Incredible collection of film clips today:

  • We get out first HD look at Milla in Stone
  • We get our first comprehensive look of any kind at Mena Suvari and Caterina Murino in Hemingway's Garden of Eden
  • Defoe has the latest nude scenes from Nicolas Le Floch (and more)
  • Johnny Moronic has The Man from Hong Kong
  • We have Violante Placido's scenes from The American in 1080p
  • And more!



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




season 1 (2004)


episode 4

Paget Brewster film clip (samples below)



The Man From Hong Kong


Johnny's comments:

"You, you've blown it all sky high
By telling me a lie
Without a reason why
You've blown it all sky high"

Ah, The Man From Hong Kong, I can't believe I haven't seen it 'til now. Released in 1975 and directed by the great Brian Trenchard-Smith (his first feature film), it's about a Hong Kong policeman, Inspector Fang (Jimmy Wang Yu of so many kung fu classics) who comes to Australian to pick up a prisoner (played by the great Sammo Hung), but when the crim is assassinated, Fang launches a one-man campaign to bring down who was responsible. And it ends with Jack Wilton (George Lazenby), a notorious drug baron/entrepreneur and martial arts expert. With the help of two local cops, when they can catch up, Fang's gonna take down Wilton.

Possibly the most awesome Australian film ever, an old-school actioner that's a bit cheesy, but with such great action sequences that you'd wish you saw in modern films instead of the fast editing, camera shaking, can't see a thing style that pervades today. I wish more Australian films were this fun, it's not like you need a massive budget to do so either.

Rebecca Gilling film clip  Collages below.



 Film Clips

Mena Suvari in Garden of Eden (sample below)

Catarina Murino in Garden of Eden (sample below)

Milla Jovovich in Stone (samples below)

Katherine Barrese in Jezebel's Kiss (1990; sample below)

Violante Placido's great nudity in The American - now in 1080p HD!

The naked stars of I Served the King of England:

Helena Mattson and Marlene Favela in Species 4 in HD