Other Crap:

For those of you who were wondering where those uncensored Howard Stern caps were coming from: Howard Stern On Demand

Here is one of the two rowdy babes arrested after their flight to San Antonio

Stetson University Outlaws Jay Leno

How to tell kids about terrorism

New exclusive pics of Sly Stallone filming R6!!!

Two new clips from Fun with Dick and Jane, Jim Carrey's latest comedy

"Chris Rock won't be back cracking wise as the host of next year's Oscar telecast"

  • My suggestion for hosting duties: Triumph the Insult Dog

"MAN DATES GAL ON INTERNET FOR SIX MONTHS -- AND IT TURNS OUT SHE'S HIS MOTHER!" It would be a great story - if it were not from Weekly World News.

Here's one man fighting back in the war against Christmas. "Man Creates Paris Hilton Christmas Shrine"

  • And note that he does NOT call it the "Paris Hilton Generic Holiday Shrine"

"Transit police handcuffed and cited a man who sold a $1.75 subway token to another rider who was having trouble with a token vending machine."

  • It'd never happen here in Texas. If you want to put a stop to such heinous anti-social acts, we Texans have two words for you: "death penalty"
  • Our second choice: "chainsaw massacre"

No calling birds, but Salvation Army kettles net 5 golden rings

Big Busts At San Antonio Airport

  • "'Intoxicated' Playboy models arrested after rowdy in-flight antics "

"Blindfolded Santa Hanging From Noose At Home Upsets Neighborhood"

Podcast Beats Out Bird Flu for Word of the Year

  • I'm guessing that would be because "bird flu" is two words.

URL says it all:

"TWO students have been charged with animal cruelty for mailing a hamster."

  • Poor little thing starved to death waiting for Richard Gere to check his postal box.

How do I know so fuckin' much about medicine? I studied under Professor Dikshit

Stephen Colbert understands Native Americans because he is one-thirteenth Chickasaw

Stephen Colbert shows how this year's Christmas movies are destroying America.

The Daily Show teaches you how to stay warm this winter with a space heater and Hustler tank top.

The New Yorker's Ken Auletta talks to Jon Stewart about his expose on the New York Times. Unfortunately, he doesn't say a goddamned thing.

The Daily Show looks at the 24 hour news networks and Condi's trip to Germany

The Daily Show analyzes the semantics of torture.

The unofficial trailer for feast

  • A group of strangers gather in a bar where they're attacked and systematically killed by monsters. The film was a product of "Project Greenlight", the program created by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Chris Moore to showcase new talent.
  • This looks quite funny.

A clip from the new Casanova movie

Ten clips from The Producers

Matt Damon married girlfriend Luciana Bozan in a private ceremony Friday in New York City

Something Awful looks at bad Asian porn

What type of biplane was buzzing King Kong in the original movie?

Shaquille O'Neal Becomes a Miami Beach Cop

  • I have to admit that Shaq is a pretty cool guy.

The hi-def trailer for Superman Returns


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Sweet Georgia (1972):

Sweet Georgia was a Harry Novak release. This time, Something Weird Video lives up to its name. As opening credits are rolling, we see Barbara Caron, AKA Barbara Mills, riding naked on a horse over miles of desert terrain. Watching her the entire time is a fully clothed Marsha Jordan, rubbing her crotch. Meanwhile, the specially composed theme song plays.

Love is strong in the wide open West
Wild wicked and free
Love is bigger in the wide open West
Free as love can be

Ride ride ride on the plains
Love's strong hand on the reigns
Cast your love in the air
Show the world that you care

Love makes out in the wild blue West
For you and me.

Cut to a bedroom where Jordan starts undressing in front of a man. He asks, "What the hell are you doing?" "Just shut up and lay me," she answers. So he does, and so it goes. Seems Jordan is married to a drunken old coot who bought a ranch with a closed gold mine with the life insurance from his first wife. Without the wife to abuse, he must abuse their daughter, Barbara Caron. Jordan and two hired hands are hanging around in the hopes that the old drunk will reopen the played out gold mine, and they will become rich. Before the film is over, everyone does everyone, and then someone does all but one of them in. My personal favorite was the pitchfork through the chest. All of this gratuitous sex, violence and nudity is accompanied by an original score that has to be heard to be believed. Imagine a taxi dance. Now, move the location to a small Western town, where a three piece band plays the equivalent of country instrumental music. Caron and Jordan both do full frontal and rear nudity throughout the film. IMDb lists it as a comedy lasting 60 minutes. The actual running time is 79 minutes, and any laughs are unintentional. The opening sequence and theme song alone earn it a C- as a bad move. There was enough sex, nudity and bad music throughout for that score to hold up. Tuna


Barbara Caron
Marsha Jordan



Kira Reed and Lea Marr from "Passion Cove."

Lea Marr from "Passion Cove."


Today we take care of some "Bad Bizness", that's the title of the movie.

First up is Melissa Brasselle doing a strip routine before the credits even roll. She really does not show much, but she came close to letting those robo hooters out in the final caps. Even though she has made a ton of B-movies, she has yet to let it all hang out.

Kira Eggers is not as bashful as she shows off the boobies.

Then Belinda Gavin gives us some decent T & A.




Amor Bandido

Unfortunately, the quality of the Brazilian film Amor Bandido (1979) is shocking but there is some nice nudity, especially by Cristina Aché. Ligia Diniz is a fellow stripper but her goodies are covered.




Who's Your Daddy

There's a lot of tease in Who's Your Daddy (2003) but the topless nudity comes from some unidentified women playing volleyball on the grounds of a house that is supposed to be similar to the Playboy Mansion. The tease comes from Ali Landry, Marnette Patterson, Christine Lakin, Patsy Kensit and Shera Danese.






Volleyball chicks


We see the briefest of nipple being shown by Susan Strasberg in Psych-Out (1968).

Speed 2 - Cruise Control

No nudity in Speed 2 - Cruise Control (1987) but some nice pokies by Sandra Bullock.

Arthur's Dyke

Arthur's Dyke (2001) is a British movie and there's no nudity. We see Rebecca Lacey doing the deed in her lingerie.

Ready When You Are, Mr McGill

Another British film is Ready When You Are, Mr McGill (2003). There's no visible nudity by Joanna Page, just some side views as she films a topless scene.

The Muse

Sharon Stone must have been feeling her age in The Muse (1999) as her nude scene is done by a body double. We only see her from the rear and side. There are also some pokies by Andie MacDowell.



Diagnosis Murder

Some pokies by Morgan Naylor in an episode of the TV series Diagnosis Murder called Bringing Up Barbie (1999).

Good Will Hunting

Some minor pokies by Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting (1997).

Mean Girls

Mean Girls (2004) is a typical 'teenage girls acting as bitches in school cliques' film. Rachel McAdams and Tina Fey are shown in their underwear.

Rachel McAdams

Tina Fey

Goin' South

So nice see-through pokies by Mary Steenburgen as she cleans herself in a river in Goin' South (1978).

The Other Woman

Laura Leighton is the other woman in The Other Woman (1995) and we  see her going for a swim in her underwear.


There are about 3 frames of Jennifer Jason Leigh's nipple in Backdraft (1991).

Doing Hard Time

No nudity in Doing Hard Time (2004) but a lot of tease and pokies by Patrice Fisher, Adrianna Bell, Wanda Acuna, Chenoa Maxwell and Reagan Gomez Preston.






Basketball Diaries

The brief nudity in Basketball Diaries (1995) comes from a topless booth dancer called Akiko Ashley. Brittany Daniel shows a bit of sex appeal.






I wasn't aware of this NIP scene in the snow by Emmanuelle Béart in À Boire (2004) and thought I had discovered something new. That is until I checked the Encyclopedia and found a collage from this flick by Charlie in it. I'm still wondering how this could slip through my mind. At any rate I still invite you to check out Emmanuelle's breasts and buns, which are briefly visible.
The movie itself is more an ordeal to sit through than anything else. À boire is French for to drink and that is all there is to it. We see various characters, all alcoholics, babbling in drunkeness to each other a few days before New Year's Eve. Needless to say that this doesn't make much sense and isn't very exciting to watch. Apart from Emma's way too short nude scene, there were 2 other scenes of interest, somewhat funny ones more than 60 minutes into this comedy. I wonder how many people were still watching at that point.
Director Marion Vernoux made a complete mess out of this one. There simply is no plot line at all and her actors look way too fresh and healthy to be people with a severe years-long alcohol addiction, as you can see proven in the film clip. Lots of credit must go to the actors, for each put in a helluva performance. They clearly mustn't have realized what a stinker they were in. Two lukewarm laughs in 90 minutes, that must be the funniest comedy I've ever seen.
Or maybe it's not meant as a comedy. Perhaps it just wants to show how silly and stupid people can act when under the influence of alcohol. As if there is still any need to demonstrate what everybody already knows. À oublier - to forget - would have been a much more adequate title for this movie that has nothing to offer except good performances by even better actors. What a waste of talent and money.


Dann reports on Dirty Love:

Jenny McCarthy and Kam Heskin play Dumb and Dumber blondes Rebecca and Carrie in this 2005 comedy attempt.

Rebecca is a photographer dating a supermodel, and Carrie is an aspiring actress that has never attempted to learn acting. Wonder why she's aspiring?

Rebecca and Carrie's love lives are train wrecks. Rebecca catches her latest flame, the model, boffing some chick. As she looks for true love, she bounces from one loser to another, while totally ignoring her lifelong friend John, a nerd who is madly in love with her but is afraid to let her know.

Predictable plot and plenty of dead time is offset only slightly by a few very funny scenes. The pretty girls help ease the pain, but the movie is simply not very good. Watch it with the fast-forward button real close by.

Jenny McCarthy


Dann reports on Sexual Life:

There have been a few movies that told several stories that were seemingly disconnected except for a single thread that connected them together. This 2005 comedy/drama from Showtime uses that technique, but the tales are all about people's sexual lives.

Stories follow a hooker and her photographer client, the photographer and his businesswoman girlfriend, the businesswoman girlfriend and her boss, the boss and his wife, the wife and a hotel desk clerk, the desk clerk and his ex-girlfriend, and the ex-girlfriend and her finance.

The stories are interesting and well done for the most part, but do get a little draggy in spots. The movie is entertaining without being remarkable, so while I don't highly recommend it, I didn't hate it either.

Anne Heche Azura Skye Kerry Washington Unknown



Alessia Merz is an Italian actress, Julie Delpy and Rachel Nichols you know and Araba Dellutri appears to be the girlfriend of someone famous and the only reason I sent her along is that she is so darn cute.

Alessia Merz Julie Delpy Rachel Nichols Araba Dellutri

A tribute to Gisele Bundchen's booty  
Gillian Grace from Howard Stern on Demand  
Penelope Cruz cleavage from a recent photoshoot  


Pat's comments in yellow...


CBS4 in Denver reports that Playboy Playmates Danielle Gamba and Carrie Minter were on a Frontier Airways flight to San Antonio for a lingerie show when they allegedly became drunk and unruly.  Witnesses said they were fighting with each other and with passengers, and one insisted she was a celebrity and that a woman who complained "better not mess" with her.  A San Antonio airport spokesman said one of the women tried to avoid arrest by making sexual advances to the two officers.  They were deemed to be a danger to themselves and others, arrested for public intoxication and jailed for five hours

*  That holding cell had the best party EVER!

*  They injured several passengers with their rock-hard breasts.




The Saddam Hussein trial for crimes against humanity is in recess for two weeks, and Saddam didn't show up on Wednesday, but his former intelligence chief, the much-feared Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, kept his spirit alive.  After days of witness testimony recounting years of torture and mass murder, Barzan launched into a diatribe about his own inhumane treatment.  He complained that he'd lost weight in jail because the food wasn't good enough, he'd had to wait four months for cigarettes, and when he did get them, "they were the worst quality in the world!"  

*  He used to give prisoners a high-quality cigarette, just before he shot them!




UK government job centers in Bolton and Farnworth, England, warned staffers not to put up Christmas decorations because they're a safety hazard.  They said decorations hung from the ceiling could fall on someone and must be removed immediately; no lights can be used that haven't been properly tested and come with a 12-month warranty; and they can't "under any circumstances" put streamers on the wall with Scotch Tape.  They are allowed to have a Christmas tree, so long as it is "small."  A spokesman said they're not banning all holiday decorations, but workers must be made aware of the risks.

*  Like those pointy pine needles that are just a lawsuit waiting to happen!...If you do get a tree, it has to be something soft, like a fichus.

*  And no mistletoe!  Just imagine the diseases you could catch!

*  They don't need Christmas decorations; they're already completely wrapped up in red tape.