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Molly Parker

Two Little Boys


Two Little Boys is about two lifelong friends Nige (Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie) and Deano (Australian comedian/radio host Hamish Blake). One night after an argument with Deano, Nige is doing some thinking, driving around town at 3am, when he hits a Scandinavian backpacker, killing him. Nige panics and hides the body in some roadworks and goes to the one person who can help him, Deano, who begrudgingly helps by dumping him in the river. But, that doesn't work either. Deano picks up the body and decides to dump it during a trip to the Catlins, their favourite holiday spot. Nige is not holding up well and starts seeing the backpacker everywhere he goes. There's one more hitch. Nige's new flatmate Gav (Maaka Pohatu), who has become Nige's new friend, has gotten wind of them going to the Catlins and wants to come along. Deano has one last plan to get his best buddy back and it involves taking Gav on a 'last day' he'll never forget.

An OK comedy that can probably be best described as a 'bogan black comedy', so it's probably not to the taste of everyone, but if you're a fan of either lead actor, you'll probably like it.

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