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It’s been a few years, but here’s another amateur submission. These frames came from a video called "Stuck" with Amanda Tapping that was previously posted in the Fun House, and it turns out there was a bit of nudity after all…enjoy!

Also, a question for the many alert cappers out there – has anyone grabbed the images from a 1995 Rockford TV-movie called "A Blessing in Disguise" with Renee O’Connor? This was pre-Xena and, if I remember correctly, she appears in a thin t-shirt during the epilogue of the movie that was recently released on DVD. Good hunting!







This is not from the episode that aired this week, but last week's.

This show, now cancelled, continues to air utterly surreal episodes, and that tone extends to the nudity as well:

An obese women (REALLY obese. You have been warned), played by Danica Sheridan, shows her butt.

A beautiful woman - Jessica Collins, a Laura Linney look-alike, shows her breasts, but they have been digitally altered to make it seem that her nipples have been removed. (In the plot she is a doll collector who wants to look like Barbie. Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous.)



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It's Hammer time!

Hammer Horror time, that is. All of today's and tomorrow's contributions are from the Hammer Film Productions company from the 1960s and 1970s - the prime era for Hammer movies.

Demons of the Mind

Some nice nudity in Demons of the Mind (1972).

Virginia Wetherell shows the lot.

Gillian Hills and an unknown show some nipple

and Deidre Costello shows some cleavage.

Dracula: Prince of Darkness

There is no nudity in Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966), just a bit of cleavage

by Barbara Shelley

and Suzan Farmer.


Prehistoric Women

Again, no visible nudity in Prehistoric Women aka Slave Girls (1967) but there are lots of lovely women in leather bikinis showing off their bodies. The women are:

Martine Beswick,

Edina Romay,

Alexandra Stevenson,

Carol White,

Stephanie Randall

and Yvonne Horner.

Rasputin: the Mad Monk

No nudity in Rasputin; The Mad Monk (1966). No wonder he was so testy.

Barbara Shelley provides some very nice eye candy.

Scars of Dracula

The nudity in Scars of Dracula (1970) comes from Delia Lindsay who flashes a bit of breast.

From the other women it's cleavage, cleavage and more cleavage

by Anoushka Hempel,

Jenny Hanley

and Wendy Hamilton.


No nudity in She (1965).

Ursula Andress,

Rosenda Monteros

and some unidentified dancers show a bit of cleavage.

Straight on Till Morning

Katya Wyeth flashes a breast in Straight on Till Morning (1972)

and an unidentified woman is in her underwear.

The Horror of Frankenstein

The push-up bra was working overtime on Kate O'Mara in The Horror of Frankenstein (1970).

The Vampire Lovers

Plenty of naked women in The Vampire Lovers (1970).

Ingrid Pitt shows the lot.


Madeline Smith

and Pippa Steele show their breasts, and is Peter Cushing happy!

Dawn Addams,

Kate O'Mara,

Kirsten Betts,

Olga James

and Vicki Woolf show a lot cleavage.

The Vengeance of She

No visible nudity in The Vengeance of She (1968).

Olinka Berova comes close with possible a bit of nipple visible.


The dancer, Christine Pockett, is wearing very little.

The Viking Queen

Not a lot of visible nudity in The Viking Queen (1967).

Carita shows a lot of cleavage and pokies,


and Nicola Pagett shows some cleavage.

Nita Lorraine

and some other women are wearing body paint or pasties.

To the Devil a Daughter

Plenty of nudity in To the Devil a Daughter (1976).

Nastassja Kinski

and Izabella Telezynska show the lot,

and an unknown does a bit of simulated sex.

Tomorrow: Hammer's House of Horror, a TV series



Kara Zielke in 1969

Charlene Aspen in an episode of The Voyeur

Louise Bourgoin in The Girl from Monaco

Kate Bosworth see-thru in the Italian edition of Vogue

Kelly Hu see-thru

Olivia Grant see-thru


Film Clips

One of the best nude scenes of 2009, now in 1080p quality: Jessica Morris in Role Models

One of the best nude scenes of the decade, now in 1080p quality: Polly Walker in the very first episode of Rome.

Kim Yates, yet another woman from the poignant Western classic Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps

The women of Descendant:

The women of Candy Stripe Nurses, a sensitive, near-documentary portrayal of the world of medicine, as will be evident in the clips