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Scoop's notes:

If our annual "Best Nude Scenes" poll were not a popularity contest, but was based on some type of objective measurement, this puppy would probably have to be declared the winner by acclamation. It basically consists of mainstream actresses masturbating, giving hand jobs and giving blow jobs. The sample images below do not begin to suggest the graphic nature of the clips. Vive la France!

Deborah Revy

Helene Zimmer

Christelle Benoit

Leticia Bellicini

Lise Kerverdo



Notes and collages

Two and a Half Men


Jennifer Taylor

Sleeping Beauty


The collages are below:




Here are the (hidden cam) film clips of Hettienne Park and Lily Rabe on Broadway in Seminar about a week ago (we saw some captures in a previous issue).

Chiara Gensini in Almeno tu nell'Universo (2011)

Alla Kazakova in One Day (2011)

Laura Belli in La Polizia ringrazia (2001)

various women in La Leyenda de la Doncella (1994)

Lisa Comshaw in Raven Hawk (1994)


This is Georgette Eto'o, wife of one of Africa's best (if not THE best) soccer players, Samuel Eto'o. She was hanging around the pool at a Miami Beach hotel. Nice rack!

Isabeli Fontana in the new Pirelli calendar

Heida Reed in One Day (2011)

Liz Padovani in City of God (2001)


Daniela Silverio in Identification of a Woman

Heida Reed in One Day

Miranda July in The Future

Sara Forestier in The Names of Love