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Monamour is one of the more recent films from the legendary soft-core director and all-around butt fetishist, Tinto Brass. This presentation will last several days. All of the still captures can be found in the edition for Tuesday, December 2nd.

For the next few weeks, I thought I’d head to the United Kingdom.

Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter

Caroline Munro loses her clothes in Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (1974) but nothing can really be seen.

Penny Price looks good.

The Magnificent Two

The Magnificent Two (1967) has lots of women in their underwear, including Margit Saad

and some not identified.

That Riviera Touch

No nudity in That Riviera Touch (1966), just lots of cleavage by Bettine LeBeau

and Suzanne Lloyd,

and lots of 1960s bikinis by other women.

TV and Film Clips

Ophelia Kolb in The Other Dumas (2014) in 720p

Melodie Sisk in Summer of Blood (2014) in 720p

Dennenesch Zoude and Natalia Woerner in Goetz Von Berlichingen (2014)



Lola Duenas in Falling Star (2014)

Looking Back at the first two episode of Maison Close

s1e1: Anne Charrier

s1e2: Charrier and Dinamene Alves



Anna Friel in Niagara Motel (2005)

Fabienne Babe, Christine Boisson and Florence Loiret-Caille in The Mechanics of Women (2000) in 720p

(some sample images from a different source medium:)





A Katherine Heigl cheesecake shot that I have never seen before (I think)