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There was no nudity in the season finale of Boardwalk Empire


Il peccato e la vergogna

This is a new one from Italy. Samples below each clip.

Giuliana de Sio in part 1 and 2

Manuela Arcuri in part 1 and 2

Sofia Gucci in part 3

Victoria Larchenko in part 3




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The Yards



Charlize Theron film clip (samples below)





"Blue Mountain State"

season 1

Raunchy Spike comedy about a university football team. Filmed in Montreal so there are many French-Canadian babes who appeared in various Radio-Canada tv series. This being Spike, the nudity is exclusively male but some of the females come close.

(1) Gabrielle Dennis: bra and panties, fully clothed sex. The only American actress in the bunch.

(2) Chantal Quesnelle: Paradise Falls babe has lots of sex as cougar but no skin. She's in season 2.

(3) Jade Carpenter (blonde) and Julie-Anne Cote (brunette): underwear then threesome.

(4) Nancy Boulanger (brunette) and Regine Borno (black chick): bra and panties.

(5) Genevieve Joly-Provost: sexy as nurse

(6) Marie-Claude Castonguay: topless with pasties as stripper.

(7) Christina Broccolino: sexy as cheerleader.

SCOOP'S NOTE: Could not find this pic.

(8) Haley Shannon: sexy as stripper.

(9) Marina Eva: bra and panties as stripper.

(10) strippers: mostly bra and panties.

(11) Sahar Biniaz: sexy.

(12) Meghan Heffern: sexy as cheerleader.

(13) Erin Agostino: sexy as cheerleader.

(14) Moshana Halbert: very sexy as cheerleader.

(15) Amelie Chantal Bogdaniec: sexy as hot girl at party.

(16) Holly Gauthier-Frankel: sexy as "Dirty Sanchez" (don't ask what the term means).

(17) Anastasia Phillips: sexy as girl with no arms.

(18) Lindsay Maxwell: fully clothed sex as sorority girl.

(19) Alison Louder: sexy as sorority girl.

(20) Cloris Leachman: sexy as GILF (granny i like to f*ck) as the mother of professor who has sex with the entire football team because her son is such an asshole to them.

(21) Mercedes Papalia: sexy as nurse who causes guy to pop stiches in his penis injury (an old urban legend).

(22) Emmanuelle Francoeur (blonde) and Olivia Nowak (brunette):bikinis.

(23) Amber Mullin and Ebonie Roberge: sexy as text girls with brassieres caught together.

(24) Vanessa Iacovelli (brunette) and Pascale Gagnon (blonde): sexy as dancing girls.

(25) Caitlin Pasquet: partial boob as booster girl.

(26) Annie Murphy: fully clothed sex, upskirt.

(27) Antoinette Dejong (stripper tattoo) and Dermai Zan Young: very naughty nurses.

(28) Brittany Drisdelle: sexy as redneck princess (these girls are virgins because they can run faster than their brothers).

(29) Karolyne Auger: sexy.

(30) Elisabetta Fantone: Loft Story reality babe having sex.

(31) Jessica Malka: brassiere getting pussy eaten out.

(32) Meghan Gabruch (brunette) and Xiao Sun (asian chick): sexy goat girls.

(33) Thalie Boogaerts (brunette) and Pauline Ranjbar (dark hair): bra and panties having sex with goat.

(34) Marcial Leblanc: sexy as MILF #1.

(35) Catherine Servedio: sexy as MILF #2.

(36) Kelly Kruger: sexy as tv reporter.

(37) Kaitlyn Wong (wavy hair) and Vanessa Matsui (straight hair) and others: sexy as slutty cheerleaders,

(38) opening credits: more sexy cheerleaders

(39) lesbian: LUGs kissing.




Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet

Diane Venora in Romeo and Juliet

Angeline Jolie in Taking Lives

Anna Kendrick - partial areola

Beverly D'Angelo in Vacation

Crystal Lowe in Hot Tub Time Machine


Jessica Pare in Hot Tub Time Machine


Olivia Munn - kinda see-through

More of Dunst in All Good Things in HD


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