A while back I had sent you a pic of Ms Jean Simmons that I said had always perplexed me. A few days ago a friend who is in the business sent me a copy of the original picture. I have scanned it and am attaching it. When Ms Simmons told Ms Harris that she was never nude during the making of Spartacus  she was telling the truth. It was a stand-in. I would still like to know where this picture was used. Lobby cards in Europe?

Anyway the final question I have always had about Ms Simmons in Spartacus has finally been answered

TV Re-Cap

Les Revenants is an 8-part series currently running on French TV

Clotilde Hesme in episode four

Jenna Thiam in episode three

Celine Sallette in episode three

Celine Sallette in episode two

Reality Show
is up to episode 6

Faith Picozzi

Kelley Hensley

Margaret Savinar


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Film Clips

Rebecca Indermaur in Nebelgrind (2012)

Alba Rohrwacher in Cosa voglio di piu (2010)

Rachel Miner in the one and only season of NY-LON (2004)

Raquelle Chavis in Sturmzeit (e2) in 1999


Marie-Ange Casta in Blind Valley

Delphine Chaneac in a recent episode of Transporter (e7 in the German version)

Shohreh Aghdashloo in Guests of Hotel Astoria (1989)