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"Under the Sand"

Under the Sand (2001) was covered in depth by Scoopy a few days ago. The short version of my review is "me too." I also think it is very well done, I enjoyed it, but don't think most movie goers will be interested. For this film to work, it was vital that the audience immediately like Charlotte Rampling's character, and care about her. The film was scripted such that it had a maximum amount of ambiguity start to finish, asking the audience to figure it out and make decisions about what is really happening. Rampling was perfect in the role, but was more than likely cast because she was one of the few women her age who would agree to wearing a bathing suit on the beach, and doing the nude love scenes. Of course, she has a body that many much younger women would be happy with.

The film ends with a final ambiguity. She has seen proof that her husband died of accidental drowning in a rip current, but she rejects the evidence. In the final scene, she is staring at the ocean, at the exact spot her husband disappeared. She sees a man way down the beach and runs toward him. Scoop figured that she commits suicide after the film ends. It is a valid possibility, but I think she made the decision to keep her husband with her by not accepting his death, and live the rest of her life with his memory for company. At any rate, if you can get passed the US obsession with youth being synonymous with beauty, Charlotte looked very good, and managed sexy in the loves scenes, especially in the one where she was on top, and somewhat in charge. This is a three star or better film, but the correct grade is C+, as it will only appeal to a few viewers.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    a couple of new DVD's

    Following. Made for a budget of $6,000, this film makes the low budget El Mariachi look like a Cecil B DeMille extravaganza. Know what? it's not only good for a no-budget movie, it is good for any movie. The script is clever, and told in such a way that the viewer is kept in suspense. The acting isn't bad. The editing is brilliant - there's no better word for it. With correct editing and scoring, this guy made a helluva suspenseful movie. When this movie came out, everyone said the director would become a major talent. For once, they were right. His next (and only other) movie was Memento.

    • No nudity.

    That brilliant young fella inspires today's IMDb list. Who are the young lions? In order to make this list, directors had to meet these criteria:

    1. Starmeter under 1100. The Starmeter is a measurement of how often people look them up on IMDb. The lower the better. If your number is 1, it means your IMDB page gets the most hits of anyone's.

    2. Age under 34

    3. Their movies must have received an average score of 7 or better out of 10

    Nolan is young and promising, but has only one success to speak of. Amenabar, Anderson, and Shyamalan are as young or younger, and all have more than one successful picture. Amenabar is not only the youngest of the group, but is a composer as well! Among directors who specialize in comedy, it's still just Kevin and Trey, and they are really better defined not as directors, but as great comedy writers who direct their own movies.

    It should be interesting to take a look at this list again in a couple of years to see which of them are on the top of the world and which have become wayfarers.

    NAME age star-meter avg IMDb score known for 
    Alejandro Amenábar 28 494 7.4 Open Your Eyes, The Others
    Sofia Coppola 30 659 7.0 The Virgin Suicides
    Paul Thomas Anderson 31 445 7.4 Boogie Nights, Magnolia
    Kevin Smith 31 101 7.1 Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob
    Christopher Nolan 31 765 8.1 Memento
    M. Night Shyamalan 31 794 7.1 The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable
    Trey Parker 32 1068 7.0 South Park
    Darren Aronofsky 32 451 7.8 Requiem for a Dream
    Guy Ritchie 33 396 7.8 Lock, Stock ....


    Casualties of War is a movie I stumbled on. I noticed it in the DVD releases last week, and I realized that, although it was directed by Brian De Palma in the 80's, I don't remember one damned thing about it. It is a powerful Vietnam movie, although not a very subtle one, and I guess it was just too damned depressing to break through at the box office.

    No nudity.


    and a couple of bootlegs: 


    Love Bites is about the seventh movie with that title in the last decade. This time, it's Eurotrash vampires with no powers. They subdue their victims by slipping them a Mickey, and they kill them with knives. Too silly.

    • Asia Argento (1, 2, 3, 4)


    I enjoyed Ocean's Eleven, but the critical praise has been fawning and excessive. It's not really a good plot-driven heist movie because the scam has some monstrous gaping holes in it. It's not really a good character-driven comedic caper, because there are too damned many characters to develop any of them except Clooney's. But it is, like the original version, a bunch of cool movie stars hanging around together and letting us hang with them for a while. In the hands of a talent like Soderbergh, that's not a bad way to pass some time. 

    • No Nudity.

    The movies that Nicnac comes up with are amazing. It's hard to believe anyone ever spent money to have these things distributed, let alone filmed. I just want to know who gives the green light for movies like this. Why? well I have this script.... Seriously, I can't do any worse.

    First up from the movie "Hellgate". A lame "horror" movie from 1989 that you might find under 2 inches of dust at some Mom and Pop Video store in Broken Twig, Montana.

  • Abigail Wolcott shows off a really bad boob job. (1, 2)
  • Joanne Warde on the other hand could benefit greatly from a really bad boob job.

    "Thief of Hearts" (1984) was written by and marked the directorial debut of Douglas Day Stewart. Sure, he was the talk of the town after writing "An Officer and a Gentleman", but someone in Hollywood forgot that this is the same writer who brought us "The Blue Lagoon" and "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble".

    Both ladies are topless in these 'caps.

  • Barbara Williams (1, 2)
  • Romy Walthall

    Other assorted rarities....

  • Carol Bagdasarian, topless in the Chuck Norris flick, "The Octagon".

  • LoriDawn Messuri, topless in the straight-to-vid movie "Python".

  • Sara Mornell, side breast exposure in "Python".

  • Greta Blackburn, topless in bed in a scene from "Party Line" (1988).

  • Karen Mayo-Chandler, topless, and also seen dead in "Party Line".

  • Sharon Taggart, topless in a movie that you've probably heard of..."The Last Picture Show" (1971).

  • C2000
    'Caps and review by C2000:

    "The Tempest" (1998)

    Shakespeare's Tempest is transplanted to the American South before and during the Civil War with Prospero becoming Gideon Prosper (Peter Fonda), a Southern plantation owner, demonstrating an increasing interest in magic. Prosper is betrayed by his brother Anthony and forced to create his home in the Mississippi bayou with daughter Miranda and slave Ariel. Twelve years on, the American Civil War is raging, Miranda has grown into a beautiful young woman (Katherine Heigl no less) and Prosper is increasing his magical know-how. Prosper's hopes of avoiding the Civil War are dashed when Miranda rescues and falls in love with a Union soldier. Anthony having discovered that Prosper is still alive enlists the assistance of Gator Man, who is besotted with Miranda, to finish him off. Prosper faces a test of faith as he attempts to use his magical powers to protect his family, reclaim his land and bring peace.

    The story diverts significantly from the Shakespearean original but this adaptation is more accessible and artistic license rather than monotonous adherence to the original works well here. The acting is good with Fonda receiving a Golden Globe nomination. The scenery is spectacular and costumes realistic but the special effects, with the exception of Katherine Heigl's breasts, are amateurish and dilute the impact of the magic.

    This scores a C. Watchable and reasonably interesting. A must see if you like someone in the cast or admire Katherine Heigl's beauty. A must avoid for all Shakespearean purists.

    No nudity, but Katherine Heigl shows the back and side of her spectacular breasts during a late night swim as well as bountiful cleavage in several scenes.

  • Katherine Heigl (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

  • Variety
    Anna Falchi
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Cara Michelle

    Kylie Bax
    (1, 2)

    Laetitia Casta

    Carmen Kass

    Elizabeth Hurley

    Excellent scans from the French Photo. Anna, Cara, and Kylie are all topless.

    Natasha Richardson A great collage by Dann of Natasha's toplessness in "The Handmaid's Tale". Click here to read Scoop and Tuna's reviews.

    Lysette Anthony What is the absolute best thing about the ultra lame "Dracula Dead and Loving It"...Lysette's mega-cleavage! Great vidcaps by Watty.

    Amber Smith
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    A rare, non-bondage submission from the Hankster....Here is Amber looking great topless and stripping down to her panties in scenes from "Tell Me No Lies" aka "The Midnight Hour" (2000).

    Celeb News
  • Pearl Harbor DVD sales at astronomical levels? Oh the humanity! Click here for the whole story.

  • The Horror! The HORRRRROR!!!

    Supermodel Crawford Gets Second Chance at Acting
    By Bob Tourtellotte

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Take 2, Cindy Crawford.

    The supermodel, super-celebrity whose 1995 action flick "Fair Game" super flopped at U.S. box offices, has returned to movies in romance "The Simian Line" which opens nationwide the week of Dec. 17.

    For Crawford, it marks a return to an entertainment medium she has failed to conquer after super success as a model, TV show host, and video producer. And she's no longer taking a fast-track to movie stardom in a big-budget, highly-promoted Hollywood film like "Fair Game." She's chosen a low-budget independent film where she can earn some acting stripes.

    "It wasn't necessarily that I was looking to get back into acting," the supermodel told Reuters in a recent interview. "It's just seemed like the right movie and the right time.

    Indeed, Crawford was in excellent company in "Simian Line" acting with Academy Award winner William Hurt, Lynn Redgrave, Eric Stoltz, Harry Connick, Jr., and Tyne Daly, among others.

    More important to her, she was working with Award-winning director Linda Yellen, a veteran of the indie movie scene who is known for her hands-on approach to filmmaking.

    "It was like acting camp for two weeks," said Crawford.

    The movie tells the story of three vastly different New Jersey couples, close neighbors, who come together one night for a dinner party to which a psychic has been invited.

    The psychic (Daly) tells them one couple will break up by New Year's Eve. But before she says who, she is spooked by two ghosts who haunt the house where the party is.

    The couples -- a May-December relationship (Redgrave and Connick, Jr.), a pair of new parents (Crawford and Jamey Sheridan) and two 20-something rock music wannabes (Monica Keena and Dylan Bruno) -- are understandably freaked out.

    Over the next months, each couple goes through a series of life-changing events that define their relationships. By New Year's Eve, audiences learn whether love can conquer all or whether the psychic's prediction holds true.

    At a time when holiday moviegoing seems overwhelmed by big-budget movies with big-name stars, like "Ocean's 11" or "Vanilla Sky" or "Lord of the Rings" films like "Simian Line" give audiences a chance to see some strong acting in a film with diverse characters.


    Crawford, who calls herself "a romantic at heart," said she liked working in an ensemble, instead of being the top name on the movie marquee as in "Fair Game."

    Yellen said Crawford seemed like a natural fit for the part of a beautiful woman (Sandra) who is insecure in her career and relationship. She wanted someone who was pretty yet vulnerable, and someone who was likable. She found all three in Crawford.

    "She's a hard working gal," said Yellen. "Although she hadn't much acting experience, I have had a lot of directing experience."

    Indeed, Crawford said that Yellen's desire to work with actors made her feel comfortable on the film. Adequate direction is something she said she lacked on "Fair Game."

    "The only negative of that movie was, unfortunately, we had a first time director (Andrew Sipes), who really was not available ... and I felt like I really needed direction."

    That 1995 movie starred Crawford as a family-law attorney who becomes the target of a Russian KGB assault team, and she has to be defended by a Miami cop (Billy Baldwin).

    When "Fair Game" debuted, showbiz paper Variety said it was "the sort of action yarn that hopes nonstop mayhem will help cloud just how nonsensical it is." However, the reviewer did note the movie was "on-the-job training" for most everyone.

    Still, the criticism in general was so bad that many a supermodel would have never wanted to appear in another movie. Yet, Crawford is upfront about discussing it.

    "It's not the best movie, nor it is the worst, and I'm not ashamed of it," she said. "It was an action movie. I felt a little unfairly held up to high expectations."

    Good point. And many top-flight actors have their share of flops. Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty had "Ishtar," Meryl Streep had "She-Devil," Bruce Willis and "Hudson Hawk."

    Like those actors, Crawford has returned and not because she wants to be a big-time movie star and or needs the money.

    Crawford says she saw a chance to work with a great group of colleagues. She took it, and she may be back for more.

    "I wouldn't say I'm actively pursuing acting, but it's not something I'd say 'no' to. But with this one, it instantly was like, 'why not?"'

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