Although it appears that the picture in Saturday's FH implies that Jean Simmons used a body double for some of the movie, Celebrity Sleuth (V3 #4) mentions that the the European version showed a bit more. I have attached a cap I collected about 14 years ago that seems to show it.


Scoop's note: I gotta be honest. I don't know what we're actually looking at in this image. I think she is probably wearing some kind of semi-sheer bandeau.

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Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay


Part 1 of 2

1080p film clips of Chantel Silvain and Ava Santana

Le Torrent


Quebec actress Laurence Leboeuf surprises us again by showing even more skin than before: boob and butt but too dark to make out her poupoune (Quebec slang for pussy).

Fairview Falls

(2011 video)
The low budget slasher was filmed in 2007 and features the first lead role for scream queen Kerri Taylor.
Kerri Taylor: nipple peaking out of low cut dress, topless sex scene.

Brittney Evans: very sexy, brief topless.

Morgan LaRocca: lesbian kiss, full frontal after slitting wrists in bathtub.


(2006 video)
While the Canadian airing of this movie was standard cable fare, the European version features extended sex scenes and nudity including a rare topless sex scene featuring Anna Silk which until last week's Funhouse was just a pipe dream for Anna's fans from Lost Girl. The caps are from a DVD from the Netherlands and strict Dutch copyright laws forbid the export of their DVDs making them very hard to get.

Anna Silk: topless sex scene, tiny thong which barely covers her butt and bikini line, rock hard bra-less pokies in tank top, bra and panties.

Dina Meyer: Saw apprentice very sexy doing workout, brassiere in sex scene, then partial butt and boob in extended sex scene.

Karine Fallu: topless in uncut sex scene which appears to have been reshot.

Rachelle Lefevre: sexy but dead.

"Adam & Eve"

le episode "Fantasmes" (le saison finale; s1e13)

This episode from the Quebec series marks the end of the Fall season for Radio Canada.

Anne-Elisabeth Bosse: sexy tied up.

"MuchMusic's Love Court"

episode "Ricki & Ali"
This episode takes place at a nudist beach, but the nudity was pixelated.

Ali: flashing her coochie by pulling down her bikini bottom, boobs nearly falling out of her bikini top, then cleavage in a game of twister.

Levis commercial

Watch it here

Solly Duran: model from the Dominican Republic is very sexy in tight jeans when she takes a whiz in a mens urinal.

Film Clips

Darine Hamze in Beyrouth hotel (2011) in 1080p

Amy Lindsay and others in MILF (2010) in 1080p

Maja Schoene in Wanna Be (2009)

Sarah Jonker and Tanja Jess in Leef (2005)

Audrey Tautou in Dirty Pretty Things (2002) in 1080p

Susanne Michel in Tatort: Toedliche Tagung (2001)

Marina de Van, Lucia Sanchez and Evelyne Dandry in Sitcom (1998)

Sigourney Weaver in Death and the Maiden (1994)


Cortney Palm in Seance: The Summoning (2012)
(we also saw her naked last week in Silent Night)