There is just about nothing new anywhere today, but I'm pretty sure it is just a lull before the storm. Today marks the release of Marco Polo on Netflix, so I'm pretty sure that project will dominate the conversation in the next week or so.

In the meantime, enjoy Aesthete's 1080p presentation of Embrace of the Vampire. This marks the first official appearance of this movie, or any other source of Alyssa Milano nudity, on our page, even though the film came out just before this page started. (The movie was first released in May of 1995. The Fun House first appeared in November of that same year.)

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Embrace of the Vampire



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Jolanta Fraszynska in A Time for Witches (1993) in 720p
(Yeah, I know. I never heard of it either.)

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Nicole Trunfio - nekkid and pregnant