One Fish, Two Fish
Tuna's commentary: "This is day four of the two-day Tuna Sybil Danning festival. A cameo in Amazon Women on the Moon, and Malibu Express. Mostly teases today. You can see the most in Malibu #1.

Amazon Women (#1, #2) Malibu Express (#1, #2, #3, #4)

  • Tasha Tillberg (#1, #2)
  • Tatjana Dragovic (#1, #2)
  • Teresa Lourenco (#1, #2)
  • Sibyl Buck

  • Aesthete does something highly aesthetic. "Shakespeare in Love". We included this one in the best drama poll, in which it did fair (top 20), but it must be a legit contender for best comedy of the 90's.

    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    Yesterday: Maria (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

    The Sun also runs a "Page Three Gold", a babe of yesteryear. This is "Jilly Johnson" from October 3, 1980

  • Joan Severance in "Almost Pregnant". HOT!
  • Lynn Lowry in "Shivers"
  • Tanya Roberts in "Almost Pregnant".

    There is a lot more nudity in "Almost Pregnant", although some of it was it was done by a body double. In this case, the body double herself is semi-famous (Lisa Comshaw). You can find many more caps on Scanman's site.

  • Blackshine
    Blackshine may have set his all-time single day record. The first seven are from the German Vogue. The ones with asterisks have some see-through or exposed flesh. There's really no flesh in the Iglisky picture, but I liked it a lot. The pictures of Cammy are vidcaps from "Head Above Water", and you can see some most excellent pokitude in #4.
  • Audrey Marnay *
  • Rachel Roberts *
  • Courtney Herron
  • Shirley Mallman *
  • Kim Iglisky
  • Mia Hessner
  • Esther de Jong *
  • Cameron Diaz (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7)

  • Members' bonuses. Miscellaneous

    "Earth Girls are Easy" doesn't require a lot of exposition. It's kind a of a sloppy comedy (with some musical numbers) which has some cute moments, but mostly wasted some great talents like Wayans, Carrey, Goldblum, etc. Aliens come down to our planet, and learn our customs, and fall in love with Geena Davis. You won't mind renting it because it's harmless fluff, and Geena showed off a very buff body in some skimpy bikinis and in an arty nude scene. NOTE: in the first collage below, Geena's nipple is actually clearly visible, and I've never seen this frame captured before, probably because the director dissolved to the next scene just as the nipple came into view, the bastard. Her pubes and nipples are clearly visible through the bikini in the second one. Sorry, the last one isn't really her nipples. It's a prosthetic.

    One more frame from "Earth Girls are Easy". Dream sequence, probably prosthetics again.

    Here's my favorite paparazzi image of Geena, just to round it off.



    Speaking of earth women sleeping with aliens, here's Karen Allen in Starman, a mildly entertaining romantic drama about an alien race that receives our welcome message sent with voyager, and takes it literally. We don't prove very hospitable. The movie has kind of a bad case of the dumbass. We are a brutal species, and our planet is very young and therefore primitive by celestial standards, but as dumb as we are, we can figure out that if we encounter a guy whose science is evolved a hundred thousand years beyond ours, we can learn more from talking to him (thereby making use of his advanced science) than we can from dissecting him (thereby limiting ourselves to our primitive science). OK, the movie is dumb, but Jeff Bridges is quite entertaining as an alien trapped inside a human body, trying to learn how to use it, and how to experience our lives through it. There are some insights into how a truly civilized race would view our spot on the evolutionary scale, but nothing profound or really thoughtful. There really isn't any nudity here, but I love the lighting in the first scene. I'm not sure, but I guess the source of the purple light must actually be resting on the couch, which is why the back of the couch is not affected. The second scene, inexplicit as it is, can be seen only on the widescreen version. The standard version shows their heads only!



    Tuesday Weld in "Thief", without a bra. The scene looks sexier with movement. This is a Michael Mann movie, pre Miami Vice. Michael Mann (Insider) is a genius, in my opinion, but 20 years ago he had much still to learn about pacing. I found it dreadfully slow in spots.

    Members' bonuses

    Mr Skin

    Here are a few your visitors might like to see. The first is a sexy actress from the 60's and 70's named Mariana Hill who is probably best known for playing Fredo's wife, Deanna Corleone, in The Godfather Part deuce. Remember the scene where Fredo couldn't control her at the wedding?. She was nude in a couple of movies pre-Godfather. The first was a movie set during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968. The Movie is called "Medium Cool" (1,2,3)from 1969. The other movie is a Western from 1971 "Called "El Condor". It starred Jim Brown and Lee Van Cleef.

    The next actress' career has since fizzled out, but she had some great nude scenes in the Spike Lee film "She's Gotta Have It" from 1987. Her name is Tracy Camilla Johns. (1,2,3,4,5)Enjoy!

    Members' bonuses. "Sugar Cookies"

    I won't give you a summary of "Sugar Cookies". RDO and I combined to summarize this movie and give you about 40 captures a couple weeks back. If you want to read the summary, search the recent back issues, key words: Sugar Cookies RDO. Today's bonus is something a little diferent. GR's collage from the movie, GR's scans of the cover art, and a zip file containing every single capture he made: about 100 frames. Everything: faces, nudes, whatever. The zip file is a four meg download. Let me know if you want these things in the future, because if there is no interest, I'll just drop them. In the future, I'll include some of his sound AVI's , but this one was 6.9 meg, so it just wasn't practical.
  • GR's collage
  • GR's cover art
  • GR's zip file of 92 frames
  • a
    Members' bonuses

  • Five of Anna Ammirati in "Frivolous Lola", from Cher
  • Ammirati in "Frivolous Lola"
  • Ammirati in "Frivolous Lola"
  • Ammirati in "Frivolous Lola"
  • Ammirati in "Frivolous Lola"
  • Saffron Burrows in "Deep Blue Sea", from Akira
  • Christiane Hageman in "Die Rote Meile", from Roland X
  • Christiane Hageman in "Die Rote Meile", from FR
  • Geraldine Pailhas in "La niege et le feu". From ErikDaRed
  • Cecile Simeone in "Marciel monte a Paris", from RVF
  • Veronica Ferress in "Die Braut", from Celeblover
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