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You or one of your readers may help me. I try to create clip from blu-ray: I rip the blu-ray to my HD using AnyDVD but I cannot find any sound track in the stream (.m2ts) files it makes. So I can make videos, but without sound. Any clue?

If anybody has solved this, please write Charlie:



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Sin City


Robert Rodriguez at the top of his game. I wonder if he will ever use any of that talent to make more ambitious movies. One thing I wonder about: why is it that RR is the only major director who gives Carla Gugino work. Good enough actress. Incredibly sexy. Will do everything necessary to deliver any kind of role you give her. And one of those rare lucky humans who keeps getting better looking as they age.

This movie, by the way, is rated in the top 100 of all time and received exactly zero Oscar noms, not even one for the Mickster's bravado comeback performance as Marv.

Gugino clips. These are 1920x1080, which is as big as it gets in this crazy world.







Two Tigers


What a waste. Take two super-hot chicks and make an assassin/action flick, with plenty of nudity. What's wrong with that, you ask? The acting is horrible, the story is horrible, there's very little real action, and the nudity is great. Hmm, I guess nothing, especially when you consider this 2007 production was from Italy, renowned for it's raunchy action and horror flicks.

Gilda (Andrea Osvart) is a beautiful blonde assassin sent to Shanghai to kill a Lebanese official. She is put up in a condo where she meets her neighbor Lin (Selena Khoo), who turns out to be a high-priced call girl.

Their friendship develops and as each girl faces problems and dangers, the other moves to help as events move to a not-at-all-surprising climax.

Andrea Osvart is gorgeous, but she speaks English in a flat monotone, and without emotion. That doesn't really work well for an actress, and the result is this movie is about as flat and monotone as her delivery. Fortunately the nudity saves this from being a total loss, but don't expect much else.

Andrea Osvart Selena Khoo






This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's entry: Christine Melcer in L'or Du Diable







Lust for Freedom


Adrian Scott









enter the DragonScan

Le Rouge aux Levres

Danielle Ouimet






Notes and collages


Jodie Foster









Buffy in I Know What You ...

Keri Russell being surprisingly naughty


Film Clips

Nina Proll in Gott schutzt die Liebenden. Sample right.
Iris Berben in the same movie - Gott schutzt die Liebenden. Sample right.
Sabrina Kruschwitz, again in the same movie - Gott schutzt die Liebenden. Sample right.
The women of Strictly Sexual: Amber Benson and Kristen Kerr