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Notes and collages

Two and a Half Men


Marin Hinkle

Tomorrow is an OZ tribute to the years 1991-1993. Here is a taste to whet your appetite.

Blue Desert

Blue Desert (1991) is the seminal work of nudity by Courteney Cox, and it is worth watching.

I have included movies of Courteney's contribution.


Timebomb (1991) has Kate Mitchell,

Sheila Young

and Patsy Kensit naked.

Tracy Scoggins shows a bit of leg.

I have included a movie of Patsy.



Ai Kurosawa in Curry Girl

Anat Azmon in Lemon Popsicle

Angel McCord in Chemistry e7

Anissa Holmes in Forbidden

Bai Ling in Gene Generation

Kate Groombridge in Virgin Territory

Laura Ramsey in Somewhere

Lindsay Bloom in Six Pack Annie

Louise Bourgoin in L'Autre Monde

Natalia Avelon in Strike Back, s2e7

Ava Cadell in Do Or Die

Wendy Westbrook in Under Lock

Willa Ford in Impulse

Melissa Johnston in Barely Legal (2011) in 720p




Ivonne Schoenherr and Marysol Fernandez in Werner Eiskalt (2011)

Wendy McColm in Suzy Heartless (2009)

Amanda Plummer and Saskia Reeves in Butterfly Kiss (1995)


Christina Ricci in Pam Am last week. I appreciate the fact that she stays in great physical condition with very low body fat. But I sure do miss those great boobs she used to have. She looks great, but she looks like a completely different person from the woman who used that name a few yerars ago.

Sara Rue in For Christ's Sake. I reckon Sara picked up all the spare boobs that Christina lost.

Cream Cabahug in For Christ's Sake (2010)

Song Cheng in Dream Home (2010)

Zhou Chu Chu in Dream Home