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Notes and collages

30 Minutes or Less

Bianca Kajlich

The years 1991-1993.

All Tied Up

No nudity in All Tied Up (1993).

Teri Hatcher

and Melora Walters are in their underwear,

and there are pokies by Tracy Griffith.

Bikini Squad

Plenty of breasts showing in Bikini Squad (1993) by
 Donna Baltron,

Julie Strain

and Maureen Flaherty.

 Cornelia Johnsson,

Rebecca Rocheford

and lots of unidentified women are in various stages of undress.

Brain Smasher... A Love Story

No nudity in Brain Smasher... A Love Story (1993).

Teri Hatcher,

Dee Booher,

Karrie Grove

and some unidentified women look good.


There is some brief breast exposure by a stripper in CrissCross (1992)

but the highlight are some pokies by a sexy Goldie Hawn.

There is some cleavage by Anna Levine Thompson.

Dead in the Water

No nudity in Dead in the Water (1991) but Anne De Salvo,

Teri Hatcher

and Veronica Cartwright are looking good.

Do or Die

It is wall to wall breast in Do or Die (1991) with some well-known names:

Ava Cadell,

Carolyn Liu,

Cynthia Brimhall,

Dona Speir,

Julie Strain (in DVD Extras),

Pandora Peaks,

Roberta Vasquez

Enemy Gold

It's the same again with Enemy Gold (1993) with some more well-known names:

Angela Wright and Stacy Lynn Brown,

Julie Strain,

Kym Malin,

Suzi Simpson,

Tai Collins

Fit to Kill

And the third movie in this group is Fit to Kill (1993), with lots more familiar women:

Julie Strain,

Roberta Vasquez,

Sandra Wild,

Shawn Rooney,

Ava Cadell,

Carolyn Liu,

Cynthia Brimhall,

Dona Speir

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Some nice side boob in Hellraiser III : Hell on Earth (1992) but not a lot of nipple showing by Aimee Leigh,

Paula Marshall

and Terry Farrell.


HouseSitter (1992) is another movie with a very sexy Goldie Hawn, with possibly a bit of nipple showing.

Dana Delaney flashes her underwear.

Inner Sanctum

Despite the quality not being the best there is some nice nudity in Inner Sanctum (1991), particularly by Tanya Roberts.

Margaux Hemingway is also naked, although I gather Michelle Bauer body doubled some of the scenes.

Suzanne Ager

and a woman (Tanya?) in the opening credits look good.

Jennifer Eight

Some lovely breast and bum exposure in Jennifer Eight (1992)
by Uma Thurman but it is, unfortunately, an obvious body double.

The Last Boy Scout

Denise Ames

and Julie K. Smith

show their breasts in The Last Boy Scout (1991).

Chelsea Field shows a bit of cleavage.

Love Potion No. 9

No nudity in Love Potion No. 9 (1992) but there are some nice looking women:

Mary Mara,

Rebecca Staab

and Sandra Bullock.

The Rapture

Most of the nudity in The Rapture (1991) comes from Stephanie Menuez.

Mimi Rogers is also topless but you need the fullscreen version to see her magnificence completely.

Carole Davis shows some crack

and Terri Hanauer looks good.


No nudity in Soapdish (1991) but the women are worth looking at:

Carrie Fisher,

Cathy Moriarty,

Elisabeth Shue,

Sally Field,

Teri Hatcher

Son of the Pink Panther

Son of the Pink Panther (1993) has Debrah Farentino

and Sheila Hyde looking sexy.

When the Party's Over

Rae Dawn Chong briefly shows her bum in When the Party's Over (1993).

Elizabeth Berridge

and Sandra Bullock look good.


JJ Bonde in Psychic Experiment

Heather Westwood in Psychic Experiment


Huang Lu in She, A Chinese (2009)