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The Messenger



Jena Malone film clips (samples below)


Lisa Joyce film clips (samples below)





Hotel de Love


Johnny's comments:

Hotel de Love is a romantic comedy about two brothers Rick and Steve (Aden Young and Simon Bossell) who are vying for the affections of a British girl Melissa (Saffron Burrows). Rick has her affection and on the last day she is in Australia, he takes her virginity. Ten years later, both brothers have moved on and have started a hotel (um, the title) which specializes in romantic endeavors. Wouldn't you know it, Melissa walks in with her fiancÚ and both brothers lose their mind. Meanwhile, the brother's parents have come to the hotel to refresh their marriage and then there's the clairvoyant (Pippa Grandison) who both brothers have a crack at. A by-the-numbers romantic comedy where the ending is without doubt, but hey, how often do you get a romantic comedy that isn't by-the-numbers.


Raelee Hill film clip; collages below


Saffron Burrows film clip; collages below




Page 3's Lucy Pinder

Page 3's Michelle Marsh

British actress Nicola Stapleton falls out of her dress

Page 3's Michelle Marsh

A slip from Bar Rafaeli in a "making of" thingy

Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute

 Danielle Staub up to some hanky panky

two more of those Christina Aguilera pics now making the rounds

Irina Voronina in the immortal cinema classic "Boobs"


Film clips

Irene de Angelis in L'Amore Buio (2010; samples below)

Jenny Wright in Young Guns 2 in HD (sample below)

Gabrielle Chapin in The Final Destination (sample below)

more of Annie Belle in House On the Edge Of The Park (sample below)

more of Brigitte Petronio in House On the Edge Of The Park (sample below)

The late Dana Plato (and Landon Hall) in Different Strokes - not the family TV show, but the soft-core porn film of the same name.

more of Isabel Pisano in Bilbao

Marta Nieto and Paulina Galvez in Face of Terror dubbed into Russian