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Alexandra's Project


Alexandra's Project (2003) is an Australian psychological drama/thriller written, produced and directed by Rolf de Heer. We are introduced to a suburban family. Dad is a mid-level executive, clearly a caring, nurturing father of two children, who believes that his marriage is OK. His wife Alexandra feels differently, and uses the occasion of his birthday to finally stand her ground and communicate that fact. He is given a surprise cake at the office, and receives a major promotion later in the day. He is on top of the world as he comes home to an expected surprise party. He is surprised, but not with a party. The house, which his wife has improved with locks, security shutters, etc, is dark. The furniture has been pushed aside, all the lights have been removed from their sockets, and nobody is home. All that remains is a video tape he is to watch.

The rest of the film consists of Alexandra on the video tape, and his reactions.

Nobody seems to be able to talk about this film without getting emotional, whether they like it or hate it, and whether they think the villain is Alexandra or her husband. Performances by Buday and Sweet are brave and spot-on. The film is finely crafted, and, based on the controversy, obviously has impact. I also found it completely engaging. A precious few films connect with me on a deep emotional level, and this was one of them. Others include The War Zone and The Sweet Hereafter. This is not a "feel good" movie, but it is a powerful one.

It is scarce worldwide, but is available from on a Region 4 PAL in a Special Edition that includes a lengthy Q & A session with Rolf de Heer, and a behind the scenes featurette. The Q & A session is particularly interesting, as it focused on themes in the film, not the mechanics of film making.


Alexandra's Project


In her only film nudity to date , Helen Buday (Dingo, For Love Alone, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdrome) in the title role does full frontal. Gary Sweet also does full frontal as the man.










The Sadistic Baron von Klaus



Today the Time Machine goes way back for an early Jesus Franco flick in glorious black & white. The only nudity is from Gogo Rojo (I love that name) who shows breasts and buns as she is whipped and given the "Babe in Bondage" routine. She is killed (off screen). This scene was controversial back then, but tame by today's standards.








Notes and collages

Lord of Illusions

Famke Janssen


Part 1 of 2






Il mio miglior nemico

Ana-Caterina Morariu


Corinne Jiga







An HDTV film clip of Anna Mouglalis in Le prix du desir

Excellent quality film clip of Beverly D'Angelo in Vacation

A film clip of Gabrielle Richens in Hack (Samples below.)

A film clip of Ashley Judd in Bug (In high definition. Samples below.)



Johnny Moronic


First project is a recap of "Satisfaction," the new Aussie TV show about a high-class brothel.

Gabrielle Scolay

Bojana Noyakovic (film clip)

Diana Glenn (film clips, which also include Madeleine West)

Peta Sargeant

Madeleine West

Alison Whyte


Some other new Australian material:

Kirsty Hillhouse in The Circuit

Brooke Satchwell in Dangerous

Gabrielle Scollay in Dangerous

Victoria Hill in December Boys

Emma Booth in Clubland



Lohan out and about braless, as usual


Karen Allen in Backfire (her last nude appearance)

Superbad: Unrated

Aurora Snow. First is from the film, next two are from the special features. You can see why the second one got cut. (Labia!)

Jenna Haze. All from the special features.








The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Australian authors Allan and Barbara Pease have a new book, "Why He's So Last-Minute & She's Got It All Wrapped Up," to help couples avoid fights by explaining how the sexes handle holidays differently.  It says that due to ancient hunter-gatherer genes, women like to search for gifts for weeks while men prefer to make a "quick kill" by doing all their shopping on Christmas Eve. Studies show the stress level of a man in a mall during holidays is equal to a cop dealing with an angry mob.  Men's fingers are less nimble, so gift-wrapping is harder; and men's eyes see a smaller range of colors, so they really don't notice if the ribbons and paper don't match.  Women are better
multi-taskers, so don't ask your husband to address cards while he's watching TV.  And men are problem-solvers who measure success by results, so women shouldn't be surprised to get a foot massager or
a vacuum cleaner instead of a diamond necklace. 

*  If you give your wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, that angry mob will start to look pretty good. 

Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got so frustrated at the Republicans' success at blocking Democratic bills, he threatened to draw attention to it by doing cartwheels down the center aisle of the

* Yeah, that'd make people say, "Look at those crazy Republicans".

In a new low for political correctness, the North Wales Police announced that due to fears of lawsuits from criminal suspects, they are no longer teaching police dogs to bite but instead to leap at suspects and head-butt them.

* If they're going to head-butt criminals, forget the dogs and buy mountain goats.


Barbara Walters revealed her "10 Most Fascinating People of 2007" list, and it included Bill Clinton, the geeks who created MySpace, and David and Victoria Beckham.

* Apparently, the Fonz was busy.