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American Flyers


Alexandra Paul film clips

samples below




American Son



Melonie Diaz film clips (collages below)

Film clip: Nancy Kiuftis, Diana Terranova and Eurydice_Davis







Emmanuelle Chriqui film clips (No real nudity. Topless, but the camera is almost completely behind her)

Collages below




Death Warrior


Recent mixed martial arts action DVD release. Remove all the nudity and you'll have a typical movie for the Spike Network.

Tanya Clarke: some nice panty crotch shots by American soap actress but...

bodydub: she opts for a nude body double for the sex scenes.

Sima Fisher: topless as uncredited seductress

Dawne Furey: topless as uncredited seductress

unknown: topless uncredited seductress

Lara Daans: sexy

Sarain Boylan: sexy

various ring bunnies: cleavage

BTW, Dawne Furey and Sima Fisher were both Miss Toronto Universe finalists back in 2006.

"The Border"

episode "Dark Ride" (s3e08)

Snuff videos, bikers, webcam porn, kidnapped women held in bondage ... must be sweeps week in Canada.

Lara Jean Chorostecki: bra and panties tied up, Hankster-style

Athena Karkanis: cleavage

Tommie-Amber Pirie: brassiere as webcam girl

Pamela Mars: partial boob having lesbian webcam sex with Tommie

Elyse Mason: nude as snuff porn actress

webcam girls: various Toronto area models, Sunshine Girls, hefmag models, Ed the Sock hottub girls, etc. They are Candice Hotchkiss (6th and 8th frame?), Christina Jocic (2nd frame), Michelle Suppa (either 5th or 8th), Amal Soliman, Margaryta Lysenko, and Svetlana Dzenis.

"Cra$h & Burn"

episode "Freedom" (s1e3)

By the third episode a strip club has been set up but only Steve Bacic (The Guard) provides the nudity by mooning the crowd. Even though his character does not have top billing he has stolen every episode so far as the suave shirtless Russian mobster. BTW, for hosers in Canada, make sure you catch the later (9pm) episode on Wednesdays, because the earlier 5pm slot is heavily bleeped and has some sex scenes removed.

Inna Korobkina: the scene where she's checking under Steve's kilt was removed in the 5pm slot along with his bare butt.

Jessica Barrow: obligatory stripper

Caroline Cave: sexy in second episode.

Jane Sowerby: sexy in first episode.

"Once a Thief"

episode "It Happened One Night" (1997) (s1e07)

Every cop series has this in the first season, the obligatory episode taking place in a strip joint.

Jennifer Bishop: cleavage

Cindy Fidler aka C.J. Fidler: obligatory stripper

strippers: more bra and panties than a Victoria Secret catalogue.


"Being Erica"

 episode "Papa Can You Hear Me?" 2.10

Pamela Mars: nude model

"Paradise Falls"

season 3, episode 16

No (female) nudity but Tammy Isbell wears a very tight and revealing blouse.

BTW, Pamela Mars should appear as a bodypainted lesbian at a Gay Pride parade in episode 21 "Outed" which should air on Showcase in the New Year.


"The Beachcombers"

episode: "Small Craft Warning" (1989)

This was rare for the family orientated CBC. The nipply and wiggly Janet-Laine Greene was clearly not wearing a brassiere for the entire episode.






A brilliant movie. It isn't a totally unique idea, because movies about reality shows based on real suicides or even murders have been done, but Academy Award winning documentary director Bill Guttentag, in his first fictional movie, nailed this sucker, as did the writers and cast.

Ambitious and ruthless network president Katy Courbet (Eva Mendes) is desperately in search of a show to boost ratings that are in the dumpster. While being followed by a documentary crew, she comes up with the idea for a live reality show based on Russian Roulette. Six contestants. Winners get 5 million dollars each. Loser gets dead and nothing else, not even the cost of burial.

Needless to say, the idea meets stiff opposition right up until airtime, but thanks to the incredible ineptitude of the government and greediness of the network execs, it gets approval to air. However, staging the show may not end happily for everyone.

This is a killer flick (literally). It is black satire but a thriller at the same time. Outstanding

Katie Cassidy Monet Mazur


Syn DeVil in Sins of the Father

Isabelle Stephen in Sins of the Father


Tricia Helfer

The women of Breeders (continued): Frances Raines

Elizabeth Hurley, some 20 years ago.

Joan Blackman in Pets

Candice Rialson in Pets


Diane Lane in Unfaithful


Film Clips

Valerie Donzelli in Juliette (sample below)

Ornella Muti in La ragazza di Trieste (samples below)

The women of  Eight and a Half Women

Olga Arntgolts in Russkoye

Linda Fiorentino in The Moderns

Eliza Dushku in Nobel Sin in 720p (big download, no nudity except a bethonged bum - but she looks awe-inspiring)