The Brave One

I'll talk about this tomorrow, if I'm feelin' up to it. Right now, if I were a kid I'd be stayin' home from school with the flu.

It's the "Jodie Foster as Charles Bronson" film. Here are the film clips of Jodie. I assume that any real nudity is a body double, and these film clips, while artful and artistic, are seriously depressing.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








The Sexploiters


The Sexploiters (1965) is a very early East Coast sexploitation film that was presumed lost. It stars Terrie Steele, mild mannered housewife who enjoys the finer things in life, and, unbeknownst to her husband, has become a woman of negotiable virtue to afford them. She works out of a "modeling agency" where the girls pose naked for amateur photographers between more profitable transactions. She doesn't show any skin, but does supply the ending hook of the film. We see her start her day, and follow her through a "date" with a man who wants to be whipped. Then she arrives at the agency, where we watch a "who's who" of early sexploitation queens disrobe, model and tantalize, including Jackie Miller, June Roberts, Marlene Starr and the gorgeous Gigi Darlene. The girls were actually nude models, not trained actresses, and their parts were written such that they took off their clothes and posed, which was well within their dramatic reach.

This film was directed by Al Ruban, who went on to work on many mainstream films with John Cassavetes such as Minnie and Moskowitz and The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. Jerry Denby produced and was credited as cinematographer. C. Davis Smith, who filmed several Doris Wishman films, also appeared in the film, as did All Ruban and Jerry Denby. There is no plot or pacing to speak of. The film itself is just as dull as all of the early sexploitation efforts. Unlike some of its competitors, it did deliver on the nudity, with Jackie Miller, June Roberts, Marlene Starr and Gigi Darlene showing breasts and buns, and an unknown showing breasts.

As such, it would be little more than a curiosity for film historians and fans of the actresses, but this is a Seduction Cinema release, and they not only found this rare title, but found one of the original cameramen who shot the film (C. Davis Smith), teamed him with film historian Michael J. Bowen, and recorded a feature length commentary. While they do touch on the making of the film, and the film makers, the discussion contains great insight into the early exploitation industry, focusing on genre legend Doris Wishman, and much more. If you have an interest in early exploitation, or in how those films were made, this is absolutely a must-see, largely because of the commentary.

The film, assuming a genre of "early exploitation," does meet genre standards because of a high level of nudity, and is a solid example of its type, but the top notch commentary lifts the package to a strong recommendation for those interested in the subject.


Jackie Miller


June Roberts

Marlene Starr

Gigi Darlene












The Time Machine goes back for a good movie which is light on the nudity.

Monica Monet briefly shows one breast.

No nudity bur Suzy Kendall is cute and has nice Legs.



National Lampoon's Vacation


So we try to make up for this lack of skin by stopping off in 1983 on our way home to see the lovely Beverly D'Angelo baring the boobs.






Notes and collages



"Sex and the City"

Dana Wheeler Nicholson



Sex and the City

This lovely sensual lady is one of those firecrackers who never did any skin exposure...sigh...






One to Another

What I like about French films is that they seem to tackle subjects more honestly than American filmmakers do, and they also tend to tackle more controversial subjects. You're not likely to find strippers that don't strip in a French film, nor will you often see stories about sex that don't have nudity and sex. Let's be honest, for the most part, American filmmakers are pussies. This 2006 French drama, based on a true story, is loaded with both nudity and sex, and it was necessary given the subject.

Lucie (Lizzie Brochere) is a hang-on with a rock band, and her brother is one of the band members. The group is very tight-knit. Lucie loves her brother very much, so much that they often have sex, but this doesn't stop Lucie from also giving it up to the band's other members (but never at the same time). Lucie's brother is bi-sexual, and a homosexual prostitute.

Lucie's world is shattered when the brother turns up a victim of murder. The police, who suspect one of the brother's tricks, are getting nowhere.

Finally frustrated when the police close the case as unsolvable, Lucie sets out to find the killer herself, and she has no qualms about using sex to get information. She is relentless, and eventually, she starts getting answers.

The movie is non-linear, jumping from past to present and back, so you have to pay attention, but if you do, you're rewarded with a good thriller with a nice twisty ending, and again, it's based on fact. I recommend it.



Lizzie Brochere






The Covenant


PG-rated horror with Laura Ramsey showing partial nudity in shower, Basia Jasinski showing her bare buns up her skirt, and Jessica Lucas sporting some rock hard pokies.


Laura Ramsey
Basia Jasinski
Jessica Lucas

Final Draft


Melanie Marden shows partial boob in this horror.


Dark Storm


Camille Sullivan, the wife from the Intelligence tv series, is shown in brassiere while making love to one of the Baldwins.


"The 4400"

episode: "Mommy's Bosses"

Christie Laing has a pg-rated nude scene in this episode and shows some very dark dorsal nudity.




German actress Julia Brendler actress provides the only nudity in this  Canadian film and is also shown in a wet t-shirt.

"Third Man Out"

(2005) (TV)

Carrianne Patraschuk aka Carrie Patershuck is shown nude in secret motel video in this otherwise gay  detective neo noir.

Everything's Gone Green


Tara Wilson is shown in her underwear as a webcam slut but the camera cuts way just before she takes off her top.


The Rendering


Pascale Coulombe shows partial boobs and buns as stripper.


Man with a Gun


Jennifer Tilly shows cleavage and upskirt

with  Aiesha Li providing the nudity.


"The Final Heist"

 (1991) (TV)

French actress Gabrielle Lazure shows buns making love to Jan-Michael Vincent

while Ellen David (aka Ellen Cohen) opens up her blouse for the only time in her acting career.




(2005) (short)

Krista Bridges shows distant nudity in a skinny-dipping sequence.

By Charlie Walker

(2006) (short)

Heather Mathieson has a fully clothed sex scene



The Channeler


Lame-o horror starring Dan "Grizzly Adams" Haggerty. Hefmag hefmate Cindy Brooks (aka J. Cynthia Brooks)
opts out for a body double (porn actress Sherry Graham who goes by many other names)

while Robin Sims shows partial buns in a fully-clothed sex scene.

This week's Bound Heat babe is Czech actress Katrina Henesova who barely stays clothed for more than five minutes in any of the many Czechploitation movies she has starred in (and she's also in the Hollywood blockbuster Hostel).

Good news:

According to the forums, perennial Fun House favorite Rena Riffel should be in several Czechploitation movies to be released to DVD next year.







Zombie Honeymoon


A zombie attack ruins a perfectly pleasant honeymoon getaway for newlyweds Denise (Tracy Coogan) and Danny (Graham Sibley). Danny is pronounced dead at the emergency room, but ten minutes later he miraculously revives. The newlyweds attempt to continue their honeymoon, however cautiously, and everything seems to be going swell until Denise finds Danny chowing on a dead body in their tub. Needless to say, this puts an immediate strain on their relationship. Denise is a little freaked out, but Danny, despite his inability to control his new diet, promises never to hurt her. The two plan a quick trip out of the country to perhaps find a way to cure Danny of this illness, but before they can leave, Danny gets worse and begins a flesh-eating rampage.

Tracy Coogan









Film Clips


A film clip of Andrea Bogart in Dark Ride

A film clip of Arcelia Ramirez in Sexo, Amor, y Otras Perversiones

A film clip of Kate Moss topless in Mexico

A film clip of Katee Sackhoff in Last Sentinel (sample below)

A film clip of Keeley Hazell in Cashback

A film clip of Martha Higareda in Ninas Malas

Miranda Otto


Mr Skin did a mini-tribute to one of my favorites, with caps from her last four nude appearances.

True Love and Chaos


In the Winter Dark





The Healer






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

In Georgia, civil rights icon Andrew Young said Obama is too young to be president, adding that Hillary has Bill behind her and he's "every bit as black as Barack.  He's probably gone with more black women than Barack."  He quickly added that he was joking.

*  It's funny 'cause it's true.

*  Bill had no reply because he was in Iowa, hitting on Oprah. 

Police in Pittston, Pennsylvania, report that a man came into a grocery store last week and said he needed to charge some items to the St. Rocco's Catholic Church account. He was in black, wearing crosses, and had a white cardboard strip around his neck.  Clerks got even more suspicious when he finished picking necessities and started loading up on energy drinks and cigarettes. By  the time he checked out, the cops were already waiting and arrested him for several recent thefts.    

*  The big giveaway: the condoms. 

The Guardian UK reports that despite gloomy economic talk, the Movida nightclub in London, a ritzy celebrity hangout, unveiled the world's most expensive Christmas cocktail, "The Flawless."  It contains Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal champagne, brown sugar, angostura bitters, flakes of edible gold leaf and an 11-carat diamond ring at the bottom of the glass.  The price: $70,000 (US), more money than 75 percent of British workers earn in a year.  Social critic Peter York said it would appeal only to the stupidest of the super-rich, whose intelligence is "one step up from a potato."  One politician complained that buying it was like setting money on fire in front of poor people and giving them the finger.  

*  Now rich people REALLY want to order it! 

*  It's really cruel to spend that much money on one drink when so many poor people have to go to bed sober.

eBay reports that Britney Spears is the #1 online auction celebrity of 2007. 34,345 Spears-related items sold on eBay this year, far ahead of #2 Paris Hilton (27,377) and #3, Lindsay Lohan (8,099).

*  Over 30,000 of the Britney items were empty buckets of KFC.

Wal-Mart is yanking the DVD of the teen comedy "Superbad" from shelves nationwide because it contains as a free bonus a copy of the dorky kid "McLovin's" obviously fake Hawaiian driver's license ID.

* And terrorists might use it to fool our crack homeland security agents.

On this date in music history, Sam Cooke was murdered (1964), Otis Redding died in a plane crash (1967), and Donny Osmond made his singing debut on "The Andy Williams Show" (1963).  

*  Sounds like THIS is "The Day The Music Died!"