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season 1 (2004)


episode 2

Nichole Mercedes Robinson film clip (samples below)







Johnny's comments:

I haven't gone back far enough yet in the Australian Classics, so today, let's go as far back as 1971.

Stork is a comedy about well, "Stork" (Bruce Spence, and you should be able to work out why he's nicknamed Stork), is an engineer who gets sacked from his job when he decides he's had enough and starts causing 'trouble' at work. Homeless and jobless, he moves in with his mate Westy, who lives with two other blokes who are both going out with the woman living in the house, Anna (Jacki Weaver, quite the minx back in the day). Stork goes about living life how he wants to, but as a awkward, politically incorrect, liberal hypochondriac social outcast, he has an amazing ability to either stuff up or piss people off. We watch as he tries to bag a job and a girl.

Man, 1971 was a completely different time and this film feels like ancient history. Even the ribald sex comedies of today would blush at this film, not because of the amount of sex in it, but how politically incorrect it is. I've never seen anything as blatant as this, it was a real eye opener. And this is most obvious as Stork only ever calls Anna 'mole' (it's not hard to work out why) and - man, does everyone stare at Anna (it's not hard to work out why).

Stork is actually a pretty fun film. Sure it's dated, but some of the jokes are still pretty funny, even disgustingly funny, and there's nothing wrong with that.


 Jan Friedl film clip; collage below

Jacki Weaver film clip  




Finishing off Lexx, the Canadian and German sci-fi co-production. By now it was well and truly down the slippery slope - this is the season that should not have been made. It's back to the soft core next time.

Series 4 Episode 11 - A Midsummer's Nightmare

Cindy Sampson - nice

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 12 - Bad Carrot

Patricia Zentilli - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 13 - 769

Patricia Zentilli - upskirt

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 14 - Prime Ridge

Britt Ekland - upskirt, but showing her age

Laura Patch - bare bum

Marem Hassler - a bit of leg

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 16 - Moss

Patricia Zentilli - sexy

Series 4 Episode 17 - Dutch Treat

Patricia Zentilli - sexy

Series 4 Episode 19 - Haley's Comet

Polly Green - in her underwear

Series 4 Episode 20 - ApocaLexx Now

Louise Wischermann - sexy

Patricia Zentilli - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 21 - Viva Lexx Vegas

Andrulla Blanchette - sexy

Heidi Von Palleske - sexy

Kelsa Kinsly - sexy

Tricia Taylor - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 4 Episode 22 - Trip

Xenia Seeberg - sexy in another shower

Series 4 Episode 23 - Lyekka vs. Japan

Louise Wischermann - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy



Puck Hogs


Canadian hoser comedy released to DVD last week.

Janelle Bartosek: topless as obligatory stripper.

Theresa Joy: bra and panties as stripper.

Ashleigh Hubbard: brassiere having sex in car.

Burning Mussolini


For some reason this Canadian title is only available on DVD in France.

Chelah Horsdal: brassiere getting pussy eaten out.

Shaday Lavallee: underwear but mostly snorting cocaine.

Karine Fallu: boob and buns as stripper.

Lauren Spring: nude as Hooker #1 in background.

Celine Kaylaa Veil: nude as Hooker #2 in background.

various: a couple of porn actresses in porn tape plus a hooker doing it to the Jabba the Hutt.

Filiere 13


Quebec drama released to DVD recently.

Anik Jean: Quebec pop singer is very sexy.

Marie Turgeon: sort of nude having sex in double exposure shot.



Light Quebec comedy. You can tell this takes place in Quebec by the Pepsi sign.

Marie-Eve Milot: very sexy.

Taken In Broad Daylight


Sara Canning: cleavage getting raped.

"Lost Girl"

episode: Faetal Justice (s1e11). Episode about goth chicks.

Holly Deveaux: brassiere.

episode: "(Dis)Members Only" (s1e12)

Episode about swingers. Theme episodes like this seem to be the in thing now, like bachelor parties a decade ago.

Amy Lalonde: nice bikini.

Zsuzsanna Cseh: topless.

Sima Fisher (blonde), Talia Russo (redhead) and Yulia Lukin (brunette): topless from behind and a bit of side boob.

Inga Cadranel: leg and upskirt raping man. She's a monster!


episode: Apotheosis (2010 TV episode) (s1e17)

This is the season finale but unfortunately has not
been renewed for season 2 so no more sassy robots.

Alessandra Torresani: nude coming out of some sort of chemical vat.

"Warehouse 13"

pilot episode

Rule #1 in television, show as much skin as possible in the first episode.

Kristina Pesic: nude in bed.



Very hard to find straight-to-video.

Dina Meyer: Saw babe; brassiere having sex.

Anna Silk: very nice bra and panties by Lost Girl star.

Karine Fallu: partial boob having sex in opening scene.

Rachelle Lefevre: sexy but dead.

"The John"

(2010; short)

Short available on YouTube.

Lindsay Leighton: bra and panties doing striptease.




Vicki Blows - a couple from her 2011 calendar

Jessica Alba getting whipped in The Killer Inside Me in 1080p


 Film clips

Laura Belli in Polizia Ringarzia (samples below)

Natalie Robb in Kitchen (sample below)

Edith Nordegg in Hoehenangst (sample below)

Sigrid Hauser in Hoehenangst (sample below)

Jan Sisk In Northville Cemetery Massacre (samples below)


Jenny Agutter in Walkabout in HD (sample below, not like you need one)

Tracy Lords in Not of This Earth

Raquel Jordan in Pride and Glory in HD

Rosario Dawson in Alexander in 1080p

The women of Bathory in HD: Sandra Pogodova, Michaela Drotarova, Hanna Vagnerova, and the star, Anna Friel