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Paula Malcomson

This week's caps are from 2007

Balls of Fury

No nudity in Balls of Fury (2007) with Aisha Tyler

 and Maggie Q looking good.

Big Stan

The topless nudity in Big Stan (2007) is by an aging Sally Kirkland.

There's a nice upskirt by Jennifer Morrison,

more of Jennifer in the DVD special features

  while Olivia Munn

and another woman look good.

The Darjeeling Limited

A bit of bum crack (look in the mirror) by Amara Karan in The Darjeeling Limited (2007).

The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) has a topless Cecile Breccia.

I Am Omega

Lots of cleavage by Jennifer Lee Wiggins in I Am Omega (2007).

I Do & I Don't

Quite a number of unidentified nudists illustrating why naturism should be banned in I Do & I Don't (2007).

I'm Not There

Some nipple showing by Charlotte Gainsbourg in I'm Not There. (2007).

Knocked Up

Knocked Up (2007) has some breasts by Denise Richards (digital or prosthetic work?),

 Emerson Riley,

Nautica Thorn and Stormy Daniels,

 and an unidentified woman.

Katherine Heigl looks good.

Michael Clayton

Tilda Swinton is in her underwear in Michael Clayton (2007).

Mr. Brooks

Megan Brown is topless in Mr. Brooks (2007).

Demi Moore,

Reiko Aylesworth

and Traci Dinwiddie look good.

Nobel Son

Some side boob by Eliza Dushku in Nobel Son (2007)

and Lindy Booth is in her underwear.

The Number 23

Mainly partially dressed women in The Number 23 (2007). They are Lynn Collins,

Rhona Mitra,

Tiffany Turner

and Virginia Madsen.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Milla Jovovich is topless in Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) but nothing can be seen.


No nudity in Spin aka You Are Here (2007) only some partially-clad women who are:

Angela Trimbur

Bijou Phillips

Katie Cassidy

Lauren German

A couple not identified

This Christmas

Regina King is in her underwear in This Christmas (2007).

Inn of the Damned


Inn of the Damned is a 1975 thriller set in the old West (bafflingly Gippsland in Victoria) where a rundown inn in the middle of nowhere is the site for a string of murders. Caroline (Dame Judith Anderson from Rebecca) and her ever loyal husband Lazar (Joseph F├╝rst) run the inn where they kill anybody who stays in their establishment, an action which has something to do with their young children dying or something. Presumably, nobody told them that a successful hotel business depends on return customers and word-of-mouth. One day, a trooper (Tony Bonner) stays there and is crushed in the bed by a platform weighed down by heavy rocks that is operated by Lazar. But this couldn't have happened at a worse time as the place gets busy for the first time ever. First, a couple of noble women with their horseman get caught in a rainstorm and stop off to get out of the rain, then a maverick sheriff (Alex Cord), who has just killed a child killer who was harboured by the inn couple in self-defence, goes looking for the trooper and finds that the inn has much more than meets the eye.

Overlong (pushing two hours) movie that has pretensions to greatness including being heavily inspired by Hitchcock (Psycho particularly), but comes up short mainly thanks to too much going on. That's not to say that there aren't good things in the movie. It is well cast, particularly the inn couple who are very unnerving. The murders are quite nasty and well done and the movie is technically proficient, but it's the story that lets the movie down. It feels like two movies rolled into one, hence the quite long running time.

Carla Hoogeveen and Diana Dangerfield film clip. (sample below)

Josie Mackay film clip. (sample below)

Linda Brown film clip. (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

Another version of Rose McGowan in Wild Rose in 720p

Alice Dwyer in Im Alleingang: Elemente des Zweifels (2013) in 720p

Fernanda Romero and someone else in Line of Duty (2013)

Juliette Lewis in Blueberry (2004) in 720p, a rare case of a mainstream actress opening up her coochie on screen.

Vahina Giocante, also in Blueberry.

Virginia Madsen in Class (1983). 1983? Wow! That was 30 years ago. Tempus fugit.