"Keys to Tulsa"

Keys to Tulsa (1997) is a crime drama set in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eric Stoltz is newly back in town. He is a womanizer, and probably was nearly run out of town for something he did to a rich man's daughter. His mother is high society, and has slept with nearly every rich man in town at some point. He is nearly broke, and works as a movie critic at the Tulsa Journal, a job he got as a favor to his mother. He never makes deadlines, and there is no evidence he ever goes to a movie. He ends up in a blackmail scheme, as the guy who married his old flame discovered a hooker with pictures of an unsolved murder, committed by the son of the rich guy that Stoltz hates.

The hooker, Cherry (Joanna Going) wants revenge, as the murdered girl was her best friend. She and Stolz end up becoming an item. The other major player is a drunken rich friend of Stoltz. Going shows all three Bs. We see breasts in her strip act, everything in an initial sex scene with Stoltz, breasts popping out of a very low cut dress, a breast slip in another dress, and breasts and buns getting into bed with Stoltz. Two anonymous strippers also show breasts and buns.

IMDB rates this 5.1 of 10. Berardinelli rips it apart, mentioning that it was disjointed, had no likable characters, and a too convenient ending, but, for some reason, awards two stars. The film looks good, even in this 4/3 transfer, and the nudity from Going is very nice, but I liked nothing else about the film. I couldn't really follow the story, or understand the character's motivations, and the plot required figuring out a lot of history without enough evidence to do so. This is a C- at best.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Movies 'n stuff:

    Kind of a light contribution from me today. I'm migrating various things to a new computer. Finally retiring my Commodore 64. Time-consuming process.

    Aussie sent in some pictures of that foxy Hawaiian babe, C.C. Costigan, in The Regina Pierce Affair. We have never run caps from that movie before, to my knowledge. C.C. is on Aussie's high visibility list at this moment because her husband (Brian Heidik) is one of the participants in the new survivor series, and she got to make a televised weekend visit. She has done nudity in (at least) three other movies, including frontals in the immortal cinema classic Scandal: Passions Obsession. In addition to Aussie's new caps, I created a new volume for her in the Encyclopedia.

    TRIVIA: in her other three movies, she always played a character named Nicole. (Actually Nicole, Nikki, and Nichol). She also played Niko in an episode of "Get Real". There's no logic to "Nicole", at least not that I can see, but C.C. makes sense because her real name seems to be Charmaine Colburn. She has also worked as CC Heidik, CC Costigan (without the periods), Kate Colburn, and Katie Colburn.

    • C.C. Costigan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


    Celebrity Sleuth also weighs in on CC today, as well as other subjects. His words:

    "HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Sleuth! Thought you might want to follow up on this RupertRag story

    Charmaine, aka C.C. Heidik, is the married name of Skinemaxer C.C Costigan...who stars in the just-about to be released mti video {and dvd} "GIRLS FIGHT TONITE" {appropriate title, no?}. Your cappers  might want to see if she adds to her C.V. {Corpus Value} in this one. In any case, since we're all hungry for "product" :-), you might want to reprise some of her earlier nudes in the Fun House in light of this story. Wouldn't it be great if estranged hubby WINS "Survivor Thailand"...then we'd REALLY have a, uh, er, Scoop!

    Speaking of "NudesWorthy" ladies {another issue with that theme is coming up early next year}, your members and contributors might want to see what they can find on Karla Knafel--who's suing Michael Jordan for reneging on his promise to pay her $5 million to keep quiet about their affair {she was in 1991's "Bikini Island"--though not nude, I suspect--so she must not have been "immune" to things salacious}. Also, Hong Kong actress Carina Lau {though unnamed} has been at the center of a scandal in which a magazine ran a photo of her "topless, taken against her will". Even Jackie Chan has come to her defense {and HE packs a wallop!}. The story was on the network on November 4, 2002. Does anyone have the incriminating photos...or other nudes of her? Fortunately, I already have a trip planned to Hong Kong in the Spring ... for research purposes, of course."



    • New volumes today: CC Costigan.

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    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    Today's junk includes caps from two previously posted movies, "Hollywood Knights" and "Vampirella".

    From "Hollywood Knights" we have three babes:

    Dawn Clark, California blonde with a kick-ass bod. Six collages, the first five by the side of the pool, the sixth changing tops under a tree. Real nice upper frame in 1-4 and in 6, a very brief peak at our President (bush. get it?) in 5.

    Her reaction in these collages arises from the fact she is being spied upon and photographed by one of the Hollywood Knights. Such is Hollywood's take on voyeurism: if you spy on a nekkid girl but make no attempt to stay hidden, you're just a fun-loving guy (e.g. this movie). If, however, you spy and stay hidden, you are a creep (Body Double or, even better, Psycho). Pretty certain the law does not perceive that distinction.

    • Dawn Clark (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Also sunning herself by the pool and being spied upon, all in fun, is Kim Hopkins. Haven't a clue what she is trying to catch with that tongue.

    And in profile only is the loveliest creature on the planet, Michelle Pfeiffer. I wish that just once she'd given up some serious goodies. We're not talking Girls Gone Wild or Hustler's Home Videos. Something refined, as Rene Russo did in The Thomas Crown Affair. Something like that. Was that too much to ask?

    And from "Vampirella" we have B movie veteran Peggy Trentini. Big-uns on display. Oh, and yes, Peggy does play a vampire in this movie.

    The central conceit of Vampirella is that all vampires are descendants of criminal aliens, who landed here in the Middle Ages from the planet Draculina. Roger Daltry plays the main heavy, Vlad. But I don't get something: the original crew included two guys and one woman... and from there arose a few hundred vampires by the 21st century, which is okay because a lot of time had passed from their original touch-down... but there is no family resemblance and, considering the level of inbreeding, a curious lack of intellectual and physical deformities such as one witnesses, for example, in England's royal family, or in certain members of Congress from the state of Mississippi.

    • Peggy Trentini (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "To All a Good Night" (1980) is a Christmas slasher taking place at a private boarding school for girls. Not much nudity as expected and first-timer Jennifer Runyon somehow manages to keep her clothes on.

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Today a helping of leftovers. First we have Rene Bond showing all 3 B's in "Country Cuzzins".

    Next up, Dawn Clark showing some boob in "Hollywood Knights". Michelle Pfeiffer was also in "Hollywood Knights" shows nothing more than a very pretty face.

    Finally Jenny McCarthy shows some nice leg in "Python".

    • Jenny McCarthy (1, 2)

    'Caps and movie review by CKRoach:

    Every once in a while everything comes together right and a great film is made. Ken Russell makes a great one in "Altered States. " This movie combines a great script, great cast, good acting, and some great visuals to make a winner.

    This movie tells the story of a scientist (Eddie Jessup) played by William Hurt. He begins to experiment in sensory deprivation and drugs in an attempt to use regression uncover our evolutionary past. The story takes place at a medical school where Hurt and his wife Emily (played by Blair brown) dabble in mind alteration through hallucinogenic drugs. The movie works well if you allow yourself to accept for a while the stories premise that primitive tribes ingesting mushroom alkaloids, experience a recapitulation of mankind's evolutionary past.

    The story covers Jessup's quest over the years. As his experiments progress, He begins to experience himself regressing in a "Jekyll and Hyde" fashion to more and more primitive states. At one point a radiograph of his arm reveals the bones of a gorilla. Jessup even has a primitive meal in the local zoo. The experiments eventually get out of control leading to a very exciting climax (which I won't spoil now) at the end.

    The DVD version while lacking some special features, is well done. The video transfer is very good, and the chapters for scene selection are well thought out.

    Blair Brown delivers a good performance as Jessup's attractive and intelligent wife. She plays her role in a very believable manner. She show's some skin in a love scene with Hurt, as a figure in one of his drug trips, and hugging him at the end.

    This movie received an IMDb rating of 6.5/10.

    Elisha Cuthbert
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    The gorgeous, young co-star of the FOX series "24". A varity of sexy (and barely dressed) scans from one of those FHM/Maxim mags. My favorites are links 4 and 5.

    Nastassja Kinski
    (1, 2, 3)

    Full frontal nudity in vidcaps from the 1982 movie "Cat People" by Finn.

    Emily Mortimer Vidcaps by Dann featuring Mortimer in a triple B performance in scenes from "Lovely & Amazing" (2001).

    Brenda Schad
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Very nice scans of the model/actress. Links 1 and 2 feature her topless, links 3-4 have her wearing a skimpy outfit and a bikini.

    Hanna Helen
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    Wonderful nude poses! What a great body on this girl! My favorite in #8.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Moby, Duck! - Wednesday night outside a Boston club, techno star Moby was jumped by three men believed to be fans of his rival Eminem, who maced him and punched him from behind, leaving him needing stitches. A pacifist, Moby wrote on his website that if his assailants read this, "I'd be really curious to know why you attacked me." He suggested they sign on anonymously "and describe the attack from your perspective. I'm honestly very curious."

  • And he still wonders why people want to punch him?
  • Because if they did it to Eminem, they'd be dead?
  • I'd guess it's because they're music lovers, but then, they're Eminem fans.
  • They wouldn't have hit him and run away if they'd known he was a pacifist...They would've just stayed there and kept hitting him.

    Now, I Really Pity The Fool - MGM has signed Sylvester Stallone to write a "Rocky 6." Details are sketchy, but they reportedly want him to return to the small, independent feel of the first "Rocky" and keep the budget really low, under $15 million.

  • In this one, Rocky will fight Paula Jones.
  • Rocky now eats eggs raw because he can't pay his gas bill.
  • In this one, Rocky gets into shape by mall-walking.
  • That's not enough money to hire Stallone to star, so Rocky will be played by Howie Mandel.