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Swept Away



Swept Away is an English-language remake of a Italian film from 1974, Swept Away by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August. In this version, Madonna plays the bitchy wife of the wealthy owner of a pharmaceutical company. As the story begins, she's on vacation with her entourage on a small cruise boat in the Mediterranean. She is not happy about the vacation choice, but then she is rarely happy about anything, and she takes it all out on one sailor, a Sicilian and a communist. When the two become stranded on a deserted island, he turns the tables on her, and makes her beg and wait on him to get a share of the fish he catches. The two eventually fall in love.

There are three main problems with this remake.

  • The first is that the film did not need remaking.
  • The second is Madonna in the lead role. I have enjoyed Madonna in two films, but this isn't one of them.
  • Third, the script all but eliminated one of the two important themes from the first film, which was all about the conflicts between rich, industrialized northern Italians, and poor Sicilian ones.

I strongly recommend seeing the original, even with the subtitles.



IMDb readers say 3.6, and the film was dishonored by five Razzies, including Worst Picture and Worst Actress.

The film grossed only $599K.

Madonna shows a breast.












The Terminator


Look at that date. Can it really have been a quarter of a century ago?

Film clips of Linda Hamilton in ultra HD.

Collages below.


Naked on the Inside


Remember Carre Otis, the fresh-faced young model who became a Mickey Rourke girlfriend and co-star, then his co-dependent addict? She gained a massive amount of weight, then lost it. She became a junkie, then kicked it. She disappeared from public life.

She was recently portrayed naked as one of the subjects of a documentary. The clip shows that she is still quite beautiful, but there is a poignancy to the clip that hangs heavy in the air, spoiling most of the lust potential.

Film clip here. Sample below.








Notes and collages


Natasha Richardson







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's and tomorrow's entries are two of the latest from Defoe, hot off the presses

Alexandra Stewart in Femmes

Celine Bossu in Sous le Soleil







Naked and Naughty

Seana Ryan










Jamie Carson: Stupid Teenagers Must Die

Lindsay Gareth: Stupid Teenagers Must Die


Christina DeRosa: Stupid Teenagers Must Die

Tamara Clatterbuck in Blind Side

Lala Sloatman in Holding Out

Film Clips

Rachel Weisz in Enemy at the Gates

Teresa Willis in Forgiving the Franklins. I haven't seen the film but Tuna thought it was genius. And the nudity is great!