Lockout is an odd movie. It's a low budget horror film with a lot of things going on that don't seem to have much to do with one another until the very end of the film. After a short preliminary scene, the film kicks off with an ordinary white collar man being dismissed from his firm after a decade of faithful service because the business has changed and he's not willing to adapt. The company needs multilingual personnel, or Americans willing to relocate overseas to help teach English in their remote customer service facilities. Dan speaks only English, and has no intention of leaving the country, so he finds himself unemployed. He and his family own a nice home in Chicago and an older place in East Nowhere, Wisconsin. Since the Wisconsin house is not rentable, Dan decides to rent his good property and move with his wife and sister-in-law to rural Wisconsin, thus allowing them to survive without his lost income.

That part of the film is all pretty straightforward, with no real horror elements, although Dan's sister-in-law seems to be a junkie with a secret career as a professional dominatrix, and her episodes provide a sinister undercurrent to an otherwise routine suburban existence in the Chicago area. Once the three of them arrive in Wisconsin, however, things get strange fast and Lockout turns into an old school horror film. There are no jokey sidekicks, comic relief, or CGI, but plenty of gore, sex and gravitas. Dan and his sister-in-law seem to find themselves in the middle of some creepy goings-on involving cannibalism, torture, inbred mutants, mysterious spiders, otherworldly hitchhikers, and God knows what else, all of which has a surrealistic, "WTF?" quality to it, which makes the movie mysterious, but also confusing and irritating at times.

As it turns out, there is a reasonable, if ambiguous and opaque, explanation for what Dan and his family are going through, but the clarification doesn't come out until a series of epilogues which resolve matters by removing the veils, in the manner of Angel Heart. The last ten minutes are over the top, but interesting and fairly unexpected. Before that there are only sporadic pleasures. The film really seems to wander afield from time to time, and I found my interest level waxing and waning dramatically. I'd drift off during some over-long element of seemingly unimportant exposition, then I'd jump back at full attention during some very scary or creepy individual moments. Although Lockout was made with a micro budget and employs some actors who break the fourth wall, it does have a reasonably intriguing air of mystery about it, and a creepy ambiance driven by an effective background score. I'll also grant it a few extra points for originality. Many low budget straight-to-DVD films are just lesser versions of more famous previous films, but this film is fresh. It has some elements which you've seen before, but it also has its own unique presence, for better or worse. Given the limitations of the cast and budget, I'd say the director got some pretty good mileage out of some low octane fuel.

To be honest, it's only a so-so film and it drags in spots, but it gives off a sense that there is an excellent film, in the manner of Angel Heart, lurking somewhere inside, like a tapeworm. If only there had been enough money to lure it out.


The clearest nudity is provided by Claire Davenport, with a very brief exposure of her small breasts.

There is also a scene where Davenport masturbates (no nudity from her), while her older sister (Cyn Dulay) gets it on noisily in the next room and flashes quick looks at breasts and buns.




* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Christiane F



Christiane F. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981) is a biography of a 14 year old German junkie/prostitute who turned tricks and scored her heroine with her boyfriend at the Zoo train station, where he worked as a male prostitute. I watched this years ago when it was released on a US DVD. Here is what I said at the time.

"Christiane F. (1981) is a German made film based on the true story of Christiane F, brilliantly played by Natja Brunkhorst in her debut performance. As the film opens, Christiane is 13, living in a broken home with her mother and sister in a typical Berlin apartment building. She is a huge David Bowie fan, and longs to visit a Berlin discotheque called Sound. Her girlfriend sneaks her in, even though she is underage, and that is where she meets Detlev, also played brilliantly by Thomas Haustein. The two start a weekend relationship. Christiane worships him, and tries to imitate him, with the first act being a tattoo she puts on her hand to match his.

"This imitative behavior quickly gets out of hand when he starts mainlining heroine like all of his friends, and she follows suit. When she learns that he "works" as a male prostitute, but "only gives hand jobs, because any more and it wouldn't be just work," we know it is inevitable that she start turning tricks to support their habits. The drug scene is centered around the zoo train station, and the film is sometimes called "Christiane F: we children from the Zoo train station ." When Christiane OD's at home, her mother and her mother's boyfriend finally notice that there is a problem, and lock Christiane and Detlev in her bedroom to go cold turkey. Their first act to celebrate after getting clean is to visit their friends at the train station and shoot up."

"Yes, I watched another "drugs suck" film... it seems this is a much larger genre than I suspected. This one, however, meets my own prejudices for being acceptable. There is extensive character development where we learn something of what led the characters to these destructive choices, they don't make me dizzy with first person POV of the stoned people, and the film ends leaving some hope. Even though this is far from my favorite genre, I am not sorry I watched it. The film gave good insight into the process of addiction, and the role peer pressure plays. They had an excellent dubbed English track, but no subtitles. I would have preferred to watch it in German, if the subtitles would have been there to help."

My wishes have been answered, as it is now available from RLDVDs in a nicely transferred German version with English subtitles on a Region free disk. The film is far better in German, and the subtitles were done well. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only version with original German spoken and English subtitles.

Natja Brunkhorst shows buns in a lengthy undressing scene. She also has a see-through after she vomits grape juice all over herself and shows pokies.

IMDb readers say 7.6 with 2,464 votes. Natja Brunkhorst went on to a huge career in Germany with 10 films and 11 TV credits. While I have had my fill of drugs suck films (I get it, already) this remains one of the better ones in the genre, despite a sound track featuring David Bowie.


Midnight Heat












Marquis de Sade: Justine



Today the Time Machine goes way back for a movie also known as "Deadly Sanctuary," which was created by the prolific director Jesus Franco.

This one stars Romina Power (who is the daughter of Tyrone Power and actress Linda Christian). For you youngsters Tyrone is a legend in Hollywood. Romina was only eighteen when she made this flick and mommy was on the set during the shooting of the movie which did not prevent Romina from showing off her tits and becoming a "Babe in Bondage" on two occasions.


Claudia Gravy with tits exposed.


Maria Rohm with breasts and blink and you will miss it bush.


Maria and Marilyn Dexter with still more tits.


Rosalba Neri is another topless "Babe in Bondage."


Rosalba and Romina Power all tied up with the boobs exposed.


Very brief breast exposure from Sylva Koscina.


And wrap up the day with more boobage from some unknowns.







Notes and collages


Jessica Biel

Ms. Biel is the love interest in this paranormal/action film about a man who can see two minutes into his future; he quietly uses that ability to pay his bills by gambling in Las Vegas until an FBI agent insists that he use his talent to help stop a terrorist nuclear detonation from happening.







Bewitching Attraction

Eun-Suk is a textile professor at a rural university and volunteers as an environmental activist. She has ambitions to eventually work in television and has no qualms about using her physical assets to get what she wants. She successfully dangles 4 different lovers at her whim, until her former middle school classmate Seok-Gyu comes into the picture. He is invited to teach at her university as a comic book instructor. They are strangely detached from each other at work and carry a secret that they both would like to forget. Bad luck seems to follow them whenever they are together and they tempt fate by getting closer to each other again.


Moon Su-Ri

Shin Ji-hye









NOTE: we now know that this is a body double.

Elizabeth Hopley






Here are film clips that match up with LC's new collages from the day before yesterday.
Four very famous women from season three of Tales from the Crypt
And Lucie Laurier in Nitro






Some film clips of Marion Cotillard, whose performance in the Edith Piaf biography has substantially increased her international awareness levels.


And Romy Schneider, the first woman I ever saw naked on screen, in La Califfa


Plus one more capture of Jaime Murray in the last "Dexter," but this time in Hi-Def 720p