Scoop's comments: The last poll was "what was the best filmed drama of the 90's?", and it was a complete landslide victory for The Shawshank Redemption over all the big budget and big box office monsters. This coincides with the opinion of IMDb viewers. Shawshank didn't even win best picture ("Forrest Gump" won that year). In fact, in a great Oscar travesty, it didn't win one friggin Oscar of any kind.

It's in pretty good company. Citizen Kane won only for "best original screenplay", and Duck Soup was shut out without a nomination. It was only later that they were acknowledged to be the best of their respective genres.

Looking back on the Oscars from your point of view:

1999: Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan. You now rule this a mistake. Private Ryan finished 4th, Shakespeare 18th.

1998: Titanic won. You would now change the award to L.A. Confidential.

1997: The English Patient won out over a poor field. The English Patient wasn't even on Lawdog's poll. None of the other 1997 nominees got any Lawdog votes either, except one solitary vote for Shine. Sling Blade got three Lawdog votes, but wasn't nominated for an Oscar. Hamlet and Trainspotting were not nominated by the Oscars or Lawdog. I guess no Oscar should have been given that year. Actually, the most memorable movie that year was probably Fargo.

1996: Braveheart won that year. Still your choice, although The Usual Suspects also finished in the decade's top 5. (The Usual Suspects was not nominated for a best picture Oscar.)

1995: Forrest Gump won. You would now give it to Shawshank. It was a strong year which also included Pulp Fiction.

1994: Schindler's List won, and is still a landslide choice.

1993: Unforgiven won. Still your choice.

1992: Silence of the Lambs Won. At this point, it is your unanimous choice.

1991: Dances with Wolves won. Although Wolves still garners a lot of support, you would now change the award to GoodFellas.

The Gist and Lawdog
One Fish, Two Fish
Naughty Nymphs is a German soft-core made in 1972, with lots and lots of breasts, a minor attempt at a plot and inane dubbed dialogue. To me, this genre of film treats sex as great fun, rather than something dirty or erotic -- the words "madcap sexual romp" come to mind. I am not convinced that is a bad thing. What made this a worthy project is significant nudity by Ms. Danning -- who, with 72 credits on IMDB, has evolved from yesterday's "B" bimbo to a bona fide celeb. The part of all of the other naked women is played by the ever-popular "Unknown Actress." Sybil is also credited as Sybille Danninger (her real name) and Cybil Danning. This is the first day of a Tuna Danning festival. Most of the material is OOP, so the quality is not as good as I would like.

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Blinky features Vanessa Lorenzo, a model new to me.

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DB is normally the king of the naked opera, but this time he's taken a page from the Mongoose book. His commentary:

Hi, Scoopy. Not much from me lately but then Opera has gone rather clothed and rasslin has got quite boring since Jeff Jarret left the WWF (allthough Debra is still there - but we would never know it !) Whilst going through some really old tapes I came across this German classic from 1964, "Lana - Queen of the Amazons". Starring Catherine Von Schell (she dropped the 'von' when she became famous) There is tons of nudity here from the 'natives' but I do wonder whether they are yer actual locals or 'painted up' frauleins. Let the people decide.

  1. A 'native' accidently shoots an explorer - she was after the anaconda
  2. The injured party is escorted back to HQ
  3. ...and is attended to by the hand-maidens
  4. Lana makes her entrance
  5. Peekaboo
  6. Peekaboo
  7. The Busby Berkely Dance number
  8. The outdoor bathe
  9. now where did I leave that towel?

Yesterday: Alex. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

The Sun also runs a "Page Three Gold", a babe of yesteryear. This is Gillian de Terville from 8 August 1983

Finally, some older galleries

Sarah-Jayne (#1, #2, #3)



  • Claudia Wenzel in "Dr Stefan Frank"
  • "Kiss", from Vengaboys,
  • Cave Dweller Hi Scoop. I'm not usually interested in Playmates. Especially the blond ones that look so perfect that they are virtually identical. When I ran across the images of a matured Barbara Ann Moore (31 yrs old - I guess we can call that mature for a centerfold), I changed my mind. (FYI - These images are not affiliated with Playboy). Seven years after her playmate appearance, Barb is a little heavier in the chest (thanks to the wonders of modern science) and as hot-looking as ever. Dweller. (#1, #2, #3)

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    The Con Artists is an early 70's "Spaghetti Comedy". (I use the prefix "Spaghetti" for any Italian-made movie where all the actors speak in their native languages and are later post dubbed as needed.) This one stars Anthony Quinn as Zorba the Thief, to go with his other roles as Zorba the Pope and Zorba the Mobster. It was probably a fairly slick sting-caper movie in its time, featuring that rubber-legged mugger Adriano Celentano, who was the Roberto Begnini of his own time. It now seems pretty dated and slapstick. The oh-so-brief nudity comes from Corinne Clery

    Speaking of slapstick, "Free Money" is kind of a hybrid between "Fargo" and "Dumb and Dumber". It's an atrocious movie, and it amazes me that they got Marlon Brando and Mira Sorvino to appear in this with the usual b-movie hacks (like Charlie Sheen and the guy who plays Lowell on "Wings", holding down the dumb and dumber roles). As bad as the movie is, i found myself strangely fascinated by it in a "Plan 9" kind of way, and I think my jaw must have dropped below my ankles in amazement at some of the sophomoric attempts at humor. No explanation why this scene is in black and white. It just is.

    The Last Detail is an early-70's "up the establishment" movie which was one of the first to feature Jack Nicholson as Jack Nicholson, in all his Cheshire cat grinnin', sorta malicious, arrogant-yet-sensitive, somewhat crazed glory. It is still a pretty good movie, especially interesting in two ways: (1) as opposed to modern movies about the late 60's cultural revolution, this movie was right in the middle of it all, and accurately reflects the mores and attitudes of the times, especially the anti-establishment attutude. Nicholson and his buddy are hard-case navy lifers, but even they think the system sucks. (2) It has a totally real non-copout ending which will piss you off, but will leave you feeling the outrage that it wants you to feel. Nicholson is a Shore Patrol officer who has to escort a convicted swabbie to his eight year sentence in military prison. He realizes the poor schmuck (Randy Quaid) is just a kid getting fucked by the system (he stole forty dollars), so Big Jack decides to show the kid a bit of life before the sentence begins. The nudity comes from Carol Kane, who is probably best known as Latka's wife on Taxi

    I don't have to tell you anything about GoodFellas. You've seen it. Most of you like it a lot. Many consider it the quintessential and most accurate mob movie. Lorraine Bracco didn't get naked, but she shot two good upskirts in her wrestling match with Liotta, and there's a very sexy moment when she hid a gun in her panties to hide it from the feds.

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    Wicked Marmoset I don't know who Wicked Marmoset is, but you gotta love a rookie contributor who comes up with brand spankin' new nudity from Estella Warren. (The fiurst one is a clear see-through from the December GQ. The other two are teases.)

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    Snappy Pappy Haven't heard from the Snappatollah in a while. He has two miscellaneous from "Wild On!: Key West" (#1, #2)

  • The Rawhide Kid captures that great scene in "Six Days, Seven Nights" when Ford reaches into Anne Heche's pants to pull out a snake.
  • Holly Brisley, from InterZone (FHM Magazine, Jan 2000)
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