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Paula Malcomson

"Melrose Place"


The TV caps this week are from the original Melrose Place. MP was a soap centred on the shenanigans of the residents of 4616 Melrose Place. It ran for 7 seasons from 1992 to 1999. As you'd expect, there was no nudity but many lovely looking women.

These penultimate caps are from the seventh season and were originally screened in 1998.

Episode 1 Divorce Dominican Style

Heather Locklear

Episode 2 A Long Way to Tip-A-Rory

Heather Locklear

Episode 3 A Match Made in Hell

Alyssa Milano

Heather Locklear

Jamie Luner

Episode 4 Ball n' Jane

Alyssa Milano

Heather Locklear

Episode 5 As Bad as It Gets

Heather Locklear

Jamie Luner

Episode 6 Buona Sera, Mr.Campbell/ Part 1

Jamie Luner

Episode 9 Where the Hookers Grow

Jamie Luner

Episode 10 Dr. Jealousy

Heather Locklear

Jamie Luner

Episode 11 Not Quite All About Eve

Heather Locklear

Josie Bissett

Episode 12 The Rumor Whisperer

Rena Sofer

Episode 13 The Night the Lights Went Out at Melrose

Rena Sofer

Episode 14 Suspicion

Jamie Luner

Episode 15 Fiddling on the Roof

Jamie Luner

Josie Bissett

Kelly Rutherford

Lac Mystere

(2013; aka Mirror Lake)

Recent DVD release and Laurence Leboeuf doesn't disappoint.

Laurence Leboeuf: boobs and buns as stripper, topless sex scene.

Myriam Crepeau:  porn star Vandal Vyxen is topless as uncredited stripper.

Natacha Noel: very sexy as strip club waitress.

unknown: stripper with very nice buns.

strippers: at least one topless.

La Sacree


This comedy is an odd French-Canadian movie shot not shot in Quebec but on the Ontario side of Quebec border.

Genevieve Bilodeau: very nice cleavage, fully clothed sex.

Marie Turgeon: fully clothed sex.

La vie apr├Ęs l'amour

(2000; aka Life After Love)

 Frederike Bedard: sexy as prostitute a la mode.

Naked Monday

(le news series; Quebec Naked News spoof)

Edith Cochrane: nude but heavily pixellated.

Dimension Y

(le play)

Natacha Filiatrault is another Quebec choreographer and nudie dancer whose work includes Alice SureXposee. She's nude here:


M is for Mort, La Petite

(2013; le video short)
 Lea Lawrynowicz: underwear whacking off to herself from web camera sex video.

"Les Pecheurs"

 (le episode 1.5)

Quebec comedy series about a bunch of men staying at a fishing camp.

Valerie Cadieux: some sideboob.

Amelie Charlebois: topless as Valerie's boobie double.

(Amelie Charlebois is a dancer at one of the fine Montreal "gentlemen clubs")

"Unite 9"

(le episode 2.13)

Mariloup Wolfe: in her skivvies.

BONUS: More pics of "Unite 9" actress and dancer Myriam Cote.

Havana 57


To be released to DVD a week before Xmas.

Elisabetta Fantone, a contestant from the Quebec reality series Loft Story, is finally topless.

My Name Is Sandy

(2014?; le trailers)

These collages are from several trailers and behind the scenes footage.

Elisabetta Fantone: very sexy as hooker.

Elisabetta Fantone & Janique Kearns: lesbian action.

Elisabetta Fantone:  skivvies and sex action from the old reality series Loft Story.

Sandra Lee: this "My Name Is Sandy" actress was topless in a threesome in an old CA episode, s2e5 (the most risque television episodes ever aired in Quebec.)


These seem to be from a series of photographs. Roxanne Gaudette-Loiseau: partial boob, lesbian action, nipples visible under the bathwater.

TV/Film Clips

Shaileene Woodley in The Spectacular Now (2013) in 1080p

Emma Lung in Crave (2012) in 720p

Emma Lung in the premiere double episode of The Straits

Jennifer Ulrich in Zimmer der Angst (2012) in 1080p

Ursula Strauss in Kotsch (2006) in 720p

Sabine Friesz in Kotsch (2006) in 720p (included in visual sample above)

Cristina Brondo in Hipnos (2004)


Jessica Biel in The Truth About Emanuel