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Monamour is one of the more recent films from the legendary soft-core director and all-around butt fetishist, Tinto Brass. All of the still captures can be found in the edition for Tuesday, December 2nd. Today is the final day.

These Final Hours


Johnny's comments:

These Final Hours is an end-of-the-world drama where James (Nathan Phillips) is heading off to the last party and leaving one of his girlfriends, Zoe (Jessica de Gouw), who has just told him she's pregnant. On his way to the party, he is attacked by a machete-wielding man and when escaping sees a young girl, Rose (Angourie Rice), who has been captured by a big man so that he and his friends can ravage her. James decides to help her and in doing so, he kills the assailants. James takes Rose to where she last saw her father, but their car has been abandoned, so James reluctantly takes Rose to the party, hoping someone will help her, but the party is in full swing. He tries to leave Rose alone while getting some alone time with his other girlfriend, Vicky (Kathryn Beck), but he's not in the mood. Vicky shows James what her brother, Freddy (Daniel Henshall), has done to survive the approaching fireball, but James is not convinced it's enough and goes to find Rose, who's been given an ecstasy tablet and has become ill. They leave to party and James decides to take Rose to her aunty's house where she was going and do one right thing before it all ends. But, things don't go to plan.

There's been a glut of end-of-the-world films recently, but These Final Hours is one of the better ones. Based on the very good short movie Transmission, this is a far more expansive look at the anarchy at the end. There's no hope, but there is redemption and James finds it in the most unexpected way. Not a bad movie at all, but a very glum movie where people are more likely to lose the plot.

Jessica de Gouw film clip (minimal nudity; sample below)

unidentified orgiasts film clip (sample below)

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