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Blinder is a drama set in the world of a local Aussie Rules football club. Tom (Oliver Ackland) is currently a kicking coach for an American college football team in Boston when he gets the call that his old coach (Jack Thompson, sadly not playing the same character from The Club) has died on the eve of the grand final in which his old team, the Torquay Tigers, are playing off. Tom returns to Torquay and remembers the reason why he left Torquay, a scandal involving himself and his teammates being involved with an underage girl. After being dropped from the 2002 grand final for having a poor attitude, thereby missing a chance to impress scouts for the AFL, Tom goes about improving himself for the next season. He also starts seeing Rose (Anna Hutchison), whose 15 year-old sister Sammy (Rose McIver) is a water girl for the Tigers. Things seems to be going great for Tom, but Sammy is getting a little too close to his teammates, especially his best mate, star forward Morts (Josh Helman). 10 years on and the events of that fateful night after winning the 2003 premiership still hang over those involved.

An OK movie that probably plays better as a TV drama than a feature, but is pretty watchable nonetheless. Blinder is a rare foray into Aussie Rules football (off the top of my head there's The Great Macarthy, The Club and Australian Rules) and I've gotta admit, some of the aspects on show are pretty laughable (like players thinking they will get drafted to the big league from a local football side) and there's absolutely no dramatic tension in the football games even with 3(!) games decided after the siren. Apart from that, the movie is more about Tom coming back to town to face his demons and except for the cop out that Tom was drugged during the incident, Blinder is not bad. And Angus Sampson as the show-off full forward is pretty funny.

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