Frat Party


Do you really need a description of what goes on in a movie called Frat Party? Duffy is a senior who is graduating one day and getting married the next. His fiancÚe gives him permission to skip the rehearsal dinner and attend the last big frat party instead. Meanwhile, her rich father is unhappy with his daughter's morganatic marriage and schemes to get Duffy in trouble at the party, thus keeping him from making it to the church. This frees up the daughter to marry a guy the father approves of.

Despite what I said earlier, this movie is actually a little different from what you might expect from a movie named Frat Party. The actual party encompasses about three minutes of running time. The essence of the story is based on whether Duffy, a reformed bad boy who is really in love this time, will demonstrate that he can be trusted by getting to the church on time.

Since the cast consists entirely of unfamiliar faces, it was only the published 2009 date which kept me from assuming that it this was one of those forgotten 1980's youthploitation T&A films that used to run again and again on HBO back in the day. You could rename this Hardbodies 5, run it in a 1980s film retrospective, and nobody would ever be the wiser. The strengths of the film are: (1) a sympathetic and realistic leading character; (2) plenty of T&A. The weaknesses are (1) a trite and predictable plot; (2) some poor performances in minor roles; (3) a lack of comedy. That last one is the real deal-breaker for me. As I see it, this kind of raunchy film needs to be funny, and this one really isn't. Its strength - the depth of the main character - turns out to be its weakness as well. The film just takes itself too seriously for a film named Frat Party.

Anyway, the key point here is a copious amount of T&A:



This is the video which accompanies Lindsay Lohan's photo spread in Muse. In fact, the photos were taken while this video was being filmed. (She is topless from time to time, as you probably know.) Decent quality (720p). Samples below in pretty good quality (upgraded from the previous postings.)


Taking Woodstock


Part 2

The review and Kelli Garner are in yesterday's page. Here is the rest of the nudity in Blu-Ray quality. It is copious, and includes frontals and rears from dozens of people of both sexes, but the people on screen are all extras, and some of them don't look that good naked.

(Note, this download is a monstrous 600meg, and there's nobody who can be identified.)



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








The Turning


Gillian Anderson film clip

samples below

Scoop's notes, written in 2004:

The Turning is a movie adapted from a play ("Home Fires Burning"), and it shows. It's a "serious drama" which really has only five characters, in which stagy speeches are delivered on claustrophobic sets.

A young man returns to his home town after a four year absence. He doesn't seem to be a very happy fellow, given his predilection for Nazi t-shirts and his ability to antagonize everyone in town. His motivation for returning is gradually revealed to be the simple-minded hope that he can keep his parents from divorcing, and he plans to accomplish that by terrorizing dad's new girlfriend into leaving. Ignoring the reality of his parents' broken relationship, he reasons that the disappearance of the girlfriend will drive dad back into mom's alcoholic, trailer-trash arms. The kid's world-view gives the impression that he's not the brightest bulb on the family tree, but his mother doesn't seem like a candidate for the Schweitzer Chair either. In fact, she might have some trouble operating a rocking chair.

Blah, blah, blah ... Melodramatic speeches made with knives at other people's throats. Etc. It seems like one of those William Inge plays from the 1950s.

This film was made in 1992, pre X-Files, and sat on the shelves unreleased for five years, waiting for Gillian Anderson to become a big TV star, at which point it was released to video in a box which featured a close up of Ms. Anderson tugging at her bodice, even though she is the fifth lead, and has a part which is not even essential to the story's main development. The film probably would never have been released at all if Gillian had never become a star. It has been more than a dozen years since The Turning was made, and the auteur of this film never had another IMDb credit, either as a writer or a director.

The film is memorable for only two things: (1) it represented 24 year old Gillian Anderson's feature film debut, and (2) it remained for fifteen years the only time Ms. Anderson had removed her bra for art. Gillian did look ripe and sexy, but she did not do an exceptional acting job in her small role, and her supposed small-town Virginia accent is actually just some kind of Generic Confederate via Foghorn Leghorn.

I love these facts from Gillian's IMDb bio:

In high school, was voted "Class Clown" and "Most Bizarre Girl". Was voted "Most Likely to be Arrested" by her classmates in high school, and was, in fact, arrested on graduation night for trying to glue the locks shut at her high school.

I'll bet she is an interesting person.

I'm certain she is more interesting than this film.




The new Pirelli Calendar babes in excellent quality:

The babes:

01 - Eniko Mihalik
02 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
03 - Catherine McNeil
04 - Abbey Lee Kershaw
05 - Daisy Lowe
06 - Gracie Carvalho
07 - Marloes Horst
08 - Lily Cole
09 - Ana Beatriz Barros
10 - Miranda Kerr
11 - Georgina Stojilkovic

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