Bruno and Daniela rent a room in a cheap hotel to have a sexual encounter and to spend the night together. They know nothing of each other, not even their respective names, but after their assignation they will never be the same. After the initial sex, the two strangers perceive that they have a certain chemistry between them. Spontaneously, they begin to speak, opening the doors to their pasts and their most intimate secrets. Their stories mix memories and dreams, truths and lies, desires and fear, honesty and treachery, love and hatred. Everything is confused throughout the night. The atmosphere between them comes closer and closer to the true intimacy of love, not just sexual attraction, but more sentimental and fragile, until the harsh light of dawn turns their brief shared experience into just another part of the past.

It is a film which really highlights the skillful work of actors Blanca Lewin and Gonzalo Valenzuela because the entire film basically consists of the dialogue between them. This movie won the grand prize as the best film of the 2005 Espiga de Oro festival in Valladolid, Spain.



Blanca Lewin



"Mauvais Espirit" (2003)



Ophelie Winter













Hi Scoopy.  It has been a while since I have done any caps but I could not resist Nastassia Kinski in "Tess," from the clip in Tuesday's Fun House.  (Frypan)



Catherine Barlow in The Brink



Karen Elkin in Psychopath



Pamela Anderson, Oh, sure, the Lohans and the Hiltons come and go, and they may think they're in bad taste, but they still have plenty to learn about public exposure and crass taste from Pammy.



Salma Hayek. She always had large breasts, but they now seem to be growing faster than Pinocchio's nose. Unlike Pammy's, they are completely real. (As far as I know.)






Pat's comments in yellow...


After an exhaustive, three year investigation costing $5 million and involving 400 interviews, and the testing and rejection of every conspiracy theory, Britain's former Metropolitan Police Commissioner will release a 400-page report today finding that Princess Diana died because her drunken driver crashed her car at high speed and she wasn't wearing a seat belt.  Polls show 40 percent of the British public still refuses to believe that.

*  That percentage will go even higher after Oliver Stone releases his next movie.

The London Sun reports that in Stockton-on-Tees, England, there is a penis big enough to be seen from space.  Police suspect that two former pupils at Yarm School were the pranksters who climbed over the school fence on a weekend, slipped past guards, and painted a giant penis on the roof of one of the buildings.  They suspect the motive was to surprise people looking at satellite photos on Google.

*  I think if you have a penis big enough to be seen from space, you should have the decency to wear pants, like I do.

The London Daily Telegraph reports that organizers of a children's Christmas service at Chelmsford Cathedral decreed that for the first time, children will not carry candles set in oranges but instead will carry fluorescent glow sticks.  It came after some parents expressed worries that their children's hair might catch on fire.  One local politician said nanny staters are taking all the fun out of Christmas by banning everything, adding, "I would be kind of interested to hear when was the last time an orange and a candle set fire to a child's hair." Actually, there are no records of that ever happening, but the cathedral's records only go back to 1747.

*  And 1746 was the year of the Great Chelmsford Hair Fire...God, the smell lingered for years.

Due to a computer typo at the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde clinic in Scotland, smokers who were supposed to get the anti-smoking pill Zyban were mistakenly prescribed Viagra.  Doctors said it's not known how many people were affected, but there have been only two complaints.  One doctor said, "Thankfully, the side effects of taking Viagra in error are not too serious."

*  The two complaints came from men who keep having sex and then wanting a cigarette.

Us Weekly quoted an anonymous "pal" of Nicole Richie who explained away her DUI incident.  The source said Nicole is telling friends that she only occasionally takes Vicodin, and just for menstrual cramps.  She's also upset that the arrest report listed her weight as 85 pounds when she's proud to have bulked back up to a healthy 95 pounds.

*  The downside of that: she's started menstruating again.