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The only nudity in Kingdom s1e9 was these two unidentified sunbathers

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Monamour is one of the more recent films from the legendary soft-core director and all-around butt fetishist, Tinto Brass. This presentation will last several days. All of the still captures can be found in the edition for Tuesday, December 2nd.

More from the UK


In keeping with the theme, the caps are from TV shows made in the United Kingdom. Not a lot of nudity in this lot but plenty of sexy women.

Brush Strokes

Episode #5.5 (1991)

A sexy Erika Hoffman

Casanova '73

Episode #1.5 (1973)

Gail Grainger

 and Yolande Turner show some cleavage

Episode #1.6 (1973)

Madeline Smith in her underwear


Episode #1.3 (1988)

Pokies by Josephine Tewson

Dick Emery's Comedy Hour (1979)

Debbie Linden

and Fay Hillier are in their underwear

George & Mildred

S1.2 The Bad Penny (1976)

Plenty of cleavage by Sheila Fearn

Jason King

S1 E15 Nadine (1972)

Cleavage by Ingrid Pitt

and lots of girls in bikinis

S1 E17 If It's Got to Go, It's Got to Go (1972)

Lots of cleavage by Anna Brett

 Natasha Pyne

 and several not identified

S1 E23 Chapter One/ The Company I Keep (1972)

Plenty of lovely women including Marianne Benet

Toby Robins

and lots not identified

S1 E25 An Author in Search of Two Characters (1972)

Pokies by Sue Lloyd

A Kind of Loving

E3 May 1958 - March 1959 (1982)

Joanne Whalley is topless

E4 April 1959 (1982)

Joanne Whalley is topless

E5 October - December 1962 (1982)

Joanne Whalley is topless

E9 October 1973/ Part 1 (1982)

Hilary Tindall is topless but it is a bit dark

Yes, Honestly

S2 E8 The Odd Couples (1977)

Liza Goddard is in her underwear.


(les web series)

Quebec web version of the lesbian cable series The L-Word. Finally some new episodes after the pilot went online a number of months ago.

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse (Unité 9) & Macha Limonchik: light lesbian action. (les s1w2)

  Eve Duranceau: nude in bathtub but showing nothing. (les s1w3)

  Julianne Côté: getting her coooter examined.  (les s1w4)

Alexa-Jeanne Dubé: topless in lesbian sex scene. (les s1w5)

Kimberly Laferriere: topless in lesbian sex scene. (les s1w5)

Eliane Gagnon & Emilie Leclerc Côté: fully clothed lesbian sex. (les s1w6)


(2014 le movie)

Recently released coming-of-age movie taking place in 1987 Quebec. 

  Eleonore Lamothe: topless but wearing nipple patches.

Le Beau Risque

(2013 le movie; aka "The Beautiful Risk")

Eliane Gagnon: topless in some very weird sex scenes.

"Unité 9"

(le tv series, le s3e12)

  Guylaine Tremblay: partial boob having conjugal prison sex on her wedding night.

Catherine-Anne Toupin: sunbathing fully clothed but still provocative.

Frédérique Dufort: showing off her farmer tan and some nice cleavage in strapless dress. Then masturbating to Kama Sutra book.

"Les Pêcheurs"

(le tv series, le Spécial Noël, le s2e13, aka "Xmas Special")

Kim Lizotte: very nice cleavage.

"Mémoires Vies"

(le tv series, le s3e11)

Maude Guerin: a little partial boob.

Ceci N'est Pas un Polar

(2014; le trailer; aka "This Is Not a Whodunnit")

Christine Beaulieu: some partial nudity in sex scenes.

Avec Jeff à Moto

(2012 le short; aka "With Jeff on Motorcycle")

Laury Verdieu: sexy in some very tight jeans.

Plage de Sable

(2014 le short; aka "Sandy Beach")

Charlotte Aubin: topless.


(2013 le short)

Charlotte Aubin: pokies in wet clingy bathing suit.


(2013 le short)

Emilie Carbonneau: pokies in wet clingy bathing suit.

"The Death Set - Is It the End Again?"

(2012 music video)

Emilie Carbonneau: Oh la la! Now she's nude showing boobs and buns.

"Fais-Moi Pleurer"

(2014 le music vidéo, aka "Make Me Cry")

Music video by the Quebec artist known as Marcie.

Marcie Michaud-Gagnon: le singer nude in bathtub.

"Le Matin des Raisons"

(2014 le music vidéo; aka "On the Morning of Reasons")

Alexa-Jeanne Dubé: some bare boobage.

Clap Clap

(2012 le play)

Alexa-Jeanne Dubé: in wet skivvies.

Marie-Philip Lamarche: in wet skivvies.

"Wild Sand - Vortex"

(2014 le music vidéo)

Alexa-Jeanne Dubé: a little bare boobage.


(2012 le short; aka "Hibernation")

Florence Longpré: sexy only. She's another prison guard on Unité 9.


(2015? le web series; le teaser)
This series is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds.

Fanny Migneault-Lecavalier: nude in shower but showing nothing.
(Lower the camera angle - then I'll contribute.

Je Reviens de Mourier, Guillaume

(2012 le trailer; aka "I Come to Die, William")

Fanny Migneault-Lecavalier: upskirt, cleavage.

TV and Film Clips

Claudia Gerini and Crisula Stafida in Tulpa: Perdizioni mortali (2012) in 720p



Astrid Berges-Frisbey in Extase (2009)

Amelie Chevalier in Faceless (1987)


Rihanna nip-slip

Suki Waterhouse see-through